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Bamboo Nightstand

Maybe you are using a cheap nightstand on the sides of your bed and it doesn’t give a nice look to your room and that is why you are searching for the bamboo nightstand right? okay choosing bamboo in your home is an important thing for your home, because bamboo gives a nice look to your home very stylish.

You will make your bed very organized when you use this bamboo nightstand, and it will make your things organized too and it will be very close to your hand. Some of the normal nightstands that are made of cheap material get dirt fast and it will make you sensitive to their scent. But it will not get dirty fast and it will and it doesn’t smell.

Why do I recommend this bamboo nightstand?: Before I met this nightstand I was using a pitch pine nightstand and it was very hard to move it somewhere in my home because of the heavyweight, and get dirty quickly, so I try to clean it every weekend, but that was so hard for me because the dirt is stuck on it.

After 12 months of using my cheap nightstand I find this bamboo nightstand and read about it very well, I find its features are very different from my old nightstand then I make purchased two of them for my bedside on amazon, and when I use them they are very lightweight and easy to clean, I can use them on my kitchen, living room, bathroom, and entryway for my accessors anytime I want thanks to the lightweight and sturdy bamboo.

TOP 4 Best Bamboo Nightstands:

I’m using this bamboo nightstand in my bedroom and they are very sturdy and have large space for storage of anything I need. We are going to make a review about this products, so keep reading.

1-Best Bamboo Nightstand:

If you are looking for the best bamboo nightstand for your bed I recommend using this item. You will get all you need on it and enough space to store your things. You can imagine what it looks like on the sides of your bed, it will make your room very bright and stylish. I’m using this item in my room too that’s why I recommend it. and it has more than 1000 sellers on amazon.

You can use it to make your thing close to you such as books, bedside lamps, candles, and more, The design of this bamboo nightstand is very simple, it comes with two storage places. The high size of it is 7.32″H and that’s good because it will suit more than 85% of beds on the market.

Thanks to its light weight which allows you to use it outdoors and indoors, this bamboo nightstand is available to use as your eating table in your room too. and large legs make it stable on any floor you have and are non-slip.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport wherever you want.
  • If you feel it is a little small for your bed you can put one up on the other one, it will look like only one nightstand.
  • Easy to clean.


  • None.

2- Bamboo Nightstand With Slip Storage:

If you just want to have a nightstand with slip storage you can use this bamboo nightstand, it comes with slip storage for storing your private things to protect them, and it has also more storage to put some items that you use in your bed such as a phone, alarm clock, books, and more. and this means it will give you all storage you need.

The nice thing about it is its color, the manufacturer doesn’t add any color to this bamboo nightstand, this is good for people who need to use it at the bedside, and it will not smell any other even bamboo. and the bamboo even if your clean it, will not lose its color.

When you are purchasing this bamboo nightstand you will get it in pieces, so you need to assemble it to gather, and don’t worry about that because it comes with all the tools and comes with instructions for easy to install. The people who use it say ” it’s very easy to assemble together and it takes only between 10 and 15 minutes”.


  • Easy to put together and it takes only 15 minutes.
  • It has enough space for your things.
  • Easy to clean and it will not lose its color.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t add any color like other brands.


  • The design of the handle of the storage shelf is not made well.

3-Bamboo Nightstand Set Of Two:

To make your home very stylish you can use this bamboo nightstand set of two which is available to use in any place you want for decoration and storage. You can use it on your bedside, couch sides, and living room table sides to make your thing close to you.

My friend has had using it for more than 10 months and he loves it, but he uses it on the couch sides, he said: “I love to make everything close to me when I’m watching TV I can keep the remote control, my phone, popcorn, close to me when I’m watching my favorite movies”.some people are suffering from searching for a remote every time when they need to watch tv, so you need to use it bamboo nightstand set of two to protect your items.

Or if you want to use it for your bed is compatible with that too. and the weight of it is only 11P which is good if you want to use it for your room and living room, and it will be easy for you to transport it. The dimension is 13.78 x 15.75 x 23.62 inches, and the bamboo is very lightweight and sturdy. This bamboo nightstand set of two can bear a heavy weight of more than 40 kg.


  • It can bear more than 40kg.
  • You can use it for your couch and bed.
  • Nice design and is lightweight.
  • it has a smooth desktop.


  • Expensive.

4- Bamboo Nightstand For Decor:

Maybe you will need some more storage in your kitchen to put on it something such as bowls, containers, dishes, and more. This bamboo nightstand for decoring allows you to put on it anything you want because it comes with two-layer for storage. Or if you like to use it in your living room for decoration that will be a great idea too, or you can use it on your entryway, or you can use it in your bathroom too to put make your items organized.

Its design of it makes it perfect to be one of the pieces of furniture that you use for decoding. Its dimension is 9.84″D x 16.93″W x 16.93″H and is enough to put on it your kitchen things, living room things, bathroom things, and bedroom, things. in one place. It will protect your things until the next time you need it.

Just find a corner that you want to cover with it and add decor to it then put this bamboo nightstand on it. Lightweight but very sturdy, the weight is only 4,77 P, and this is the first nightstand I see with this simple weight with two large storage, thanks to the bamboo.


  • It has large storage.
  • You can use it in any corner of your home.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Perfect nightstand for decor.


  • None.

This is our review of the best bamboo nightstand, thanks for visiting us.


If you like one of these items that I share with you, I have for your a few tips on how to protect it.

  • If you like to use a bamboo nightstand in your bathroom, I highly recommend not putting it near the water because you will damage its bottom over time.
  • Some people like to use this bamboo nightstand as an eating table in their room, so if you want to use it for that too I recommend cleaning it with a damp cloth when you finch eating and don’t use any kind of soap.
  • Before you do any purchase for this bamboo nightstand I recommend knowing the nightstand’s dimensions and whether it can fit your bed or not.
  • I recommend reading about the customer’s review on amazon before you do any purchases to get an idea of how it works.


Q: Does Bamboo Nightstands Go With Mid-Century Modern?

A: Yes sure, the bamboo nightstand will work with any kind of home design you have, the bamboo gives the home nice decor due to its color and designs it makes any home perfect and stylish

Q: How Can I Protect My Bamboo Nightstand In My Bathroom?

A: This is very simple, you need to put it someplace far from the water, but you have to know the bamboo will not damage by water, so the problem is if the water is mixed with some kind of soap by that you will damage the bamboo over time. So to make sure and protect your bamboo nightstand you need to install it far from the water.

Q: Why do I Need To Choose Bamboo Nightstand For My Home?

A: The bamboo nightstand is environmentally friendly, and renewable and is the best wooden for its sturdy and weight, unlike the other plastic nightstand which is harmful to the environment.
That’s the people love to use and the furniture that is made from bamboo.

If you are one home who loves to have furniture made from bamboo I would say you are in the right place for finding the best bamboo furniture for your home, we have made some reviews about some products that I will share with you below.

Here Are Some Few Factors To Choose You Best Bamboo Nightstand:

these factors are not crucial to use in the bamboo items that I share with you in this article because I’ve used them already to give you the best on the market, but they are good if you want to use them to find the best bamboo nightstand in other places.

Bamboo Nightstand Size:

For your comfort, you need to find a bamboo nightstand with a size that fit your bed, and when you find the size you want, you will not suffer from nightstand distancing from you, and everything will be close to you.

Some people don’t care about this factor, but when they purchased some bamboo nightstands, and after when they get the item they find the size is too small and they blamed the manufacturer. So you have to consider in mind the size.

Bamboo Nightstand Storage:

There are many kinds of bamboo nightstands with different storage spaces on the market, so when you are looking for a nightstand you need to compare your thing’s size with nightstand storage to know if it will fit them or not.

These are the important factors you need to consider in mind to find what you are looking for.

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