How To Choice Bamboo Blinds For Your Home

Bamboo blinds are one of the best coverage for a window and are made from weaving thin strips of bamboo. their benefits are to protect you from direct sunlight, heat, wind, and other weather elements. bamboo is a type of weather-resistant grass and is strong and durable. due to its rustic and elegant decor, many famous brands are starting to use bamboo as an alternative to traditional wooden or synthetic blinds due to its lightweight and ease of installing it.

The nice thing is you can use these bamboo blinds for any kind of windows you have in at home and it supports all different window sizes. Not only that but if your windows are old or they reflect the decor of your home, these blinds are good for that, they will give your windows an elegant look.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly which will give your home elegant natural decor. If you have a bamboo blind in your home or you are thinking to have one, so keep reading to know how to clean it, how to install it, etc. you will find all you will need in this article for getting help to know if it will be good for your home or not.

Should I Have Bamboo Blinds? And why?

If you are looking to add a natural touch to your home, you should have this blind. bamboo blinds have many benefits that will let you have it but don’t forget every product has disadvantages. Let’s see their benefits than disadvantages.


Bamboo is eco-friendly and is fast growing. when you are thinking to have blinds that are made from bamboo you should know you will not harm nature. choosing natural materials can help reduce your environmental footprint.

Natural Look:

Bamboo blinds are giving a touch of nature to your window and they will add warmth and texture to a room. the furniture that is made from natural materials will make your home stylish, so is the best choice to bring a natural touch to your home.


Also, they are strong and durable which means can last for many years. bamboo is water-resistant and will withstand weather elements. that’s why they made blinds from bamboo.

Light Filtering:

If you hate sunlight that is entering directly into your room, these bamboo blinds are made from weaving thin strips of bamboo, which will filter sunlight and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your room, also it will protect your furniture from damage by sunlight.

Easy To Clean:

It is easy to clean and maintain bamboo blinds, you will not need to be a professional cleaner to clean your blinds. Did you imagine finding some wood furniture that can be cleaned with water, soap, and cloth? of course not, bamboo is like dishes in cleaning, so if you know how to wash dishes, you will know how to wash bamboo blinds too.

These benefits can make you get bamboo blinds right now right? But let’s see the disadvantages too because maybe you might have some of them that are not good for you. Let’s see them.


Bamboo blinds need cleaning and maintenance 2 times every week to keep them clean and their best. so If that will be hard for you, you should find other blinds that are made from other materials.


During the pollen time, the bamboo blinds can hold the pollen, so if you have allergic to dust and pollen these blinds are not good for you.

Light Control:

They come only with one level of light control. So when you install these bamboo blinds in your windows and you see your room is dark, so you can’t control your room light because the shape of these blinds is not like shades or curtains.


Also, the price is one of the disadvantages of bamboo blinds because they are expensive. when you are thinks about these blinds you should know you will pay between 70 and 100$ per sq ft.

Take all these benefits and disadvantages and compare them to see if it will be a nice choice for your home. If you decide to have these bamboo blinds in your home, you should know first how to be installed them on the windows and others tasks.

How To Install Bamboo Blinds?

Installing bamboo blinds in your window or door can be easy, it will take only one hour and can be done in a few steps. Check them below.

  • 1– Measure the width and height of your door or window to make sure these bamboo blinds fit properly.
  • 2– Some bamboo blinds come with brackets that you will need to hang on the wall above your door or windows. but if you don’t get them you need to buy them.
  • 3– Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to attach the mounting hardware by drilling holes above your window, roof, or in the frame of your window.
  • 4– After you attach the mounting hardware, bring a bamboo blind and attach it to the hardware. then check if everything is on one level.
  • 5– adjust the belts to the size that you want to control the blind.

If you don’t know how to do that check the video below to have more clear steps.

Now you will get more help with installation blinds, you just need to watch the video until the end. If you see your bamboo blinds are a little tall than your window, we have for you a solution on how to cut them.

How To Cut Bamboo Blinds That Are Too Long?

Also, to cut your bamboo blinds that are too long for your windows you need a few tools and supplies, to do that, here are a few easy steps below.

  • First, you should have a manual saw, ruler, pencil, tape measure, and a pair of scissors.
  • 1– Measure the length of your blinds and compare it with your window or door size to make sure where exactly you need to cut.
  • 2– put your bamboo blind on the floor then use a pencil and ruler to mark the place where you want to cut.
  • 3– Then wear your gloves and glasses then use the saw to cut your bamboo blinds carefully by following the marked line.
  • 4– use scissors to trim any frayed edges.
  • 5– The final step is to take back your bamboo blind to their place to see if everything is going well.

You need to be careful when you are cutting your bamboo blinds and wear gloves and glasses because the saw is dangerous, so keep your hands away from the place where you are cutting, and wear your glasses to protect your eyes from bamboo fibers flying during the cut.

How To Clean Bamboo Blinds?

It’s good to have bamboo blinds in your home but they can hold the dirt that comes from outside. so you should know how clean it because bamboo is not like other wood. but we are here to show you how to clean it step by step.

  • 1– Use a feather duster to wipe the dirt.
  • 2– If you see some have stains or mold that you can’t wipe with a feather duster, you need to bring a bowl of water and mix it with a small amount of mild detergent and bring an old toothbrush and scrub the place well.
  • 3– Then rinse the place with water and wipe the water with a dry cloth.

Follow the steps every time when you want to clean your bamboo blinds. these steps will prevent mold to grow in your blinds.

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