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Is your empty wall looks bad on your home decor? Or your home is empty of any decor? do you have a place where to put some decor in your home but you don’t know which decor will suit your home? Okay, bamboo wall decor is one of our best home decor, its natural colors of bamboo it will make your home bright up and clean. Bamboo can make your home looks like a museum of art panels.

Its decor, design, and color will pair with any kind of interior design you have. In this article, I will share with you some different bamboo wall decor that can suit all parts you have in at home. If you have some walls with a bad color that reflects the color of your home, or if you have some parts on your wall that are scratched or other different problems you will fix that with this bamboo wall decor by covering them.

Entryways, living rooms, and workspaces are more lack decor and don’t give any decor to the home. But this decor wall from bamboo will add a refreshing charm. Let’s see about them to find the one that will fit your need and make your home bright.

Our Pick Of The Best 6 Bamboo Wall Decor:

To know where you can use these decors in your home, let’s give you some ideas on how it looks and how to use them.

1-Set of 7 Boho Wall Hanging Decors from Bamboo:

If you have an empty wall in the bedroom or living room this bamboo decor is good for that. The 7 different decors with various sizes will make your home a charm. It will be nice if you hang it on above your bed and any place in the living room.

These 7 bamboo decors are professionally handmade which will make your home elegant. They are in different styles which gives traditional decoration and professionalism. It is better to have some handmade decor in your home to feel the old tradition.

They are made from straw, bamboo, rattan, and cotton and are a high-quality material that makes them a charming team for your home. Thanks to this material will protect this bamboo wall decor for many years.


  • High-quality boho design.
  • It gives a fantastic design to an empty wall.
  • Suitable from living room and bedroom.


  • None

2-Macrame Wall Hanging with Bamboo Ring:

If you don’t have a place where to store some small accessories such as keys, flowers, a bunch of dry lavender, etc This bamboo decor will give you all you need to store your small items. And also it can be a charming decor for your home, it will not take up too much space in an empty wall, and it can be installed in hooks too.

The manufacturer doesn’t make this bamboo wall decor with tools, The way the bamboo turns into a ring shape, bamboo is when it starts growing is wrappable, so they turn it to the shape of the ring then they let it dry. isn’t this professional?

The small pocket is made by hand human from cotton, and it gives you a place where you can put a bunch of dry lavender to make your home smells good. and all parts of this bamboo ring are made by hand.

It has a simple design but it gives a decor, even if you don’t have a place where to hang it on the wall or you don’t want to damage or scratch your wall to install it, you can hang it in some hooks behind the door if you have.


  • Perfect for bathroom and entryway doors.
  • Good for some dry flowers.
  • It can be used for any part at home.


  • None.

3-Bamboo Rustic Fan Wall Decor:

This farmhouse decor is one of our best choices for wall decors, instead of using a lot of different decorations for the empty wall, you can use this bamboo farmhouse decor, it takes too much space in the wall but gives an elegant decor, and design it’s a symbol of wealth, good luck and protection.

This bamboo rustic fan wall decor is originally from Vietnam and is made by the hand of Vietnamese artisans, This decor will make your home an Asian home. And the perfect place where to put this bamboo decor is in the dining room or bedroom so that you can see its charm decor every time.

It is available in 10 different colors that are suitable for your interior design and wall colors. No need to do your best to hang it on the wall because it comes with pushpins.

When this bamboo wall decor is opened its dimension is 29.5″D x 59″W x 0.2″H which is enough large for any home. And has a feature of a tassel finish at the bottom to give elegance and beauty.


  • The pushpins don’t leave any scratches on the wall.
  • Handmade.
  • Easy to hang on the wall.


  • Not suit the small empty wall.

4-Large Blank Decorative Bamboo Wall Hanging Scroll:

This bamboo mat can be for decor and it can be also for covering some scratches, damage, etc, and gives decors too. and it can suit between the doors or windows. That place, people don’t use it to hang some decorations, so the perfect place for this bamboo mat is that place.

The good thing is that it doesn’t wrinkle like other cheap mats because the bamboo is a bit heavy, so it makes it stretch. while looking at this bamboo mat you will see the bamboo lines which is like you see a masterpiece or an old painting.

The top side and bottom have beechwood which makes it stable in its place when the wind touches it or someone unintentionally.

Its dimension is 14 x 36 inches, it is not that much large and small which is good for the small empty wall.


  • Good cover for a bad wall.
  • Easy to hang.
  • It can be folded for storage.
  • The bamboo lines make it perfect and have nice decor.


  • None.

5-Natural Bamboo Raffia Hand Fans:

If you are looking for multi-use bamboo wall decor that you can use in your daily life and for decor. You can choose this bamboo raffia hand fens, And the right place this bamboo decor can install is in the bathroom and entryway. It is a perfect place for it.

Its design is made with high-quality bamboo material and they are woven ok, the leaf design indicates freedom and beauty. Give your home the style and charm of the decor.

It is a multi-use bamboo fan, you can use it in the summertime to vent yourself on the beach, backyard, camp, etc. While in the wintertime you can hang it in your bathroom, or entryway for decor.

Its hand is designed with smooth bamboo to give you a smooth grip while using it for bringing the natural cool breeze. And also this hand is made to be hanging on the wall from it.


  • Multi-use bamboo fans.
  • Lightweight.
  • Its hands are so smooth.
  • It has a simple size for easy to carry t in the summertime.


  • None.

6-Bamboo Curtain Print Decorative:

This is another decor for any bad wall, Or if you have a large empty wall and you want to add to it some decor, this bamboo curtain will be good for it, it will feel like you are in a dry bamboo forest. This 3D-printed image makes you feel like you are in a real place.

Its dimension is too large it can take up 90 x 71 inches in the walls, if you are suffering from messing on your wall or other issues you can use this curtain to cover it. Made of fabric which makes it anti-scratch, cut, and wrinkles.

So the perfect place where to use this cover at home is in the hot tub or bedroom. The bamboo curtain theme will bring to your room a charming forest design.

It’s multi-use also, if you have a mess in the corner outdoors or indoors you can cover them with this bamboo curtain and it will protect them from rain, snow, wind, etc.


  • It has been printed in 3D.
  • The colors are bright.
  • Weather-resistant bamboo curtain.


  • Little difficult to hang it.

7-2pcs Artificial Plants Garlands Bamboo Hanging:

You might be looking for the best bamboo decor for your home, These artificial garlands like bamboo leaves are giving a natural feeling at home. You can hang it in the entryway, living room, and bedroom. its elegant design and color make it like a real plant.

And it is made of PE plastic and iron and is no odor, is non-toxic, durable, Lightweight, and evergreen. If you have a piece of art or a picture of your special person, you can decorate with these bamboo leaves to add more decor to it.

Also, the leaves can be disassembled and installed to make their design more beautiful, and each Artificial Plant has a dimension of 2.7″x4.3″ inches, and a stem of 4.1″.


  • You can add more leaves to this plant.
  • Its colors it’s like real leaves.
  • Made of plastic and is not harmful.


  • Not real bamboo leaves.

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