What is Geodome Kit? And Can You Live In It?


The Geodome Kit is a dome it’s often made from metal and plastic, it comes in the shape of a spherical or partial-spherical. they come in pieces of metal or plastic that you need to put together using bolts or other fasteners to create a frame for the dome, also come with covering material such as fabric or plastic sheeting to enclose the dome.

Many people are using them as their home because the material that is made of, makes the geodome kit to be resistant to weather elements. also, these kits can be used to build a variety of structures in your backyard and use it as your second home.

You can use it as your romantic place with your special person in your backyard too, or if you like to watch the stars at night but you are scared of insects, so you can use it as your cover at night because many of them come with a transparent plastic cover that let you see the sky.

Can You Live In A Geodome?

Yes, you can live in it. There are too many people in the north of the USA and Canada living in the geodome. The design of it is like a half-sphere or a partial sphere which is safe and very strong because with a framework of triangular or polygonal elements that form a self-supporting structure it will not be exposed to damage from any kind of the element’s weather.

Also, it will not be exposed to rust because the plastic cover will make your metal pieces safe for many years. The cover and made of premium plastic which will not be damaged over time.

The nice thing is you can live in anywhere you want in the natural because are easy to build and assemble, also they are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and can be constructed using natural materials.

Does Geodome Kit Get Hot?

Yes, it can get hot in the summertime because its design and material that made of can create hot spots within the dome due to the way that heat is trapped and distributed within the structure. also, there are many factors that can make your geodome home hotter, so you need to avoid them. let’s see them below.


If your geodome kit is poorly insulation then in the summer it will get hotter because the hot can enter easily which will make your dome hot and you can’t live in it.


If you install your dome in a place where the sun is all day in the summertime that will make it hot also. So you need to install it in a place where is a shadow of some tree. But in the wintertime, you can install it everywhere you want because it will not get hot in the wintertime.


Also, the material of your geodome homes can make them hotter. So you need to find a dome made from insulating materials so that you can live in it in the wintertime and summertime.

If you have already a geodome kit that is not made from insulating material it’s okay about that because you can buy high-quality insulation from amazon to make temperature regulating and keep your dome good to live in it all year.

What Is The Best Material For Geodesic Domes To Not Get Hot?

If you want to prevent your geodome kit from hot you need to find it with a highly reflective material such as aluminum or white paint. This material will make reflect the sun’s rays in the summertime and wintertime which will keep your dome cool.

Which Kind Of Geodome Kit Is Good For a Living?

There are two kinds of geodome kits that you can live in it.

1- transparent cover: If you just want to have a geodome kit in your backyard, the best dome that you need to have is the one that comes with a transparent cover, you will not live in it forever because you have your home, or thinking of buying the expensive one that has insulating material to prevent the sun.

You will use it only for romantic places and watching stars or making a party in it at night.

2- insulating material: If you are thinking to use it as your home and live in it and enjoying nature, we recommend finding it with vinyl or PVC material because they are durable and weather-resistant. These materials are resistant to water and UV radiation and also withstand high temperatures which is the best material for climate fluctuation.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of geodome kit?

A Geodome kit is the best dome that anyone who loves to spend time exploring nature. But they have some pros and cons that you should know before you think to use them as your home.


  • They are easy to build and do not need to be professional in construction.
  • They are also made of durable materials, for example, if you live in a snowy place, you will not be worried about your dome because it will bear the heavyweights of snow loads.
  • When it’s snowing on your dome, you will not need to remove it by your hand because their design makes the snow slip down alone.
  • It’s environmentally friendly, and it can be built using natural materials such as wood and straw.


  • They are very expensive. when you are thinking to have a geodome kit, you have to know you are going to buy between 8,000$ and 10,000$.
  • If you live in a hurricane place, this geodome will not be suitable for that place.

Take these points and compare them to yourself to know if they will work for you or not.

What is a Geodome Used For?

Geodomes are multi-used, you can use them for many varieties of purposes, including your home in nature, Classrooms, Offices, Event spaces, romantic places, storage for your old furniture, Greenhouses for your plants and flower, and Climbing Dome for your kids.

It can be used for any activities you want.

How To Build Geodome Kit?

The maximum time can geodome kits take for you to build is about 2 hours because they come with too many metal or plastic pieces that you need to assemble together, and the right way to build it watch the video below.

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