Course selection is possible not only at hair removal labs but also at many hair removal institutions. Even if you say course selection, it is simply decided which part and which part to remove hair, and depending on the combination, it is more profitable than doing it alone . For example, if you choose the whole body course, it will be cheaper than the total if you do it individually. This method is not limited to hair removal, but you will often see it in other things.

That’s what it is, but it’s better to think a little about whether you really need to remove hair. After all, it’s just hair, so it’s okay to remove it, but some people may regret it. It’s a natural body hair that humans grow, so it’s not originally unclean, and there’s no problem even if it grows.

Also, it’s normal to get wet with sweat because it diffuses pheromones, but it’s a cultural problem to see this as unclean. Hair falling in the room is another story, but if you don’t like it, you may not like it. Hair removal is clean and fashionable, of course, the beauty industry is trending.

This is aimed at profit, and it is said that it will be profitable if everyone receives the hair removal service. However, since this is only the claim of the beauty industry, there is no need for consumers to accept it as a value if it is not biological.

However, especially in the case of Japanese people, if someone accepts it as a good thing, others will accept it as well. Actually, the option of working at a company is extremely inefficient, but everyone says it’s good, so I feel like doing it. It’s not that my thoughts have stopped, but there is a side of my thinking that is specialized in imitating everyone’s actions.

As mentioned above, it’s quite possible that growing hair will become a cultural fad this time around. If a beauty salon dedicated to body hair can be established, there is a possibility that the industry will say that hair removal is already old and that it is time to dye and design body hair.

Because of this, hair removal is basically positioned as a trendy beauty fashion. Some of them are serious germophobes, but these people are special cases. Originally, there is no point in aiming for visible cleanliness because there are a lot of invisible bacteria, but such people do not always make rational decisions.

Or rather, it wouldn’t be rational at all when it comes to cleanliness. It is completely different from the idea of ​​​​cleaning to some extent after knowing that there are a lot of bacteria normally. They are obsessive and illogical, which can be quite troublesome. Without such a clear purpose, it is meaningless to be thorough.

Working hard and earning money is a clear goal, so you can do your best, but you can do your best to be healthy. It’s clearly wrong to say that you’re going to do everything in your power to keep things clean. Writing it like this sounds like a joke, but a lot of people really do it this way. It’s the same with diet, and it’s not better to lose weight if you lose weight.

I should have included an example of trying to be fashionable with all my might in the above example, but there is no answer, and it is not good to do it with all your might. Even if you go on a diet, there is a healthy standard, and I understand that you are aiming for it, but I don’t really understand that the thinner the better.

It’s good to say that I’ll do my best no matter what, but it’s a kind of thoughtlessness. I’ll do anything, I’ll do my best in anything. And it’s not good to do your best at anything.

The concept of power balance is surprisingly important, and you need to think for yourself about how much you should do depending on things. Full power is a rather ambiguous word, and it is a word that has no concreteness at all. It is better to be conscious of digitization. Whether it’s hair removal, fashion, or work, there’s no such thing as doing everything you can.

If you break it down, you should know, but you will find that you don’t know what to do with all your might. Because hair removal, fashion, and work are abstract words. And, for example, if you want to do muscle training with all your strength, it’s still easy to break it down into specific movements, but you can’t really understand most of it.

I’ve digressed from the topic, but hair removal is not a matter of biological cleanliness, but a matter of culture and fashion. So it’s not a permanent thing, but it’s a current trend as a value. If it becomes popular to shave off the hair, the beauty industry will make a corresponding appeal again. However, once the hair is removed, the hair will not grow back, so it is better to think about it to some extent before doing it.