How To Prevent Mold On The Bamboo Rack?

Let us explain to you more about this bamboo rack to know what is its role in the home and why is made and where people use it at home before we go to show you how to prevent mold to grow on it.

Well, the bamboo rack is a type of shelving or storage unit that let us store our household items such as dishes, books, etc. and it is often entirely made of bamboo which also gives an elegant decor to our home. They are made to be used in any free area you have at home such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, entryways, etc., and also are good to be used in the other areas of the home where space is limited to prevent the mess.

Bamboo is strong, durable, and resistant to mold, but if you use it in a wet area it can grow mold if you don’t know how to care about it. But in this article, we are going to show you how to prevent mold on your bamboo rack and how to care about it.

How To Prevent Mold On The Bamboo Rack?

If you use it like your bamboo dishes rack or rack for your bathroom accessories, or you use it in a wet area and you want to prevent mold on it, so let’s show you what you need to do to protect it for many years.

  • Keep the rack dry: You should place it in a dry place, and when you see some spills on it wipe them. and when you wash them you should keep them dry completely before you want to use them again. If you use it for your dishes you need to dry them before you put them on the rack.
  • Increase ventilation: It good idea to place your bamboo rack in an area with good air circulation. By that, you will prevent moisture from getting into the rack.
  • Clean the rack regularly: Also you should clean it once a week to remove the dirt because they are exposed to growing mold too.
  • Use a mold inhibitor: If you don’t have an area with air circulation, so you should use some mold inhibitor to prevent moisture and growing the mold.
  • Use a waterproof mat under it: Also, you should use some waterproof mats under your bamboo rack because the legs are exposed the be mold more than their body.
  • Repair any damage: When it is broken or scratched in some part you should repair it before the moisture seeps in and causes mold to grow.

You should do these tips when you are free if you want to protect your bamboo rack from mold for many years becaue when you let it get mold that will be hard for you to remove it and it will damage your rack. But if your rack is getting molded before you apply this method that’s okay because we have for you solution about that.

How To Remove Mold From Bamboo Rack?

When your bamboo rack is start getting mold that not means is done. No, you still have to remove that mold and keep it new. and treating it is easy, Let’s show you how to treat it from the mold.

  • 1:You should disassemble your bamboo rack into the form of the pieces and then apply these tips.
  • 2-Wipe the mold using a toothbrush or dry cloth to remove as much of the visible mold as possible for easy-to-remove mold with a solution of water and vinegar.
  • 3-Mix the white vinegar with water in equal parts in a bowl. The vinegar will remove the mold quickly and is good for any kind of wood furniture you have at home.
  • 4-Dip the sponge on the mixture and scrub the moldy area. if that is hard for the sponge to remove the mold you can use a toothbrush to scrub the place.
  • 5-Rince the moldy area with clean water, but make sure every mold is removed because if you let just a bit it can help the mold to grow again.
  • 6-If the mold stain is still visible, bring water and hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) and mix the to create a solution then scrub the place and rinse it with water again.

It will take you some time but that’s okay because you solved a big problem that many people are suffering from it. Also, it’s better to reline your bamboo rack when you use this method if you want to prevent growing mold.

If the mold is widespread on your bamboo rack and you can’t treat that, you should reline it with a bamboo color or you may need to discard it because there is no chance to treat the mold when widespread in the rack.

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