How To Clean A Bamboo Spice Rack?

Bamboo Spice Rack

Do you know bamboo furniture is sensitive to chemicals? and you need to be careful when you want to clean them. and bamboo spice racks is one of bamboo furniture that can be dirty from spices. In this article, we are going to explain to you how to clean it in the right way and what you need to avoid when you want to fill it with your spice.

Before that let’s see what is bamboo spice rack and why bamboo is the perfect choice for home and eco-friendly.

What Is the Bamboo Spice rack?

If your spice jars are not organized or every time you find them in a mess and maybe they spill on your cabinet, rack, or where you place them, So bamboo spice rack will solve your problem because will give you enough space where to store your spice jars. They are lightweight, so you can store your spice on them and put them near your cooking place to keep your spices close to you.

The nice thing in it doesn’t take to much space in your kitchen because some of them are coming with a hook to be hung on the wall.

So, What makes bamboo the perfect choice for home:


You will not need to spend too much money because bamboo is cheap than steel, iron, and other wood. This does not mean bamboo is not good. Bamboo is water-resistant and very sturdy. it is cheap because of fastest-growing, and also is cheap because is not harmful to nature. You will spend little money to keep your home stylish and without harming nature.

Space saver:

If your kitchen is cramped and you think you will not have space to put this bamboo spice rack, I would say, you will have it even if you don’t have space in your kitchen, because you can hang it or you can store it in some slip cabinet storage if you have that because most of them come in the small design but they can hold more than 12 different spice jars.

So it is a perfect idea to have a bamboo spice rack in your small kitchen.


Bamboo will make you get rid of the use of materials and furniture that are harmful to nature because bamboo is eco-friendly. it is also fast-growing, so using it to make furniture will not be harmful to nature because some kinds of bamboo can grow up to several inches per day, unlike other wood that can stay for more than 20 years to grow.

So bamboo is a fantastic choice for people who like to have home decor from wood.

How To Clean A Bamboo Spice Rack?

To clean your bamboo spice rack is very simple no need to be professional or lose your money from buying some items to clean it. You will use only the tools you have already in the kitchen. Let’s see how to clean it the fast and easy way.

  • The first thing is removing all spice jars and putting them on the side.
  • Bring a soft brush or if you don’t have one, you can use a kid brush tooth and remove the stuck dirt carefully.
  • Bring a large pail with warm water and mix it with dishes soap and dip your rack in it then gently scrub for one minute or less until you see the dirt removed.
  • Then rinse it with normal water
  • Then wipe it with a dry and soft clean cloth or paper towels.
  • and put it to dry outside.

It will take you only 5 minutes to wash your bamboo spice rack without losing its durability and color. But there are a few things you need to avoid if you want to protect your spice rack for many years. Let’s see them.

  • Don’t put any liquids in your spice rack such as oil, vinegar, etc. because if they spill and the bamboo will absorb them and will make its surface dirty and you can’t clean it.
  • Avoid washing it in the dishwasher.
  • Don’t let it dry in the sun because bamboo can lose its shape and color and it will warp over time.
  • You need to wait until it dries well from all sides. Because if you don’t let it dry well it will be easy to break because when its fibers get wet will swell which is exposed to damage quickly.

Also, it is easy to avoid these issues to make your bamboo rack stay with you for many years. You can check here also.

Can A Bamboo Spice Rack Be Mounted On The Wall?

There are too many kinds of bamboo rack spice that can be mounted on the wall which is a perfect idea for people who don’t have enough space in their kitchen, they can mount them on the wall. And this type comes with screws or mounting brackets to make your bamboo rack attach to any kind of wall you have and it can support more than 30 pounds.

Can A Bamboo Spice Rack Be Used Outdoors?

If you are one who loves to explore nature or make barbecue parties outdoors, you can use this bamboo rack spice outdoors to take all your spice with you. bamboo is water-resistant, so you rack nothing will happen to it if you take it outdoors. But you need to avoid it from these tips that I will share with you below.

  • Don’t place it in a wet place because bamboo can abuse the wet.
  • Don’t place it near the source of the heat such as fire because the heat can make it drier with will make it fragile.

Make sure to take this point seriously to protect your bamboo spice rack outdoors.

Are There Any Alternatives To A Bamboo Spice Rack?

Yes, there are too many different spice racks that are made from different materials and shapes, such as a Wooden spice rack, Metal spice rack, Acrylic spice rack, Magnetic spice rack, and Rotating spice racks. Put bamboo racks are the best for any elegant kitchen.

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