The 4 Best Blue Rooster Chiminea Reviews

the Blue Rooster Chiminea is good for outdoor parties, Birthdays, Christmas, romantic parties, and much more to give a beautiful touch to the occasion you do in your yard. and it will give you a romantic time and keep you warm all night.

It comes with a unique design that will give you an attractive look in your yard while the wood fire in it. And are made of high-quality material, unlike other chimineas that are made from cheap materials that are exposed to erosion by fire over time. It is often made of cast aluminum, which is not subjected to any damage to corrosion from fire and rust over time.

And you can use it to be a decoration for your yard of its unique design, which contains patterns that give it an old and distinctive look. And you can move it to somewhere you want in your home. Some of them have a handle that will be easy for you to move and it’s light.

We will share with you the best blue rooster chiminea to give you all warmth you want and what you are looking for, we have been testing many different kinds of this chiminea from the value, warranty, quality, material, and much more to give you the best chiminea on the market, and we find some chiminea is from blue rooster brand that has all these things that we are looking for are, we are going to make a review about it to give an idea to choose your Chiminea for your home.

4 Blue Rooster Chiminea

These are our top 4 chiminea that has all you need and are made of high-quality material. And also are not all of them made from Blue Rooster, We have diversified them as we find some brands are made of this chiminea with high quality. For example, Sunnydaze, Solo Stove, and TIKI. they are making chiminea in a perfectly reversed way from other competitive brands.

Let’s Make Review More About This Plue Rooster Chiminea.

1-Outdoor Wood Fire Pit Chiminea:

Basic Information:

Made Of: Alloy Steel
Chiminea Dimensions: 20.5″D x 20.5″W x 57″H Inches
Chiminea wight: 39,4 P
Chiminea Style: Contemporary
Fuel Type: Wood
Warranty: 12 Months

This outdoor wood fire pit chiminea comes in a classic design that will give your yard a nice look, and made of durable steel that will not be subjected to any corrosion during a fire on it over time. And it comes with a dome of steel that gives it an attractive view resembling an ancient castle.

While catching the fire, it gives you more warmth because it contains a steel mesh solution surrounded by fire to keep you safe from sparks and also to give you a 360-degree view of the fire so that all your family and friends can sit behind the fire and enjoy.

These Outdoor Wood Fire Pit Chiminea come with lightweight which you can move to any place you want in your yard. and it comes with a fire burner, fire poker, and cover, which you can cover when it’s raining or snowing, and also comes with an ash pot that helps you collect it easily.

Thanks to the steel because it doesn’t hold the ash too much and it will be easy for you to clean your chiminea only with water and soap.


  • Classic design:
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Easy to clean it.
  • It gives a 360-degree view to see the fire in any place where you are.


  • It doesn’t have a handle to help you from moving them anywhere you want.

2-Garden Cast Aluminum Chiminea in Charcoal:

Basic Information:

Made Of: Aluminum
ChimineaDimensions: 22D x 22W x 44H inches
Chiminea Warranty: lifetime
Chiminea Style: Traditional
Fuel Type: Wood

Want to add something classic and beautiful to your yard? These blue rooster chiminea will be a nice choice because its multi-use, for example, you can use them as warmth, and for cooking, because they come with a detachable neck you can remove them from the chiminea and make is as cooking chiminea while you use it as for warming and decoration.

And is made of Heavy cast aluminum which withstands the high temperature of fire and doe not rust no matter how much rain or snow pours on it when you leave it outdoors. And if you don’t want to leave your blue rooster chiminea outdoors you can move it anywhere you want because it comes with two handles which two adults can take to any place they need.

It gives an attractive look to your yard when you set fire to it as it looks very classic. And it also has a large mouth to allow you to set a fire without getting tired, and you can enter in it any large branches to catch fire in it. And also comes with a mesh door made of cast iron that protects you from any embers and sparks caused by wood burning.


  • It has a high-quality design.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move anywhere you want because it comes with two handles.
  • You can use it for warmth and cook


  • None

3-Chiminea For Short Trips And Exploration:

Basic Information:

Made Of: Stainless Steel.
Chiminea Dimensions: 19.5D x 19.5W x 14H inches
Chiminea wight: 20 P
Chiminea Style: Modern
Fuel Type: Wood

Are you looking for the best chiminea that can be used anywhere you want safely? These chimineas are for outdoor and indoor and for trips and exploring, which will help with that and has many advantages for users. For example, you can use it for chiminea warm or for BBG marshmallows at night with stars and friends.

This chiminea comes with a high-quality design and is lightweight, you can take it with you in your car when you go on a trip, or you can use it in your yard and it will be easy to take it to any place in your yard.

For Short Trips And Exploration, It comes with a pivoting design made of stainless steel that will not suffer any damage when you use it. And it also comes with a good feature and which is that has a small hole on the bottom that will allow oxygen to enter the chiminea to help engine the fire, this feature on it has obtained a patent. Because thanks to these small holes in the chiminea help in preventing smoke from forming during combustion.

You will not suffer from the smoke sticking to the clothes or blinding you while sitting behind the fire anymore, With this chiminea will give you a good camping experience.


  • This chiminea does not allow the formation of smoke when burning wood.
  • Lightweight and you can take it with you for trips or explore.
  • Made of high-quality material.


  • Expensive.

4-Chiminea Fire Pit Steel Big for Outdoor:

Basic Information:

Made Of: Stainless Steel, Metal.
Chiminea Dimensions: 27D x 27W x 8.5H inches
Chiminea wight: 28.6 P
Chiminea Style: Modern
Fuel Type: Wood

This chiminea for roosters are coming with different thing is that you can disassemble them and it will be easy to clean any side you want. It has a bottom table made of stainless steel with 4 strong legs which can bear more than 200 Pounds. The final design is a hat that adds a nice feature to the chiminea and guides the smoke up.

It will help you not to scatter the ash or the flying coals while the fire is burning, and they set a fire inside these Chimineas to protect you and give you enough warm, and it also gives you a view of the fire from all sides of the chiminea because it has surrounded by a net semi-steel that is not exposed to being eroded by fire or rust.

The design of it is not different from other chimineas, perhaps this design will not help you to take it with you on the trip or exploring in a cold place. But it will give you a nice look and decoration to your yard.


  • Easy To clean.
  • The bottom table can bear more than 200 Pounds which gives you to add how much wood you need.
  • Give you 360 degrees of view of the fire.
  • This chiminea has a hat that guides the smoke up.


  • This chiminea is not for trips or exploring.
  • Expensive

This is a quick summary of all these blue Rooster chimineas for outdoors and indoors. So if you still need some steps to know how to find the best chiminea for outdoor and indoor keep reading because we are going to give you the best important factors you need to know when you are looking for the best chiminea by yourself.

A Guide To Choosing The Best Blue Rooster Chiminea:

On amazon marking there are so many kinds of chiminea that have good quality and good value, and much more so when you find some chiminea and you want to purchase it you need to know about this point first.

1- Chiminea Material:

The important factor is the material, So sometimes you find some chiminea has a nice look but are made of cheap material that is damaged by fire and also rusts over time.

So you have to find that chiminea you need to be made of Stainless Steel, and Aluminum because these materials are not subject to rust or damage by fire and they will stay with you for a long time.

2- Chiminea Size:

The size’s not an important factor but it will allow you to take your chiminea anywhere you want. So if you are looking for the best chiminea that you need to take with you to explore nature or tripping, so you need to look for a small size to be easy for you to take it everywhere.

3- Chiminea Weight:

Also, the weight is an important factor because sometimes when you purchase a blue rooster chiminea and you don’t know how much weight in it, but after your purchase you will find the weight it’s too heavy and it will be hard for you to move it to anywhere you want. For example, where it’s snowing or raining you need to move it to some cover, but if you find it is heavy it will not allow you to move it and it will stay in the snow or rain for a long time maybe it will rust.

4- Chiminea Price:

As we know the blue rooster chiminea that is made of high-quality material is very expensive, they are between 200$ and 540$, So you need to check about all these factors that I give you to not lose your money for nothing. Make sure to know about what you buy for.

5-Chiminea Warranty:

The warranty is very important also because it will give you time to use the chiminea if you get some problem with the blue rooster chiminea and you still have the warranty you will get free pieces. Most of these chimineas is coming between 1 month of warranty and 12 months, so one month for me it’s not enough to test the chiminea, So try to find some chiminea that has more than 6 months of warranty to give you the time to test them.

How To Take Care of Your Blue Rooster Chiminea For many years?

There are some key points that you need to know to keep your blue rooster chiminea safe for many years.

1-Cover Your Chiminea:

Most of these blue rooster chiminea are coming without cover, so you need to purchase the cover also because it will help you to save your chiminea from the rain or snow and keep your chiminea new for many years.

2-Clean Your Chiminea:

Every two times when you use the chiminea you need to clean it from the smoke dirt, you can wash it with water and soap to keep it new. The smoke dirt is of the factors that damage the chiminea over time.

3-Put Out Fire After Use:

There are some people who use the blue rooster chiminea at night, but after the party, they leave the fire on the chiminea and they don’t know it will damage the chiminea over time. So every time when you finish your party with a chiminea don’t forget to put out the fire with sand or with water, By this way, you will protect your home and your yard from flying sparks when there is wind.


  • If you don’t have a chiminea that has legs don’t put it up on some wood floor in your home or up on some carpet, because when it’s getting hot it will damage your stuff.
  • If you have a chiminea that has no cover door be sure to set the fire in some place far from your stuff.
  • Don’t burn the thing that is made of plastic on your chiminea because it will make them dirty and you won’t be able to clean them.


Q: Is a chiminea better than a fire pit?

A: Yes it is better than a fire pit because the chiminea will protect you from the flying sparks, And there is some chiminea it guides the smoke up by the hat on it, and some of them don’t allow the fire to make smoke, Unlike the fire pit it will not give you any help only giving you warm.

Q: Can you burn regular wood in a chiminea?

A: Yes you can burn any wood you have in at home, but you need to cut them about 7 inches to help the fire to burn them. And don’t burn any plastic thing on your chiminea. Because there are some people who use big wood to set the fire but the fire can’t burn them so they need to add something to help the fire for example plastic things.


There are too many ways to know about your blue rooster chiminea, But if you follow these factors you will get high-quality chiminea. Also when you want to purchase some chiminea on amazon marketing don’t forget to read about the customer’s reviews because by them you will know about it.

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