5 Best HotSuit Sauna Suit (Reviews)

Do you suffer from a lack of sweating in training and you should always take many hours to warm up, today we will solve your problem with this sauna suit it will get you warm quickly when you start running.

If you feel your body is going to be fat and you don’t know what you want to do, this sauna suit will help you to lose that extra weight, when you have this suit you need to run every day to sweat and you will lose the extra weight in a short time.

if you like to run every morning but in winter you can’t run because of the cold, this sauna suit it will protect you from that because when you wear this suit and start running and after 5 minutes you will start sweating.

Many people were suffering from fat weight, but when they used this suit and trained and ran with it every day, their weight began to decrease in the first months of use.

Top 6 Best HotSuit Sauna Suit:

we have been testing these 6 products from different brands and we find that 6 are the best on the market.

Let’s have a review about them.

1-HOTSUIT Technical Anti-Rip Sweat Sauna Suit:


  • The wrist locks in heat to keep you sweaty.
  • this suit is odor resistant.
  • You start to sweat within a few steps of moving.
  • This suit does not obstruct your step, it is rubber.
  • the logo of this suit is made to give you how much your temperature body is.


  • this suit comes only in one color white.


  • Material: a breathable fabric.
  • Size: from S to 3XL
  • Care: This suit doesn’t take any dirt and when you want to clean it you need only cold water (normal cold)
  • Logo: It has a logo on the front of the suit and has a light, with this light you can see how much your body temperature is.
  • Long zipper: easy for you to take on and off
  • Horseshoe cuffs: lock temperature and get you more sweat for a long time.

The hot suit helps you to get sweating quickly, and the material of this suit is made from makes it lightweight and comfortable. also the design it’s so nice you can wear it when you go outside for chopping or for a small excursion.

You can wear this suit in the rain or in the wind because it is made to be weatherproof, this suit comes in different sizes so both men and women.

2-LODAY Women Neoprene Sauna Suit:


  • the products are made of high-quality material.
  • You will sweat from someplace that you did not expect.
  • Keeps you compacted
  • You can wear it at home when you do your homework.


  • some people say the size is too small for them, so please check your size first.


  • Material: This suit is made of heating neoprene.
  • Size: From S To 3XL
  • Care: you need to wash it by hand and with cold water to keep it safe

The material this suit is made it’s like the material of a wetsuit and it’s supper comfortable and lightweight. this material preserves the temperature of your body, and when you start walking you will have more heat than make you sweat.

If you do the gym every day to burn fat but sometimes you don’t have time to go to the sports room you can wear this suit at home or when you do homework, this suit will help you to burn fat.

If you don’t like the wintertime because when you start training you didn’t get sweat faster this suit can help you with that you will get sweat in 3 minutes.

The Fluorescent Full zip is great they keep they help you to take your suit on or off easily. and also has two zippers on each side of the suit that you can put anything you want like house keys smartphones and much more.

When you wear this LODAY Women’s Neoprene Sauna Suit you will see your body is a little because the suit is pressuring your body but if you are not comfortable with the pressuring suit you have to take more than the size you used to have in normal clothes.

3-BVVU Sauna Suit for Men and Women:


  • The inner stitching is soft.
  • The design is so cool.
  • The jacket has a reflector light for the night.
  • With one zip you can separate the suit with a hat


  • This jacket does not stretch.


  • Material: Heat-silver Polymer
  • Size: This suit comes in different sizes, From S To 3XL
  • Care: you can wash it on the machine or by your hand, but don’t use the dryer after because you will distort
  • Color: this bvvn has 4 colors, Dark, Dark Gray, Light Gray, and Rosered

This BVVN sauna suit can get you to sweat in one minute of walking because has heated silver inside that holds the temperature inside and burner the fat. and when you sweat a lot this suit does not leak any sweat.

If you like all in one suit this Bvvn sauna suit you will find what you want, the design of this is so nice, and the inside of this suit has a precisely covered seam to prevent wearing the skin out when you start training.

This suit has two pockets in which you put everything you want, if you like to wear this jacket every time even at night it’s okay because has a reflector light, for example when you walk in a dark place and some car is coming behind you, when the car shines on you, the reflector light they will bright and driver will see you.

This BVVN suit is waterproof and windproof so that you can use it everywhere you want, and also has a detachable hood.

So many people have this problem is, to sweating in the wintertime and it’s hard you need to train every day for about 1 hour before you start the real training, but with this jacket, you need only 10 minutes.

4-NonEcho Men Sauna Vest Hot Sweat:


  • It’s good if you want to work on abdominal muscles only.
  • The breathable fabric makes me feel comfortable when working out.
  • The inner cover does not harm the body.


  • It’s not good for women


  • Material: Soft cloth and Neoprene.
  • Size: From XS to 5XL.
  • Care: when you want to clean your NonEcho Sauna Suit you can wash it on the machine or by your hand but at normal water temperature, and don’t use some other machine to dry it, put it outside to normal air dry.
  • Colors: this NonEcho sauna suit comes in three colors ( Black, Gray, and Bleu )

if you want only to fat burner only for your abdomen so this suit is good because has a soft comfortable and breathable fabric that flattens your body and keeps you sweating when you start training.

The NonEcho sauna suit has three layers of comfortable material outside of the suit and comfortable material on the inside of the suit, between these two comfortable layers has layers of Neoprene, and this layer does not make the suit breathe which makes you very sweat for a long time.

With these three layers, the suit can help you to lose about 200 calories in 20 to 30 minutes, the secret of this suit is that firm your abdomen well and when you move or walk, you become sweaty because it puts pressure on your abdomen.

if you suffer from back pain or cramps this NonEcho Sauna suit is good for that too because it back supports too, and you can wear it under the clothes.

when you want to wear the NonEcho sauna suit it’s easy because it has a zipper that divides it into two halves.

5-GoFit Unisex Thermal Sweat Suit:


  • lightweight.
  • You can wear it over your clothes.
  • When you run didn’t slow down your steps.
  • I like tying the hands and the feet and the neck because it doesn’t let the air in or out.
  • The suit comes with his pants.


  • this GoFit suit comes only in black color


  • Material: Made of Heavy-duty vinyl and elastic.
  • Size: This Gofit Sauna suit comes in two sizes ( Small-Medium 42 chest; 34 wist ) ; ( Large-x-large 60 chest; 44 wist )
  • Care: when you want to wash it just bring a bowl and put soap and normal water in it and put the suit in water for 5 minutes after that wash it with your hands gently.

If you want to sweat your all body this GoFit sauna suit can help you with that because it comes in a jacket and pants to keep you sweat in style.

This suit comes in larger sizes which you can wear over the clothes when you go outside for running with this large it won’t hold you back when you running and you can run without any issues.

If you are one who likes to run every morning this suit will warm your muscle groups and relax while exercising and it will sweat your body in the cold morning.

Also if you like to do your training at night or walk in your hot suit, this GoFit has reflective for light.


Let’s Look At The Important Point You Should Know Before You Do Any Purchases:


this is a very important factor you should know before you do any purchase because some of these sauna suits are very tight, so you need to check your size and see if the suit that you want is tight or not, if you are that one who didn’t like the tight suit, so you need to take more than the size you depend on.

For example, some people purchase this LODAY Women’s Neoprene Sauna suit and they forget that this suit is tight, to absolve yourself of this mistake please ask for more size.


This is another important factor, you need to check for a sauna suit that you feel comfortable with it and you have to know what this sauna suit will give you for the money you will pay for, to not lose your money for nothing.


anytime you want to purchase any product please don’t forget to check which materials are made for this product, by that you will have a big idea about any product you want and you will not be your self in any problem.


There are so many brands that made different sauna suits on the market, and 50% of that brands are making original and high-quality sauna suits but others only take the idea and do not apply it correctly, so that’s why sometimes you find some sauna suit is made of cheap material and others are made of high-quality material, so take care about that to and check is this brand is famous and has many customers or not.

5-Customers Reviews:

Another important factor is the customer’s review, the opinion of others is very important before you do any purchase for a sauna suit or other products don’t forget to check the review of others, this will give you a clear vision of what you want.


  • When you go outside for running in your sauna suit don’t forget to take the water with you because when you sweat your body needs water.
  • Don’t wear the sauna suit directly to your body because the sauna suit doesn’t absorb the sweat so wear a shirt to absorb the sweat when you training.
  • when you sweat, don’t take off your sauna suit, because the cold will catch you and maybe you bee sick, so wait until the sweat is finched


Q: How to clean a sauna suit?

A: To clean the sauna suit it’s too easy, all you need is to put it in a bowl of water and add some soap and wash it with your hand gently then put it outside to air dry.

Q: Do sauna suits help lose weight?

A: Yes, it helps lose weight by working every day with it, sauna suit is the only way you will lose weight and you will see the result in the first month.

Q: How much weight can you lose wearing a sauna suit?

A: The answer is up to you if you work with it every day you will lose about 2kg in one month but if you train only for a few days on a week and other days no, I will say you will not see the result for about one year, so keep working every day with if you want to see your body nice.


When you want to purchase your sauna suit please don’t forget to check the point that I give you to have a clear vision of the sauna suit.

and when you purchased your best sauna suit please don’t forget to follow the instructions that we have given you and we hope you are in good health.

don’t forget to work every day to lose weight and make your body happy for you because the body is important this in this life take care of it.

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