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If you have too many shoes and you don’t have a place where you can store them or your family doesn’t have enough storage in the rack to put their shoes on it, or you have kids who have been playing outdoors in the mud, and they come back home, they enter with their dirty shoes, and you don’t know what is the solution and which rack will fit you and your family.

No worry about that, I have used this bamboo shoe rack for my shoes, that’s why I would like to make a review about it and give to people the perfect solution.

Here are a few shoe racks maybe you will like one of them.

Our Pick Of Bamboo Shoe Rack:

When you are on searching for the best bamboo shoe rack, I would say you are in the right way, because it will make your shoes very organized and easy to access quickly. By using it in your home, it will make your home elegant and no one will enter your home with dirty shoes. You will put the outside shoes in one place on the shelf and the inside shoes in the other place.

The multi-use bamboo shoe rack is supported to be used outdoors and indoors, such as if you want to use it in your yard for your plant bench, or for your indoor decor.

To find which one is the best for you, keep reading because we are going to make a review about them.

1-Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench, 3-Tier Sturdy Shoe Organizer:

This is a multi-functional bamboo shoe rack, that is made to be strong and bear heavy weight, the 3-tier on it makes it perfect to use in your entryway, living room, and outdoors. made of strong bamboo which allows you to sit on it while you are wearing your shoes.

After using it for many years and you want to change your shoe rack still, you will not throw it in the trash because its decor allows you to use it for your home decors, such as your flower table, plant bench, and more. And it means this bamboo shoe rack will save you from wasting your money for nothing.

The dimension of this product is 11″D x 27.5″W x 17.5″H inches, and is a little bit small for people who need to use it for their families. The 3 tier gives space for your shoes and bags. and it can bear more than 300 lbs.

It has more than 13.000 ratings on amazon and all of them love it due to its job, And some people say” It little bit small but it can hold about 12 pairs+ of my shoes & bags“, and this is good for everyone who needs to use if for itself.


  • Multi-function bamboo rack.
  • It comes in the form of a piece but is easy to put together.
  • Not available to use for the whole family.
  • Sturdy bench.


  • It will not fit the tall boots.

2-Bamboo Shoe Rack 5-Tier Shoe Storage Organizer:

If you are looking for a bamboo shoe rack for your family I would like to recommend this product because I used it too, We are 8 people in my father’s home and this rack fit us. It can hold 26 pairs of our shoes. We have used it in our hallway and it makes them very organized, Everyone can see their shoes clearly, and its design is very stylish.

If you are at home with 5 persons or 4, so you’re lucky because this bamboo shoe rack has 5 tiers, so each one of you can have a place for its shoes. You can install it in your entryway or in your living room, the maximum weight on it is 60 lbs which is good if you want to use it as your decore storage.

The size of it 9.84″D x 31.5″W x 34.65″H inches, and the weight is 7.19 pounds, due to this simple weight it will be easy to transport in your home when you want to use it for some other activity. and smooth handle on the sides make it comfortable grip and to carry.

When you think to buy this bamboo shoe rack with 5 tiers, you need to know it comes in a form of pieces, so you need to assemble them by yourself. But the first time when I purchased this product it was easy to put together and I don’t need to have any experience because it comes with all the tools I need.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It holds all your family shoes.
  • It can be used in any part of your home.
  • Easy to clean, you need only a damp cloth and wipe it.


  • None.

3-Bamboo Stackable Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer:

This is another item that has the same thing as others, but this bamboo shoe shelf has a nice thing in the tier, you can purchase this product with two-tier, but if you still need to have more space to store your shoes you can order another layer because this bamboo shoe rack comes with adding layer feature, so you can add 6 tires in 1 shoe rack.

The nice thing is the size between layers. the normal bamboo shoe rack comes with one size between the layers, but this storage comes with different sizes with is good to put your different shoes, boots, clothes, bags, and more in one place.

Or you can use it for your wet clothes to dry them, thanks to the waterproof bamboo that allows us to use it in any place we want. And it supports more than 44 LBS on any kind of floor you have without move


  • You can add 6 tiers in one rack.
  • No need for any tools when you want to add some layers.
  • Lightweight but very sturdy.


  • None

4- Bamboo Shoe Storage Bench with Flip-Drawer:

You may also have shoes that emit a smell when you wear them for a few hours, and some people, when they get home, they put these shoes in a plastic bag, and this method helps t hide the smell, but not 100%. If you’re suffering from odors in your shoes and you can’t put them on the normal bamboo shoe rack, so you need to have this bench, it will help you to hide the smells and be far from the sight of people that visit you.

It has 2 tires for storing more than 8 pairs of shoes, and the tier is adjustable, so if you have some boots you will store them too. When you fill this bench with shoes and close it, it will look like a regular box, not showing that it is a shoe bench. Its unique design allows you to put it on anywhere in your home and it will fit it.

The multi-use bamboo shoe storage bench is perfect, it comes with a padding set that is made of fabric and sponge, so you will get comfortable while wearing your shoes. and it can bear more than 300 pounds, so your father, mother, grandmother, or grandfather can use it when they want to wear its shoes.


  • It has a modern design.
  • When you put your shoe on this bench, It will cover them and anyone can’t see them.
  • It is good for the smell of shoes.
  • It comes with adjustable tiers.


  • It can fit only 8 pairs of shoes.
  • Its weight is 17 Pounds, so may little be heavy.

5-Bamboo Boot Rack Free Standing Shoe Organizer:

If you don’t have space in your home for using this large bamboo shoe rack and you are looking for a small one that will give you all you need, I recommend this bamboo boots rack because my friend uses it and says” I love it because it comes with small size but I can put 7 pairs f my shoes in one place”.

Its weight is ‎4.29 Pounds so you can fill it in with shoes you can put it everywhere you want such as on the window, sun, entryway, your room, bathroom, and more. If you wash your shoes too, you can use them as a stand dry for your shoes and nothing will not happen to your bamboo rack.

It comes also with 12 different stand sizes on which you hang the shoes and boots together. Its design is very simple, it comes with a floor table with stands, It will not need any tools to install this together, you just need to put the stand in its place on the table then you are done.

Due to its design and size, it will be perfect for people who need something that doesn’t take up too much space.


  • Easy to install and no need for any tools.
  • Good rack for a small space.
  • You can see your shoes very well.
  • You can use it for your shoe and boots


  • None.

This is our review of this bamboo shoe rack today: But if you like to have furniture that is made from bamboo I have made reviews about them too, I will share them with you below.


  • If you want to clean your home with water mixed with some kind of soap don’t let your bamboo shoe rack touch the water. But if you use water only, so it is okay because the bamboo is waterproof.
  • When you want to clean your rack don’t use any kind of soap, use only some damp cloth and wipe it.
  • Before you think about do any purchases, I recommend knowing which size will fit you.


Q: Which Material Is Best For A Shoe Rack?

A: The famous brand is making the shoe rack from bamboo which is the best material that is environmentally friendly, renewable, sturdy, and waterproof.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Store A Lot Of Shoes?

A: The best way to store your shoes is by using a bamboo shoe rack, it will allow your shoes to air, Which will protect your shoes from getting smelled over time.

Q: Is it better to store shoes in their boxes or on a shoe rack?

A: The best place to store your shoes is on the rack because it will make it easy to find your favorite shoes and make them airy. Unlike the boxes, the box will make your shoes smell, and every time when you open the box you will get shoe smells, and when you have one shoe with the smell and you put it with others on the box it will make them all smells too, even if they didn’t support with that.

Q: What Is The Maximum Of Shoes Can I Store In A Bamboo Shoe Rack?

A: If you’re looking for enough storage for your shoes, You need to use a bamboo shoe rack, you can store in it more than 40 pairs and organize them, but if you have more than this number, so you need to get two of these shoe racks because on the market there’s no rack that can support with this huge amount of shoes.

Q: Where Is The Best Place To Put The Shoe Rack?

A: The best place to store your shoes at home is in the entryway because anyone who needs to enter your home should replace his shoes to not enter the dirt with them. The entryway is good for the shoes too because you will make them airy.

Thanks for visiting us, I would recommend to anyone who needs to purchase this bamboo shoe rack for its home to read about the product well to not buy the product that will not suit you. So if you are still looking for more bamboo racks you can check here.

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