Best 4 Bamboo Pendant Light Shades

If you have a lamp in your dining room, living room, or bedroom without any decor, here is some great bamboo pendant light shades decor. They come in many different sizes and shapes to suit your home decor. the light bamboo color compliments the decor of any home. They are handmade and they are perfect for any luxury home decor or adding stylish decor to homes.

The normal bright light no longer fits the home decoration style, The white and red light in your home lamp reflects the interior decoration, So there is an idea to make it a home decoration style. There is no need to purchase pendants made from plastic, glass, or aluminum that require an exorbitant cost.

In this article we have collected some best bamboo pendant light shades from the amazon market, we are going to share them with you below.

If you are loving to have an Asian stylish for your home, keep reading to see that.

Our Choice Of The Best Bamboo Pendant Light Shades:

This is the list that we chose from amazon, they are all made by the hand of Asian artisans.

Let’s Know more about these bamboo pendant light shades to explain them and give you a few important things it might be a reason to purchase one of these top 4.

1-Hand-Woven Bamboo Pendant Light:

Well, this is our pick of the best bamboo pendant light for the dining room, It can be used in any room at home but its design is perfect for the dining room. This texture is made with bamboo lantern shade. its shape is cute and it can cover your simple roof design and is good for tasteful people.

This bamboo pendant was made in the old traditional way by handmade, at first, the traditional craftsmen used to make regular baskets to carry a few items, and then they started designing home furniture from bamboo such as this pendant lamp, etc.

The triple-tiered geometric dimensions are ‎14.96 X 15.71 inches and are not too large or small, And it will suitable for any home with a low roof, and is included in two sizes to suit any roof size.

Plus it comes with a bulb base with E23 which is suitable for incandescent, and LED. There is nothing to stop you from buying this bamboo pendant.


  • It is suitable for any incandescent bulb.
  • Not too big or small.
  • Easy to hang on the roof.
  • No need to have any lamp placed on the roof because it comes with all its material.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • None.

2-Farmhouse Bamboo Woven Pendant Light Fixtures:

This is another perfect bamboo pendant light fixture, its shape is like a hat or twisted bird nest making it great lamp decor. Its design let it be used in the kitchen. The twisted design of bamboo is very difficult for an ordinary person to make, so it is made by professional people with premium bamboo that’s why is bendable.

It comes with an adjustable hanging cord of 59,05 inches, you can install this bamboo woven pendant light fixture on any low roof, and you can control the size between the roof and the pendant by cutting the cord until it suits the size you want.

So it comes with an E26 light bulb, cord, and everything you will need to hang it and make it ready to work. When you turn the light on, these bamboo twisted shapes will form lines o bamboo on your ceiling, which will give a look and beauty to your ordinary ceiling.


  • Cute shapes.
  • Made of premium bamboo.
  • You can adjustable the cord to be suitable for the place you want to have it.
  • It fits all normal bulbs that have an E26 socket.


  • It might be hard to hang it.

3-Best Bamboo Pendant Light Shades:

This is another high-quality cylinder bamboo design, When you are looking at its shape it can be perfect in your living room above your desk work. It has an opening bottom which will make brighten your desk without the shadow for easy reading your books, etc. Instead of the sides made from a bamboo pattern that gives the lines of shadow and light to make a decoration of light on the walls and ceiling.

This bamboo pendant light shade has an opening bottom feature for easy wiping when it’s dirty by entering your hand on it to wipe it from the inside. and its dimension is 9,8 in height and 4,8 in width, and the cable is 35,5 tall.

This bamboo cylinder features a ring on the bottom of the pendant to give deco and protect the bamboo cylinder from fading over time. also, the lamp holder has made of aluminum and is suitable for light bubbles that have E26.


  • Easy to install on the ceiling.
  • Suitable for incandescent bulbs.
  • Handmade.


  • It is a little small.

4-Bamboo Pendant Lighting Fixtures:

We don’t have any idea where to hang these bamboo pendant lighting fixtures exactly because their design is so amazing, they can be used in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, entryway, etc. Also, it can be used outdoors in your coffee, Bar, Club, Hotel, restaurant, etc.

And it gives you three pendant lamps of different sizes and shapes to have three bamboo pendants instead of buying other shapes. These three in one are handmade too in professional design. And the dimension of each bamboo pendant is:

  • 14,6 in height: and 9,05 in width.
  • 9,8 in height: and 9,05 in width
  • 5, 9 in height: and 11,81 in width

This size is enough for anyone who has a small room where he wants to hang it, and each bamboo pendant lamp has a lamp to make your room bright. and it comes with a base with a screw to hang it on any kind of ceiling you have.


  • It is available to be installed on any kind of ceiling you have.
  • These three bamboo pendants are too cute and made of natural bamboo.
  • Even if you don’t turn the light on, they give an elegant decor.


  • Expensive.


This is our review of these bamboo pendant light shades and why we chose them for our home and where exactly to hang them.

If you are still confused about which bamboo pendant fixture will be perfect for your home, we are going to give you some factors you might find the solution on which bamboo pendant will work for you.

What To Consider:

Actually, anyone before deciding to purchase a product like this bamboo pendant needs to know about it more. So let’s Give Quick Views

Bamboo Pendant Size:

The first thing to know is the size of this bamboo pendant, also if you have a large lamp you need to know if it going to enter carefully or not. Also if you have a lamp you need to comparison with the pendant size. Your lamp needs to be smaller than the inside of the pendant and not tight for giving the aesthetic and diffusing the lines of shadow and light.

But is not every time when you find a bamboo pendant you need to get with large size, You need to see also if when you have it will be far from your head to avoid colliding with it inadvertently.

But if you want to use it for your large living room, you need to have it in a large size to get a light on each corner.

Cord Size:

Most of these bamboo pendant light shades come in cord sizes up to 40 cm to fit size between the ceiling and floor and protect your head from colliding it. But if your ceiling is too close to the floor you should find it with a small cord size.

Or if you can’t find the size that will fit your room that’s okay because some of these bamboo pendants come with adjustable cords like this hand-woven bamboo pendant. You will install it on the ceiling you want with the size that suits your room.

Bamboo Pendant Shapes:

There are too many kinds of shapes on the market, you might ask which will add more decor to your home. Let’s give you some best shapes that might be suitable for your home.

Cylinder Shape:

The cylinder cast light down, so if you want to use it in your bedroom above your desk it might be doo for it because it pushes the light down to see everything, but and sides didn’t allow the light to diffuse.

Spherical Shape:

This shape’s only for decor it let the light diffuse equally and makes any corner bright. Its shapes without using it for the light it gives to your home charm decor.

The spherical shapes it can be easy for light to penetrate and enhance the beautiful color of the bamboo.

Twisted Shape:

Also, the twisted shapes are similar to spherical ones, they give a decor at home without using it for light. But it will not diffuse the light from the sides because is twisted and form two bamboo layers on each side. But it helps the light to push down.



What Is A Bamboo Lamp Shade?

It is an elegant bamboo pendant light shade for your home decor, The people are using it to decorate their lamps, and makes the light gives a charming look to the home. Instead of using normal light, they add this bamboo pendant to create a romantic atmosphere. Also, it helps to give stylish decor to your empty ceiling.

What kind Of Bulbs Does Bamboo Pendant work with?

Most of these bamboo pendants are suitable for the E26 bulbs, And they come with different voltages up to 240V.

How To Clean Bamboo Pendant Light:

These bamboo pendant light all comes with an opening bottom but is not for cleaning, it is a place where to change the bulbs. Put this opening bottom you can use it when you want to clean it by entering your hand on it, And the right way to clean your bamboo pendant light is with a damp cloth and wipe it carefully.

The Right Way To Hang Bamboo Pendant Light Shades:

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