The Best Automatic Tie Rack Review

sometimes when you get a surprise invitation from your friend or work the first thing you do is look for your clothes, and you often find clothes, but you always looking for a tie or socks and you don’t find them. this is because your room is not very well organized for these little things that you often look for and do not find quickly, and when you find it mostly you will find them on the bottom of the closet under the clothes, and you often find them shrunk.

With the Best Automatic Tie Rack, you will solve your problem and it will make your room beautifully organized.

Top 3 Best Automatic Tie Racks:

1-Aniva Motorized Tie Rack,72 Ties with 8 Belts:

  • With the automatic Aniva motorized tie rack, you can hang 72 ties in a small space in your closet, the function of this machine arranging the tie beautifully so that you can find them at other times.
  • When you hang the ties that you have maybe you will have some questions like if there’s one of my favorite neckties in the back of the machine teeth how can I get it, the automatic tie Rack it’s working with 4 C batteries with a kind of stuck and has two buttons to control its rotation to get the best necktie you want in front.
  • Maybe sometimes at the night, you look for a necktie and you forget to turn the light on, it’s okay about that because the Aniva Motorized tie Rack has LED lights to increase visibility in dark areas when choosing a tie or belt.
  • This tie rack comes in size 16.5” L x 8” W x 4.1” H, with this simple size you can have your automatic Aniva in the small closet.
  • To attach it you need must have a rack of clothes in your closet, to get your machine to hang it because the machine has a place to attach to the clothes rack and also has pieces for wire rack installation.
If you have a lot of ties with this machine can solve that problemIf You don’t have the clothes rack you can’t attach the machine somewhere else.
Smooth and even movement makes it fun.
Quick to select which tie you want


2-Primode Motorized Tie Rack Stores Up to 50 Ties:

  • The Primode Motorized tie rack with a normal size of about 12.5” L x 6.5” W x 4.5” H with this normal size, the machine can’t take too much size in your closet, and with the strong motor, the machine can take about 50 ties.
  • The tying machine is working with 4C batteries, and also has an LED light to help you at the night to find your best tie.
  • It is also making the rotate from left to right and right to the life, you can do that only with two buttons that can help you to find your tie quickly.
  • The speed of the Primode Motorized Tie rack it’s smooth and even movement to help you to see what you are looking for.
  • To help your father or your husband and make his day very organized, give them this tie rack, and you will solve his problem by checking every day for ties.
Easy to assemble and install it. I wish it comes with more space for ties because it has only 50 ties in place
Save me from searching every morning for my tie.
Has 4C batteries and the charge can stay about 3 months.
She makes my room very organized


3-Primode Motorized Tie Rack, With 72 Ties, And 8 Belts:

  • The Primode brand has two kinds of motorized tie racks with different ties placed, and that is something very nice if you have a lot of ties this machine can help you to solve your need.
  • The size of this machine is 18” L x 8” W x 4.06” H. This little high size takes 72 ties so you need to see if this size is normal for you or not.
  • It can hold up to 72 and four belts or other accessories like maybe suspenders, the Prinode motorized hangers hold things well with the power of the tie rack. and the power of this machine is 4C batteries, has
  • the electronic closet can rack in any standard Claus rod up to one and three-eighths inches wide once you have the batteries inside you can press the buttons to make go left and right only arrows, and the button is supposed to light up it seems mind leaking out so don’t really on this if you want like stress in the dark.
If you want to choose your best tie at night
the electronic closet has a light under it.
Doesn’t come with standard Claus. so you need
to have the hanging clothes for you to install in it.
Don’t need the effort to control it
You can also rack any little thing like the belt, socks, and much more.
I like the design of it and its size because if you want to attach it to a small closet you can install it without any issue.



1-safety Motor:

The automatic tie rack when you start making rotates from the left to the right and right to the left slowly to keep you choose what you want, to keep it safe you need to have it someplace alone, for example, when it rotates and some clothes are fuse with a tie that makes the motor very slow and this way you kill the motor, so if you want to keep it safe you need to care about this point.


The PrimodeTie Rack is made to help you and solve you from searching every morning for your ties and keep your tie organized, with its 72 teeth you can put all your tie in it and choose your favorite tie Quickly.

3-LED Light:

The best thing also in this automatic tie rack is the LED light that keeps you choosing your favorite tie in the low light or in the early morning.

4-Automatic Rotate:

So many electronic closets come in manual mode every day when you want to choose your tie you need to rotate it manually by your hand, but it is automatic hand has two buttons, all you need to do when you want to rotate it you just need to click in the left button and it will rotate to the left and right also.

5-Extra storage:

If you have small rod space in your closet, so it will double the place and give you more storage.

The Factors That You Should Also Consider Before You Do Any Purchased:


You should know what material this automatic tie rack is made from because there are many brands that are making them from cheap materials so this Factor is very important to know about it.

when you know about what that material is made from then you will get an idea of how long the product will stay with you.


this factor is very important to know also because sometimes when you find a high-quality product but the price it’s too expensive so the price it’s not important how much it is, the important is how long that product will stay with you and gives you what you want.

When you find a cheap product and you see the product is high-quality, the one thing you have to know is that product you will not find all that you need in it, so the price also are playing an important role.


The warranty factor is important too, some brands are giving more warranties than others so keep checking for the best brand that gives you more warranty and saves your money.

4-Customer Service:

another important factor is customer Service before finding all the things you like in that product you like to purchase, you need also to see the opinions of others because it’s the most important to know about want you are looking for.


  • when You see the rotation of the automated tie rack is low the problem will come from the 4C batteries going die or the tie that your rack is fused with other clothes.
  • If you have a lot of ties more than that place you have in the Automatic Tie Rack, so don’t put two or three in one Automatic Tie Rack tooth because this it will make the machine heavy to rotate, and this way you kill the motor.


Q. Can I Install The Automatic Tie Rack On The Rectangle Bar?

A. If you have the same size of the rectangular bar and machine installation place size, so yes you can.

Q. When the batteries are finished can I rotate them manually?

A. Yes, you can but you have to know if you rotate it manually for a long time the motor will deform, and when you want to add the batteries you will find the motor is not working or the rotation is too low, so the better for you is to add the batteries in the beginning.

Q. When I want to install it do I need to remove the pole?

A. A. No, you need only to slide the plastic piece off of the rack and you will see the place of the pole on the unit, then lift the unit to the closet pole, and when you put the pole in its place on the unit and put back the plastic piece that you remove from the beginning to its place in the unit.


Before you d any purchase please look at that key point we give you because it will help you a lot and you will get a clear vision of what you want.

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