Features of the hair removal lab’s full body hair removal planThere are two types of plans for full body hair removal that are performed at the hair removal lab.

The two types are the number pack plan and the monthly plan . In addition, the number pack plan can be divided into a relaxed course and a speed course. The biggest advantage of the number of times plan is that unwanted hair becomes less noticeable and you can finish the hair removal treatment sooner.

For example, if you make a contract for six treatments, you can complete the hair removal treatment in just half a year with the speed course pack plan. I have the impression that it will take more than a year for the unwanted hair to become so noticeable that you don’t have to deal with it yourself, but with the speed course pack plan, even if you start the hair removal treatment in winter, you can get it by summer. You can make it in time.

In the case of the speed course, the warranty period is set for half a year. Therefore, if you choose the speed course, you will need to attend once a month. For those who feel that it would be difficult to go once a month, there is also a relaxed course that allows you to receive hair removal treatment once every two months.

However, for the number pack plan, you need to pay the hair removal fee in one lump sum. You can sign a contract with a down payment of 20,000 yen, but you need to pay the amount excluding the down payment in one lump sum. Therefore, the multiple pack plan is suitable for those who want to make unwanted hair less noticeable as soon as possible and who have some financial leeway.

In the first place, the reason why it took a year to make the unwanted hair less noticeable is that the most efficient method is to receive a hair removal treatment once every two to three months. Because it was supposed to be.

Unwanted hair has a cycle of hair replacement called the hair cycle. This is because the conventional hair removal method was a system that reacted only to unwanted hair in the growth phase , so it will be possible to remove hair efficiently in about two to three months because the unwanted hair will be in the growth phase.

Therefore, at any hair removal salon, it was common to have a plan to receive hair removal treatment once every two to three months. However, with the introduction of the FG Attack system, it has changed to a system that works to suppress the growth of unwanted hair during the resting phase.

Therefore, it became possible to receive hair removal treatment without worrying about the hair cycle . However, there are some stores that have not yet introduced the FG attack, and only those stores that have not introduced the FG attack cannot choose the speed course, so it is necessary to check once by phone in advance.

Also, if you are on a monthly basis, you can renew the contract every month and pay the monthly fee. Like the number pack plan, you can attend without deciding the number of treatments in advance, so there is the advantage that you can stop when you feel like stopping.

However, there is also an aspect that it takes time to make unwanted hair less noticeable than the speed course. However, since the monthly fee is cheap, it is a plan suitable for people who want to try removing unwanted hair and students. You need to sign a contract starting from 9 months for the monthly payment system.

However, if you apply the campaign that is being held by December 25, 2016, the first eight months will be free, so you can start hair removal at a great price. Moreover, the monthly fee for one month is 2,985 yen excluding tax, which is a bargain.

If you are unsure about which plan to apply for a hair removal lab

If you are hesitating between a hair removal lab and another hair removal salon, we recommend that you apply the campaign and receive a full body hair removal treatment for the time being. It is suitable for those who want to experience the hair removal treatment as a trial because you can decide whether to stop when you start the second time after completing the hair removal for the whole body.

The hair removal lab offers not only 48 full body hair removal menus, but also a total of 3 menus, 12 places to choose from and 24 places to choose from. In other words, after choosing two types of plans, a number pack plan and a monthly plan, you can choose three types of menus: whole body hair removal, 12 places to choose from, and 24 places to choose from.

When removing hair from the whole body, it feels like a waste to include parts such as the back and abdomen where you don’t have to worry about unwanted hair. It will be a menu suitable for those who want to receive hair removal treatment only for the parts they choose .

You can choose the part you want from 48 parts and receive hair removal treatment. When you sign up for the monthly plan, the parts you choose at the beginning will be decided, but when you sign up for the number pack plan, you will be able to choose the parts that will receive the hair removal treatment each time.

Therefore, if you have a lot of parts that are in the middle of hair removal treatment at other hair removal salons, the number of pack plan is more advantageous.