How To Use & Clean Your Bamboo Chopsticks

The first time when you think to use bamboo chopsticks to eat food as an Asian person, it will be hard for you because the way that you need to hold them by your fingers is too difficult for a beginner person even if you are an Asian person. But with us, everything will be easy for you because we are going to show you how to hold them and eat your food like an Asian person, not only that but we are going to show you how to clean and how to care for them after this introduction.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass and is not to heavy as other wood, plastic, and metal chopsticks, which means when you hold them by your fingers your fingers will not get tired.

No need to use any more knives and forks because bamboo chopsticks take their place due. The nice thing is bamboo will not degrade in the food over time even if you wash them and it is non-toxic for health too. and Asian people are using these bamboo chopsticks since 280-233 BCE and nothing happen to them, which means are not harmful to human health and nature, bamboo has natural antibacterial.

How To Use Bamboo Chopsticks?

Of course, It will be funny the first time you use them, and you will make your friends laugh at you. But here are the right tips to hold them in the right way. So First go bring your bamboo chopstick and practice this method. Of course, it will contain some ambiguity, but you will understand how to do it very well if you try it many times.

  • 1-Bring one chopstick and hold it between your thumb and index finger with the pointed end extending about an inch past to maintain their balance when you carry food with them. remember to hold the in your dominant hand
  • 2-The other chopstick is put between your thumb and middle finger, but it should be positioned so that it is parallel to the first chopstick.
  • 3-Then use your index and middle fingers to gently squeeze the chopsticks together to hold the food.

There are some people who don’t know how to apply this method that’s why we make a video about how to hold your bamboo chopsticks to help you more. see the video below.

Remember to be patient, and when you know how to hold them, it is better to practice holding the rice because is one of the hard food to pick with these bamboo chopsticks. And also practice bringing it to your mouth because that will be one of the problems you will get to.

How To Clean Bamboo Chopsticks?

It will be hard to learn how to use them, But to clean them it’s very simple. the way to clean them is like other utensils. let’s see how.

  • 1-Bring a soft paper. like toilet paper, bamboo paper Towels, or other towels you have then wipe your chopsticks to remove all the food and oil that is stuck around them.
  • 2-use any kind of bowl to put the water and dishes soap on it then put your bamboo chopsticks to soap for 1 minute to soak.
  • 3-Use a soft sponge to rub them carefully such as you do when you wash your dishes.
  • 4-Bring warm water to rinse them.
  • 5-Wipe them from the water using smooth towels.
  • 6-then let them dry for a few minutes before you store them.

By that, you will keep your bamboo chopsticks for a long time. also, there’s another thing that will protect them from bacteria and other damage. is by oiling them, When you oil them it will protect their durability, from growing mold, growing bacteria, and will be less likely to break, preventing them from splintering and their natural color.

And the kind of oil that you need to oil your bamboo chopsticks is food-grade mineral oil.

Is Bamboo Chopsticks Safe In The Dishwasher:

Is not safe in the dishwasher because when bamboo is exposed to high heat can lose its colorfast, and also it will be exposed to prone to splintering or breaking. So it’s better to wash it with your hands.

So if you still have any other accessories made from bamboo or you think to have them, don’t think to wash them in the dishwasher because bamboo is not resistant the high heat secures. We have tested that before and it makes our bamboo accessories dry well which makes them easy to break.

How To Take Care Of Your Bamboo Chopsticks?

It’s easy to care about your bamboo chopsticks too, we have for you a few tips from our experiences with these chopsticks.

  • After two days of oiling them with oil, you need to put them down with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water keeps them fresh.
  • You need to roll them in a soft towel and store them in a dry place.
  • When you use them to eat meat or other food don’t use them to cut or spear food.

There is no hard work to that if you would like to keep them safe for a long time. this is our last paragraph about these bamboo chopsticks, and thank you for visiting us.

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