Is Bamboo Paper Towels Worth It?

Bamboo paper towels are environmentally friendly, made from bamboo fiber, and are an alternative to traditional paper towels made from trees that you can use only one time to clean and wipe. bamboo is unlike that kind of normal paper towel because only one piece of bamboo paper can stay with you to use more than 85 times before needs to be replaced, of course, you will ask how that? the answer is when they get dirt can be washed, and they can support the washing machine or in the manual wash ( washing by hand).

However, it will keep the environment clean and not harm it. unlike other paper towels that are used only once and then thrown away. Actually, in the future, it will be a good choice for the kitchen, cleaning, nature, etc.

Bamboo Paper Towels

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Paper Towels?

It has many features that will let you buy it now and your first choice from the other traditional towels in your home which means worth It. They are more absorbent and softer than traditional cotton towels and are easy to wash, and still have many other benefits, let’s see them below.

Environmentally Friendly:

bamboo is fast-growing grass without the need for pesticides or fertilizers which means when you are using bamboo paper towels you will not harmful to nature and your health.

Soft And Hypoallergenic:

They are made from bamboo fiber and are hypoallergenic, that’s good for people who are suffering from sensitive skin or allergies. also, they are soft paper on the hand and skin which makes them a good choice for home and personal use.

They Are Absorbent:

Also is fast absorbent than cotton, these bamboo paper towels can absorb water or any drink that falls on your table three times faster than cotton towels.


These bamboo paper towels are more durable than traditional towels, and they are resistant to tearing and wear which makes them long-lasting and a good investment and gives you to use them more than 85 times.

Naturally Antibacterial:

Even if you use them many times they will not grow the smells and bacteria because they have an antimicrobial agent called bamboo Kun. this feature t makes bamboo towels fresh, and smooth and inhibits the growth of bacteria for a long time.


Bamboo paper towels are versatile, you can use them to wipe the dirt, hand towels in the bathroom, wipe your face from makeup, dry your dishes, etc.

How To Wash Bamboo Paper Towels?

It is easy to wash your bamboo paper towels, and there is two way to wash them, you can wash them in the machine or by your hand because these towels are made from bamboo fiber which makes them be washed in any method you want. Let’s see how to wash them in the machine and hand then choose the method that will be good for you.

The Right Way To Wash Your Bamboo Paper Towels In The Machine:

To know how to do that step-by-step, follow the steps below.

  • 1– You can wash your bamboo towels with your clothes if you want, but need to put them in the machine with clothes that have the same color as towels. but put it in the laundry bag to protect it from any damage.
  • 2– Use a gentle detergent and don’t add any kind of bleach or anything else.
  • 3– Avoid using hot water. use only the clot water.
  • 4-The bamboo paper towels can be washed fast, use only a gentle cycle.
  • 5– After the machine is finished, take your towels to dry outside in the sunlight.

You will not do your best to wash your bamboo paper towels and if you follow these steps you will not damage them and they will stay with you for an as long time as possible. and if you prefer to wash them with your hand let’s see that below.

The Right Way To Wash Your Bamboo Paper Towels By Your Hands:

Also, it’s easy to do that just stay with us and follow the steps from our experience.

  • 1– First, bring a sink or something else, then fill it with cold water and put some gentle detergent and mix them.
  • 2– If your towels are very dirty, you need to soak them in the water for 10 minutes to loosen the dirt. Or if they don’t get very dirty then just put them in the sink and start to rub them carefully.
  • 3– After you see all the dirt is removed, then rinse it with clean cold water to remove the soap that is stuck around it.
  • 4– The last step is to squeeze them and put them outside to dry in the sunlight.

There’s no hard work to do that, it’s like you enjoy your day only.

Is Bamboo Paper Towels Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it because has many features that make us fall in love with them due to their feature that gives to us such as soft, absorbent, antimicrobial, and multi-use.

Bamboo paper towels are more durable and are quick-drying than cotton towels which means are the best paper towels for cleaning wet places, also you can use them to take something hot er from the microwave oven, etc.

However, The price of these bamboo paper towels is between 10 and 50$, the price is not that high due to the Benefits that give to us. Other traditional paper towels that can be used only one time can get more expensive. so that means bamboo towels worth it.

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