Best 4 Bamboo Tray Tables

The famous brand has recently relied on making kitchen furniture from bamboo due to its stylish decor that gives to the kitchen, its weight, and ease of cleaning. The bamboo tray tables are a crucial kitchen piece of furniture that you should have in your kitchen.

These bamboo tray tables will help you a lot to eat your food anywhere you want outdoors and indoors. The lightweight feature and durability make it number one in amazon marketing. You can use these bamboo tray tables to eat your snack on your couch while watching your best movies or you can take food to your special person to their bed.

Unlike the other tray made of heavy wood or steel which you can’t take with you to your favorite place to enjoy your food. With the lightweight of these bamboo tray tables, you will not feel any joint pain or feeling tired when you want to carry your food to your room which is far away from the kitchen.

Here Are Our Best Bamboo Tray Tables.

TOP 4 Best Bamboo Tray Tables:

I have purchased these 4 kinds of bamboo tray tables for my home, and I have tested and compared them, So I’m going to make a review about them in this article to help anyone who wants to purchase them for their kitchen.

If you are one who has a job at home for example doing reviews about the best product as I do now or studying or anything else you should have this bamboo tray table in your home when you use this tray you will not lose time like you do when you go to eat in the kitchen table. Your family or your special person will bring your food to your place.

1-Best Bamboo Bed Tray Table With Foldable Legs:

Quick Summary:

  • Wood kind: Bamboo.
  • Weight: 1.76 Pounds.
  • Tray Dimensions: 11″D x 15.8″W x 6″H Inches.

This bamboo tray table for the bed is good due to its multi-use in your bed, You can use it to carry your food to your bed or use it as you’re studying table on your bed. If you have someone sick in your home this tray is good for that too, The folding legs will help you a lot to stand in the bed which will help the patient to eat his food and medicine with comfort. You can also fold the legs down the tray until it is laid flat and put it on the bed. Just choose which kind of position you want for eating and this tray table will suit you.

The large dismission of this bamboo tray table will help you a lot for carrying a lot of food to your bed at one time without returning back to the kitchen again. The built-in carrying handles on this bamboo tray table are very comfortable and non-slip which is good for anyone who has a room far from the kitchen.

The nice features of this tray table are the sides, The sides on this tray are a little large than other cheap trays that don’t have sides. The large sides on this bamboo tray table protect your bed from any dirt if something falls like juice, coffee, and more.

This bamboo tray table is not for adults only, if you have kids you can use it for them too because the kids can’t eat at the large table like that we have in the kitchen or in the living room, This bamboo tray table it will be a nice gift in a special day for them.

2- Best Bathtub Bamboo Tray Table:

Quick Summary:

  • Wood kind: Bamboo.
  • Weight: 5.58 P.
  • Tray Dimensions: 9.84″D x 30″W x 2.56″H Inches.

This is our best Bathtub bamboo tray table and we recommend that anyone needs to use it due to its weight and adjustable size which allows you can use it anywhere you love. This bathtub bamboo tray table will make your home a luxury home and stylish. Enjoy your food anywhere you want, for example, you can use this tray table while you are taking a shower or you can use it in your room.

The adjustable size will help you a lot for using this tray in a bathtub and it will fit all bathtub sizes if you want to use it on it, Just bring your favorite snack and enjoy your shower with it. Also, this adjustable size will fit two people to eat on it together and are good for anyone who wants to eat with their love or best friend. and is good for storing when you don’t want to use it.

The good feature of this Bathtub bamboo tray table is the food places, The surface of this tray is engraved to suit any food you want to put in it and you will not be worried about your food falling down, You can put any food you want in this tray such as cup, bowl, fruits, and more, Also it has a place for candle, flowers, towel, soap, and a mobile phone place for watching your favorite movies.

This Bathtub bamboo tray table will be a nice gift for your love or for your father and mother, And if you are not satisfied with this product you will not worry about your money because the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD brand gives you a warranty and a chance to change your tray or ordering your money back.

3-Best Bamboo Tray Table For Sofa:

Quick Summary:

  • Wood kind: Bamboo.
  • Weight: 3.32 P
  • Tray Dimensions: 15.3″D x 9.8″W x 1.7″H Inches

How beautiful to eat your food while you are watching your favorite movies or sport, and seating on your comfortable sofa and enjoying, But there are some people who don’t have a table near them while seating on the sofa and when they want something on it, so they need to stand up to bring it such as food and control remote, but with this bamboo tray table for the sofa, you will make everything near of you.

The large dimensions of this tray allow you to put a lot of food on it and its accessories without moving or falling down because thanks to the adjustable clip-on that makes it stable on the armrest. This bamboo tray table comes with an adjustable clip-on that will fit all sizes of the armrest and the adjustable limit is 12.8 inches. And this clip-one is connected with hinges and a non-slip silicone that make it more stable on the arm.

This bamboo tray table for the sofa is not working only putting your food on it, this tray comes with a handle that is rotating 360 degrees for your phone or tablet, so if you like to watch your movies or anything else on your phone this tray will help you with that.

It is supported to use on the right and left armrests on your sofa. But are not available to use in armchair sizes under 2 inches to 12.8 inches, So if you are interested in this tray we recommend knowing your armrest first.

4- Best Bamboo Tray Table For Outdoors:

Quick Summary:

  • Wood kind: Bamboo.
  • Weight: 7 P
  • Tray Dimensions: 15″D x 25″W x 20″H Inches

If you are the one who loves to make a party in your backyard and every time when you want to make a party you need to do your best to carry the heavy tables outdoors and when the party is finished you need to carry them back, again. and this will make you feel pain in your body over time. But this bamboo tray table for outdoors will solve your problem and make you happy at your party and avoid you from thinking about how to carry it again to indoors.

This bamboo tray table will be a good table for small things such as cups, alcohol, candles, sweets, and more. You will love to use this tray table in your outdoors because of the lightweight that allows you to transport it to any corner you want in your yard. And the large legs will allow you to reach for your things without getting tired.

But if you like this bamboo tray table to use indoors too, is available to work with that too, you can use it in your kitchen, living room, and in your bedroom and you will not suffer from the dirt if the things that you put on it is falling from it because it comes with large sides to protect your furniture.

This bamboo tray table is good for traveling too, you can take it with you in your car because it comes with folding legs, so that is good for storing when you don’t want to use it to protect it for many years.


This is our review of the best bamboo tray tables that I used in my home.

If you find another tray table in another place and you don’t know how to test it to know if it will fit your needs or not, I recommend testing it by these factors that I will share with you below.

Table Tray Material:

On the market, you will find more than 1000 different trays made from different materials, but I recommend choosing the tray table that is made from bamboo because bamboo is very sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof, and it will give your home stylish decor.

So the crucial thing that you have to keep in mind is the bamboo material, every time you find a table tray made of bamboo, you need to know that this product will do its job for you and it will not get moldy, and even if you find other bamboo products you should know is good.

Customer Reviews:

I highly recommend considering in the mind the customer reviews because you will know more about these bamboo tray tables and how is the experience of the people that used them before. In there you will know how to use it and how to protect it. And you have to try this factor on all products that you like to purchase in online marketing.

Tray Table Size:

also, I would like to recommend anyone who needs to purchase these bamboo tray tables for his need to check the size too, most of these tray tables you see them in the pictures and they are very nice but the size is too small and maybe they will not fit you.

TIPS To Protect Your Bamboo Tray Tables For Many Years:

The first time when I purchased this bamboo tray table I don’t know how to protect it but after using it for one year I know how to protect it, so that is why I want to share with you these tips to protect your tray table too.

  • Don’t use soap when you want to clean your table tray.
  • When you want to clean your bamboo tray table use only a damp cloth and wipe it.
  • If something falls on it such as alcohol, tea, coffee, and other liquids dry it immediately.
  • Don’t put on it something that is very hot.


If you find one of these bamboo tray tables you need to read about it first before you do any stip to purchase it, and we recommend using the factors I shared with you, and if our review is not clear for you we recommend seeing in other place and check more about what you need because we don’t want to get a cheap product from our website. This website has made a review about the bamboo tray table too.

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