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If you are living in a cold country and you feel cold every night you sleep and you use the heater to warm your home, but your feet and your hand are still cold even if you wear gloves or socks you will not feel warm. so today we are here to solve your problem and protect you from the cool. these german hot water bottles it will get you warm all night and you can take them with you everywhere you go, even when you travel too.

German Hot Water Bottles made of high-quality material is Thermoplastic, Rubber that keeps hot on it for a long time and gives you enough warmth. The Fashy is a brand that made these hot water bottles and is original from Germany. This brand are starting making this product in 1986 in a small town in Germany. In the first year of this brand making this hot water bottle, it did not have satisfactory earnings because it did not export it to the world, but after two years of exporting this product to the world, it began to reap satisfactory profits due to the quality of the product and value. This German hot water bottle is often purchased by people who suffer from freezing cold and snow due to the results it provides in the winter season.

So I’m going to share with you the best bottle for hot water to keep you warm in the wintertime. We have tested all these German hot water bottles from their value, quality, material, size, weight, and many other important things that protect your bottle for many seasons

TOP 4 German hot water bottles:

Let’s explain more about this Germany Hot water Bottle and know more about its pros, and cons, and whether is it worth losing your money on it or not.

1-Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle:

Quick Summary:

Brand: Fashy
Bottle Size: 12.28 x 7.44 x 2.05 inches
Material: Thermoplastic, Rubber
Pottle Count: 1.00 Count
bottle Benefits: Soothing, Arthritis, Cold

This german bottle of warm or cold water has several advantages, including which you can use it to treat joint pain from cold or muscle spasms or any pain you suffer from, And women and girls can also use it to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. For the sportive people, they can fill it with cold water to make it as relieve pain when they are injured. And it can hold the temperature for a long time in cold weather and hot

This bottle is not designed to be a pain reliever only but is also designed to help you in the cold times so you can use it as warmth for you when you are in your bed or when you are outdoors. With lightweight and simple size you can take it with you everywhere you want for example, when you go to your job, walking on the street, and you can take it with you when you want to travel to some cold country.


  • You can use it for cold water and hot water.
  • The bottle has a simple size and weight which you can take with you everywhere you want.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Versatile bottle.


  • None.

2-Fashy Hot Water Bottle with Organic Cotton Cover:

Quick Summary:

Brand: Fashy
Bottle Size: 12.95 x 8.35 x 2.17 inches
Material: Cotton, Thermoplastic, Rubber
Pottle Count: 1.00 Count
bottle Benefits: Cold

These Fashy Hot Water Bottle is made to be only for cold and freezing and is made of PVC which will not emit odors while you fill them with hot water and will not damage them. And it comes also with a cotton pocket made in Korea to protect you from hot water when you use it for the first time with hot water.

The bottle for hot water can Heat Preservation for 5 hours which means it will not be cold until you sleep. You can use it to warm your legs, feet, hand, tummy, and other places where you feel cold on it. And you can wear this as a pocket in the bottle to reduce the hot temperature of the water, and you can use it as a warm pillow.

The kids can use also these German hot water bottles without any issue but when they use these bottles keep them on your eye because there are some of the kids are curious and it can open the bottle, so maybe they can get burned.


  • The kids can use it for warmth.
  • The pocket cover product from the hot water and give a nice look.
  • It does not emit odors while filling with hot water.


  • None:

3-Hot Water Bottle with Penguin Pia Plush Cover:

Quick Summary:

Brand: Fashy
Bottle Size: 10.24 x 6.1 x 2.17 inches
Material: Polyester
Pottle Count: 1 Count
bottle Benefits: Cold

Looking for some winter gifts for your kids, this German bottle for hot water will be a nice gift for them in the winter and it will give them enough warmth. It comes with a pocket made of soft fabric and has a penguin on it to will be a friend of your kids and give them warmth like he protects his egg in the cold.

This bottle for hot water is made of polyester which can hold the hot for a long time, your kids can use it as a pillow for them and it will not damage because it can bear heavy weight.

this german hot water bottle it has simple in size and will be easy for you to fill with hot water because it needs only 800 ml and it can hold the warm for more than 2 hours. Really it would be a perfect gift in the winter.


  • It gives enough warmth.
  • Need only 800ml of hot water to fill it.
  • It has a thin neck with a large opening which makes it easy for you to fill it with water.


  • It Heat Preservation only for about 2 hours

4- Hot Water Bottle With Knit Cover:

Quick Summary:

Bottle Size: 5.91 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches
Material: silicon
Pottle Count: 1 Count
bottle Benefits: Softening, Reduce Swelling, Cold,

Thanks to the silicon material, the bottle for hot water is made of high-quality and durable for high and low temperatures, and it has many advantages and uses, and you can use it to heal back, joint pain, and other pain. Ait it also comes with a cover that gives it a beautiful design and also protects you from the high-temperature water so as to not get burned.

You can use it while working in your office to warm your hand or when you do some homework such as cleaning, washing the dishes, and much more, and t can be also used while sleeping to give you a big hug of warmth. And you can use it in all seasons because this material is strong enough, and this means that you can also use it in the form of a bottle of ice to relieve any pain that you suffer from an injury when doing your favorite sports.

This hot water bottle comes with a complete differed thing from other bottles, which is that you will not need to heat the water in the fire which takes a long time to boil. All you need to do is to remove the cover on it and fill it with cold water and put it in the microwave to get hot it will take only 3 minutes to be ready for use.


  • Multi-use bottle.
  • You can fill the bottle with water and put it in the microwave to get hot.
  • it keeps warm for 3 hours.
  • You can use it as an ice bottle.


  • The bottle size is a little bit small.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose German Hot Water Bottles:


Usually, these German Hot Water Bottles are made of high-quality material, for example, most of the made of Polyester, Thermoplastic, and Rubber which can bear the hot temperature. So when you are looking for the best bottle for hot water try to search for the material that can bear high temperatures.

2- Bottle cap:

The bottle for hot water is coming with high-quality material, but I saw one problem it’s with this bottle cap. The cap is made of plastic, so some people get problems with the cap because it sometimes broke when you close it very well. So also keep in your mind to check the bottle cap if it can bear the high temperature to not broke when you close it will.

3-The German Hot Water Bottles’ Highest Temperature Limit:

Thanks to these high-quality materials, the bottle can withstand the high temperature of more than 150 degrees and can Heat Preservation for about 3 hours. So this is another factor you have to check about it when you are looking for your best German hot water bottle.

For example, if you don’t check about this factor and you purchase a bottle for hot water and you don’t know how much temperature can bear and you fill it with hot water maybe it will explode on you and get burned.

4-Big Neck Bottle With Big Spout.

When you are looking for the German hot water bottle you need to find in it a big neck because it will give you space for your hand to hold it when you fill it with hot water, and also you need to find that bottle you want with a big spout because it will help you to fill it with easy way and will not expose you to burns by hot water.

5-German Multi-Use Bottle.

There are some of these bottles that are multi-use you can use them as an ice bottle to relieve the pain of injuries, and you use it as a bottle of hot water to relieve joint pain, And also you can use it to warm up. If you are looking for a German bottle that can be used for all seasons, look for a multi-use Bottle that is designed from high-quality material to stay with you for a long time.

6-German Hot Water Bottle With Cover:

If you are the one who is impatient with a high temperature when you use this bottle for warming you need to have the cover in your bottle to not get burned and it will help to reduce the temperature of the bottle to the appropriate limit for you.

7-German Hot Water Bottle Smell.

There are some of these hot water bottles when you filled them with hot water it gives a smell of the material from which the bottle is made. And that’s not healthy, So also you need to check about this important factor too to get yourself away from the danger.

Every time when you find a bottle that smells made of when you fill it with hot water you have to know is not made of high-quality material and it will not stay with you for more than 15 days.

8-The Right Way To Use The Hot Water Bottle:


  • Don’t use this German hot water bottle to warm your body directly on your skin.
  • Make sure to close the cap very well.
  • When you give this bottle to your kids, keep them in your eyes because sometimes they try to open it.


Q: Why do people put hot water bottles on their stomachs?

A: The people put the hot water bottles on their stomachs because it relieves the abdominal aches and helps the womenes relieve menstrual cramps pain.

Q: Are hotwater bottles safe?

A: Yes if you don’t know how to use it. For example, if you put it directly on your skin it will cause burning. Also if you have a hot water bottle with a small Spout. and neck it will be difficult for you to fill with hot water and maybe it will burn you.

Q: Should you leave air in a hot water bottle?

A: No if you leave the air on the bottle because when leaving the air on the bottle and the water is moving on the bottle, the bottle will be torn. And if you don’t leave the air on the bottle the water will not move and the bottle will not be torn.
The air helps risk damaging the bottle.

Q: How long do hot Waterbottles last?

A: It depends on which bottle you use. For example, if you have a hot water bottle with high-quality material, so in that this bottle will stay with you for about 2.5 years. but if you use the cheap bottle it will not stay with you for more than 1 month.

Q: Is there a hot water bottle that stays hot all night?

A: There’s no hot water bottle that can stay warm all night. The best hot water bottle can stay only 5 hours warm. But these Scottie AllNight 8-Hour Hot Bottles can stay all night warm but are not working with water, you just need to warm it in the microwave and it will stay more than 8 hours.

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