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Are you suffering from chaos in your home, or do you have a small and cheap hamper that can’t contain your chaos from the mountain of laundry dirty, kid’s toys, and more?

Okay, the bamboo hamper will solve your problem, Any kind of chaos you have will contain it, and collect them in one place. We have tested more than 13 kinds of hampers that are made from bamboo from its sturdy, washable, and multi-function. From all these 13 products on amazon, we find the best five that have these factors and we are going to share them in this article.

Very Best 5 Bamboo Hampers:

We have tested this hamper to give you the best in the market, and this is our pick for today, And it will fit any corner you want to place it, they come with lids to make your dirty clothes smell stay on this bamboo hamper to not spread in your home. Or to keep your private things away from sight.

Quick Summary:

If you are interested in them and you want to have one of these products in your home and make your laundry organized in their place keep reading because we are going to give you a quick summary about them to find your best.

Bamboo Hamper

1- Bamboo Laundry Hamper with Shelf:

Do you have more than 4 people in your family, and who are suffering from laundry chaos because don’t have enough hamper, and they can’t collect all their laundry in one hamper because is not enough, and you also you hate that and you are looking for some solution? Okay, I have for you this bamboo laundry hamper with a shelf. I know what’s in your opinion why I recommend this. Okay, it has two storage made from silicon with a capacity of 44 liters to collect all your laundry and your family, and it has a shelf for drying something, which is enough for any big family.

Has two silicone bags that will allow you to store and differentiate between white and black clothes for easy access to them while you want to wash them.

also, Even if you put this bamboo laundry hamper far from your washer you will not suffer from transporting your clothes to it because the adjustable and removable two silicone bags feature allows you to carry all of them to your washer machine without taking all your bamboo hamper.

If you are thinking to put it in your bathroom laundry room, or your room, it will be a great idea because it contains with shelf which you can use as a table for your washer accessories for easy access them too.


  • You can wash the two silicone boxes in the washer.
  • It will fit the whole family.


  • Some people need it with bamboo bags instead of silicone.

2-Laundry Hamper with Rope Handles Bamboo:

Instead of using the cheap laundry hamper, you can use this bamboo hamper with a lid, which conceals smelly clothes. Lightweight bamboo makes it easy to carry your clothes to your laundry room or carry them outdoors for drying. The rope handle makes your grip comfortable and sturdy to catch and non-slip.

High-quality design and hard for anyone to make like this laundry hamper, Its design is handcrafted by traditional craftsmen, which it will make your washroom very organized, clean, and stylish.

The inside of the hamper and lid has covered with polyester and cotton which will make your laundry dirty out of sight and make their smells conceal. And will protect your bamboo hamper for many years.

Its dimensions are 12.25 L x 16.25 W x 23.375 H inches which can fit laundry dirty for two people. In my opinion, this is the best bamboo hamper with a lid from its weight, decor, size, and bamboo quality.


  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Made by handcrafted.
  • It will be worked for decor and for laundry.


  • None.

3-Spa-Style Bamboo Hamper:

If you love furniture made from bamboo you will love this product too, some people don’t have a place in their room for their laundry dirty and most of us put them in a plastic bag or some box that makes room decor very cheap. If you have this problem too you can use this bamboo hamper it will look elegant and will fit any home decor.

Its design is very strong and thick which will be used to collect any home chaos not only laundry dirty. The testing process was not sufficient for this product, so we have read about this on amazon and what people are saying, some customers say .”It is very nice to put it in your room or your bathroom, and its design looks great, and when you fill it with laundry dirty it looks like not for that”.

It comes in a little large size which is 20.13″L x 13.25″W x 24.75″H inches, so you need to check the corner side that you want to install it in if you are interested in it.


  • It can be used in any place you want it at home.
  • East to put together.
  • Very sturdy.


  • When you want to put it together, you need the tools.
  • Expensive.

4-Bamboo Laundry Hamper Basket with Liner Bag Storage:

Do you have a small bathroom and don’t know which bamboo hamper will fit it, okay this product comes in a small size but it has enough storage. You will not store your laundry dirty only, you will store all your bathroom accesses too because it comes with two shelves. You can store shampoo, your machine soap, towel, bucket, and more.

And its dimension is ‎15.7 x 11.8 x 37.4 inches, so it will not take to much space, and its weight is only 3 pounds, I had never seen it in my comparing and testing hamper with this bamboo hamper, which is why I decided to share with you.

The laundry dirty storage has a bag of silicone which will make your hamper decor stylish and it will make your laundry dirt far from sight. It doesn’t come with a lid but it comes with a door on the side for easy access to your clothes and easily open & close.


  • It comes in a simple size but has enough storage.
  • Very lightweight.
  • It has two shelves for bathroom accessors.


  • It can fit only laundry dirty for one person.

5-Bamboo Wicker Corner Hamper:

You have a corner in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom, and if you want to add some decor to it, you can have this corner hamper. You can use it to collect many things such as toys, shoes, and laundry dirty, or you can use it as box trash for your kitchen.

Its design is very simple, it comes with a bamboo mat on its surface to give you decore, and it has removable linen on the laundry inside it to protect your clothes from chaos. It has stainless steel on the frame to make your hamper stand while you fill it.

This is The best solution for your corner.


  • It has a frame of steel to make the hamper stand strong.
  • You can remove the linen cover for washing it.
  • Multi-function bamboo hamper.


  • Doesn’t have a lid.

We have fished our reviews about this bamboo hamper and we hope you find the best one for your need. But we want to help you more and get the best hamper, we have for you a few factors that will help you more to get the right choice.

Quick Summary of Critical Factors:


You have to know about this factor when you are looking for any kind of bamboo hamper you want to purchase, You have to know your corner size or and place that you want to put it.

For example, If your family is big and you live in one home you need to check for a large hamper, so this factor is very important for you, you need to know what is capacity and size, then compare it with laundry dirty


In the past, many brands are making bamboo hamper without a lid, and many customers refund their products because when they use them for private clothes anyone at home can see them in the hamper and they can smell the smells because doesn’t have a lid. The lid will keep your laundry dirty and smells inside the hamper. So You have to consider this factor too if you want to get all features you need.

Customers Reviews:

These are important factors that you need to consider in mind when you are finding your best bamboo hamper, You have to read about your product in customer reviews, there so many people are giving their opinions on how they use it, how it works and how it will be in your home.


Q: How To Clean A Bamboo Hamper?

A: The first thing you have to do is if you have a bag of silicone in your bamboo hamper you need remove it and put it in the washer, but the way how to clean a bamboo hamper is very simple, just bring a damp cloth and wipe it.

Q: How Can I Protect My Bamboo Hamper?

A: If you are thinking to use your bamboo hamper in your bathroom you need to use it in some place where the water can’t touch it. Everyone knows bamboo is waterproof, but if the water is mixed with some soap it will damage your hamper.

Q: What is a hamper in housekeeping?

A: The hamper refers to a basket or other container that collects your dirty Lundy, and the right place where you need to place it is in the laundry room, bathroom, or any place where people for a short period of time.

Q: What do hampers include?

A: They are not made only to be used to collect your dirty laundry, but they are included t be used in many things such as collecting your kid’s toys, clothing, towels, sheets, and other linens.

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