Bamboo vs Rattan: Which Is The Best Choice For Your Home?

Bamboo Vs Rattan

Bamboo and rattan are the best materials from nature, and many people use them to make furniture and other household items. They both have a lot of similar features such as color, lightweight, strong, and durability, that’s why many people don’t know how to distinguish between them. Bamboo and rattan are completely grown from different plants, but they still have the same qualities. not only that, but they still have also many different things between them.

If you don’t know how to distinguish between these woods when you are looking for the best furniture for your home, that’s okay, because we are going to give you the main differences between bamboo and rattan for getting the best for your home. This article is about bamboo Vs rattan, so we are going to make reviews about them and choose only one of them from our experience with these woods.

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo And Rattan:

When you are looking for home furniture that is made from bamboo or rattan, you should consider the pros and cons because each one of these wood has several of them. So let’s see that.

Pros of Bamboo:

  • Bamboo is environmentally friendly which is when you buy something made from bamboo that means you are not contributing harm to nature. And also bamboo is a fast-growing plant.
  • Bamboo is very strong and is the best wood for hard work such as in high-traffic areas and for heavy items.
  • Also bamboo is moister resistant which makes it the best wood for humid environments.
  • Bamboo is easy to clean and maintain.

Cons Of Bamboo:

  • Any kind of furniture that is made from bamboo is expensive.
  • Bamboo needs to care for it by oiling them if you want it to stay with you for many years.

Pros Of Rattan:

  • When you are thinking to have some furniture made from rattan you should know they are lightweight and easy to move and rearrange them.
  • Also, rattan is like bamboo, they are resistant the heavy use and wear.
  • Rattan has no need to care about it like bamboo because he maintains his self and durability by himself.

Cons Of Rattan:

  • You can’t use rattan furniture in a moist place because is not moisture resistant and it will grow mold and it will be easy to break when it gets wet.
  • When you put rattan outside in the sunlight for a long time it will lose its color.
  • It is hard to maintain your rattan furniture because is not enough sturdy as other materials such as wood.
  • Rattan is expensive more than bamboo.

Key Points About Bamboo And Rattan:

Bamboo and rattan are both of them woody vines or grasses and they are popular wood to make outdoor and indoor furniture. when you are discussing bamboo and rattan you should consider these key points that I will share with you below.

  • Rattan is strong, flexible, and durable, so that is a good feature to let you have some furniture that is made from rattan such as chairs, coffee tables, etc.
  • Bamboo is a type of grass that can be used in any place you want even in moisture, and it can be used to make any furniture you want because are also strong, flexible, and durable as rattan.
  • Bamboo and rattan are both fast-growing and are not harmful to nature. Bamboo can grow about 4 fets per day and rattan can grow up to 3cm per day.
  • Bamboo and rattan are giving to the home an elegant and unique touch.

How To Distinguish Between Bamboo And Rattan Furniture?

Bamboo and rattan have mage same features which are hard for anyone to distinguish them, but there are still things that you can distinguish between them. let’s see that below.


Bamboo is from grass and rattan is from the vine, they are both strong but rattan is more flexible and pliable than bamboo.


The big difference between bamboo and rattan that can be easy to distinguish is appearance because bamboo furniture has a natural appearance due to its rough, textured surface. And rattan furniture all of them have smooth designs and a more polished look.


Also, there is another factor that will make you distinguish between bamboo and rattan. All bamboo furniture is made of bamboo pieces and then joining them together using adhesive or nails. and rattan furniture you find them woven into intricate patterns because rattan is flexible, and you can’t find some bamboo furniture made like rattan furniture. so consider construction when you want to distinguish.


Both of them are strong and durable, but bamboo is more durable and resistant than rattan.


For the manufacturer it’s easy for them to make furniture from bamboo because of the abundance of bamboo and the ease of production, so is not expensive as rattan. When the manufacturers are making furniture from rattan it is intricate design and craftsmanship for them that why is more expensive than bamboo.

What Is The Best For furniture Bamboo Or Rattan?

Now, we know everything about bamboo and rattan, and both of them have many things that make them popular materials for furniture.

If you are looking for lightweight furniture we recommend bamboo, because rattan is more heavy than bamboo. But if you are looking for stylish decor and decorative items we recommend having them from rattan because rattan gives more stylish decor than bamboo.

Ultimately, We can’t give recommend exactly one of them because both of them can be attractive and functional in your home. So the best choice for you is to see what it will look like in your home. so when you are looking for the best material you need to consider style, functionality, and budget to get the best furniture for your home decor.

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