What Is Bamboo Sushi Mat & How To Clean It?

If you are the one who loves to eat sushi outside in your favorite restaurant because you don’t know how to prepare it at home, so this bamboo sushi mat is helping people how to make sushi at home because many people when they want to roll it get hard to do that, that’s why this bamboo mat is made only for rolling sushi. And these tools in japan are called makisu too, not only bamboo mats.

This bamboo sushi mat is made from bamboo thin slats and is environmentally friendly and is non-toxic and non-smell which makes them good wooden tools for making food.

It is a Japanese traditional tool used only for rolling sushi and showing people how to roll sushi in a professional way and keeping it tightly rolled as you construct it.

If you love to cook like me, you will love to use these bamboo sushi mats because it saves time and it makes cooking easy, and you can roll one roll of sushi only in 5 minutes, and it holds all the ingredients and compress them in place and protect them from falling down unlike the normal way you roll them only with your hands.

okay, in this article, we are going to show you how to use them to roll the sushi and how to clean them, and other questions you might ask them before.

How Ho Clean Bamboo Sushi Mat?

The food particles, when stuck in the bamboo mat, are easy to remove because is made of the bamboo smooth bamboo strands which make it easy o clean after you use it, and no need for any special soap or new method because it can be washed only as you do for your dishes.

We have for you an easy way to clean it. so see below.

  • 1-Bring a soft towel and wipe it from all sides and between the bamboo thin slats. Or dip it in cold water to remove all the food particles around it.
  • 2-Use dishes soap and scrub the stuck particles using a soft sponge.
  • 3-Dip it again in the cold water or just rinse it.
  • 4-wipe it with a dry and soft towel and let it dry alone in the air and avoid putting it in the sunlight.
  • 5-make sure to rotate it to dry from all sides before you want to use it to roll sushi again.

Every time when you use it to roll sushi you need to clean it because the food particles can help grow bacteria which can help your bamboo sushi it smells bad.

There is another way to prevent growing mold and the buildup of bacteria in your bamboo sushi mat is by using disinfecting it. You can use mix a solution of 1 teaspoon of bleach per quart of water and use it to wipe down the mat, that will help their durability and prevent growing the mold and bacteria, and also it will prolongation of their life too.

But if you don’t want to wash your bamboo sushi mat each time you use it, or you are looking for something to protect it from the dirt, that’s a good idea because there is another way to protect it from dirt, mold, and bacteria. you can wear a bag of smooth plastic to your mat when you want to use it. by that, The food particles will not reach it and you will not need to wash it every time you use it.

How To Use Bamboo Sushi Mat?

For the first time when you want to use a bamboo sushi mat to roll your sushi, it can be hard to do that because has many steps to roll. but from my experience in cooking and making sushi in my home, I will shorten these steps for you to understand it simply.

  • 1-Open your bamboo mat in a clean place and place your sushi on it.
  • 2-hold it with your both hands and use your thumbs to prevent the filling from falling.
  • 3-The start rolling the mat over the filling.
  • 4-use your thumbs to maintain pressure and keep the roll tight to protect the filling from falling down when you open the mat.
  • 5-keep rolling until you see your sushi is in form of the roll then use a sharp knife to cut it.

No need to be a cook to make delicious sushi for you and your family because this method is very easy. also, I have searched on youtube and I find how to do that in practice. Check the video below to understand how to practice this method above if you don’t understand how to do that well.

Just follow this method because after you know how to roll your sushi with a mat, you will know to do it without a bamboo mat.

But if you are looking for how to roll it without a bamboo sushi mat, we can help you with that, and know how to use only your hand to roll your sushi as a professional cooker. let me show you that from my experience too.

How To Roll Sushi Without Bamboo Mat?

You Should know when you want to roll sushi without using any mat it will be hard for you because without a mat you can’t compress the roll well, so you use some mat such as a piece of plastic wrap, a kitchen towel, a rolling pin, or a bamboo mat.

But if you just want to prepare it only with your hands without using any mat, follow the steps below to know how. But first, you need to gather all these ingredients: cooked rice, seaweed sheets, and any fillings such as raw fish, vegetables, or tofu.

  • 1-Lay a sheet of sushi nori on a flat surface or flat it on the cutting board.
  • 2-bring rice and spread it evenly above your seaweed sheet, using a spoon or your hands.
  • 3-bring the filling that you want to put in sushi and arrange them above the rice. but don’t put much filling because when you want to start rolling your sushi it might cut.
  • 4-Then lift the bottom of the seaweed sheet but do that carefully to create a tight cylinder.
  • 5-After your rolling is finished, then wet the top border of the seaweed sheet to help seal the roll to not open when you want to cut it.
  • 6-Then cut it into the form of bite-sized pieces.
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