3 Best Bamboo Coffee Tables

When it’s coffee time you need to find a quiet place to enjoy it, seating on the floor as a normal method, and drinking your coffee makes you feel comfortable. But you need to find a small table and lightweight can be used outdoors and indoors to enjoy your coffee everywhere you want. Okay here is our choice.

The bamboo coffee table is one of the best simple tables that is underappreciated at home, You will not need to take your heavy table that is made from steel or any other heavy material or move it to your drinking coffee place. This bamboo table is lightweight, solid, multi-use, decorated, easy to clean, and more. So it will make your home stylish. When you have this coffee table you will not need to drink your coffee, wine, tea, beer, etc on your dining table, you will make every table for its activity.

For people who love to make a party in their backyard, it will be good to have this table, you will not suffer from carrying it every time outdoors because is lightweight and has enough space for 4 people or more.

In this review, I’m going to share with you the top 3 bamboo coffee tables for helping you to find the best.

TOP 3 Bamboo Coffee Tables:

This bamboo coffee table is low to the ground which will let you sit on the floor which is good for your health, seating on the floor makes more muscle activity, increased mobility, less hip tension, and more. I’m not a doctor but I have searched about it. For more info check here.

Let’s have more information about these bamboo coffee tables you might one of them suits your needs and the place where you want to use them.

Bamboo Coffee Table

1-Best Coffee Table Foldable Bamboo:

In my opinion, for a family that has more than 4 people this coffee table foldable bamboo will suit them. and will enjoy your party together, when a family is a seating and talking together that’s important in this life. And this coffee table will be the reason for that.

The foldable legs feature makes it good for outdoors and indoors. maybe this table are little large for your entryway door, but this folding feature makes it good for that, You will carry it everywhere you want and pass from any size doors you have. Its dimension is 19.7″D x 38.6″W x 15.7″H inches, and the top surface size is 38.6”×19.7 inches. It will take a lot of bottles, teapots, coffeepot, cups, etc.

It has one more shelf storage in the bottom to store something if the top surface is not fitting your accessories. If you love reading books or magazines while drinking coffee this table are giving you enough space to store them when you finish. And you can remove the shelf if you don’t want to have it on it.

After using for coffee it can be used for drawing, reading, laptop table, and more. If you have kids it will be a great table for doing their homework near you.

If you are thinking this bamboo coffee table will not fit your living room, dining room, or bedroom, I would say the folding design will let you have it in your home, because when you see it’s taking to much space in your home you can fold it and store it in small storage if you have it until you need it again.


  • Multi-function bamboo coffee table.
  • The folding design allows you to use it for an outdoor party if you want.
  • You can remove the bottom shelf if you want.
  • Each leg has non-slip fabric.


  • Its weight is 22,5 pounds. which is a little bit heavy.

2-Best Low Bamboo Coffee Table:

The round-shaped table top makes this bamboo table the best for your homework or drinking your coffee, it will allow you to seat on the floor and lie your legs under it to get more comfortable. The round-shaped will makes any corner you put it in stylish. And it will be nice in your living room if it lacks something between the couch and the TV.

The round-shape design gives space for your work and drinking coffee to enjoy your work. The size is enough for one person to use it for any activity. The surface has made of solid bamboo which you can stand or sit on it without causing any damage to the legs and surface.

In my opinion, this solid bamboo the made from it will make this coffee table very sturdy and it can be used for many activities as others, for example, When someone use it for many years and wants to purchase a new table he can use this bamboo table as their plant stand to organized them.

Plus for your safety from scratches, this bamboo coffee table has smooth and curved edges. Due to all these features that give to us, it should be one of our crucial bamboo furniture at home.

It weighs 7,79 pounds due to this simple weight you can use it in your living room as your eating table for a few days and you can carry it to your bedroom to use it for your work.


  • its surface is thick to bear the heavy weight.
  • The maximum weight that can bear is 220 pounds.
  • You will not need any screws or tools to assemble the legs with it.


  • It doesn’t have some more storage to store accessories.

3-Best Mdf Top Bamboo Coffee Table:

If you have a luxury home or you want to make your home luxurious you can have this Bamboo Coffee Table with top solid from MDF, This MDF material helps to make your home stylish and it goes with any home decor you have. The oval triangle design makes this coffee table an elegant furniture decor for the home.

If you are looking for a coffee table that makes you seat on the floor like the other two above, this table is not for that because its legs are a little large so you can’t seat on the floor as others, but will be a good coffee table near of the chair and couch. If you used to drink your coffee while watching your favorite shows on tv, then this bamboo table is good for you and it will make everything close to you.

The white color on its MDF desktop panel is very smooth and easy to clean, and the white color makes this table easily blend with the home furniture and gives a decor in the empty corner. And its design and decor are available to be used as a stand for some decor such as images, bowl flowers, etc.

If you have a smaller living room, bedroom, or bedroom, So this MDF top bamboo table will work for you. It doesn’t take so much space and its dimension is 15.74″Deep x 15.74″Width x 15.74″Height inches.

It’s not complicated to put it together and this helps in choosing it to be at home, but we don’t just consider in mind this only. due to its sturdy, stable on the floor, and MDF material.


  • Made of sturdy mfd material.
  • The smooth surface doesn’t allow the dirt to stick to it.
  • Easy to clean it.
  • Its legs are in the shape of an arc that makes it firmly on the floor.


  • It has tall legs, so you can’t use it as your coffee table while you sit on the floor
  • Are not entirely made of bamboo.

This is our review of the best bamboo coffee table for today we hope to help for choosing the best for your home.

You might need to know how to choose one of these best tables for your home and your family, so to know how to let’s look at a few factors.

What To Consider In Mind:

There are many factors to know to choose from, and it’s hard for us to help anyone with that, but we do our best to give solutions. So let’s know about these important factors that will work with any one of you.

Consider Size:

If you are a family and you make a party every weekend or any other day, you need to find a bamboo coffee table that will fit all of your family. Check the size of the coffee table that you find and if you don’t know whether that size will fit them or not try to calculate some table you have in at home and search for that same size. by that, you will find the right size.

But don’t do that only, when you find a coffee table that you want with the size that fits all your family, you still need to know if that size can fit the place where you want to use it.

Consider Weight:

Anyone are love to seat outside in the backyard or in front doo and enjoy coffee, but if you have a heavy table that you can’t carry outdoors for that you will not enjoy, but you can take your coffee by your hand, but you don’t have a place where to put it.

So the weight is good to consider, it is very easy to find some coffee tables weight simple weight. In this article we have this low bamboo coffee table its weight is only 7,79 pounds and it is lightweight. a child of 12 years old can take it outside.


This is what to consider when you are looking for something like a coffee table, you can use this method with other products and it will work with you to find what you need.


  • In the wintertime, we love to do our work near the fire to get warm, but you have to know, if you use a bamboo coffee table near the fire as a homework table, you will damage it over time, so keep it far from the hot temperature.
  • When you drink coffee or tea, etc on this bamboo coffee table, maybe it will fall on the table, but it’s easy to clean. The first thing you need to do is bring some dry cloth and wipe it then a damp cloth and wipe again.
  • If you want one day to wash your bamboo coffee table with water don’t do it, just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure to screw the legs too well to not shake out of their place while you use it.


Here are a few questions you might ask about it.

How To Refinish A Bamboo Coffee Table?

Bamboo is like other woods and it can refinish. You just need to wipe it from any stuck dirt with some sandpaper to remove the dirt if it has that. Wiping the dirt from any coffee table lets any color that you refinish to stuck on it.

What Color To Paint A Faux Bamboo Coffee Table?

What Color To Paint A Faux Bamboo Coffee Table?

The original color of the bamboo is light brown or light orange. So if you find some other color you have to know it is not the original bamboo color, so most of the new brands are adding some color for more decors, but they add that color because they use cheap bamboo on that product you find.

Is Bamboo Strong?

Yes, Bamboo is very strong the lightweight more than other woods, because it has sturdy cellulose microfibrils that make it number one among the brands that made wood furniture. And bamboo is environmentally friendly.

Can This Bamboo Coffee Table Be An Outdoor Patio Table?

Yes, It can be for outdoors too, Due to its simple weight and size you can carry it outdoors to enjoy. Also if you like to go on a trip by car you can take this table with you, instead of carrying a large table or a heavy one.

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