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time timer it’s good for your kitchen and office, if you are looking for the best 3-minute, 4-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute timers so you are in the right place, we have been testing many 4-minute timers kinds and we find Seven 4-minute timers.

How we test them:

in the market, there are so many brands that make a 4-minute timer, but all these brands are not making good quality 4-minute timers, about 75% of the brand didn’t export any good products of 4-minute timers.

we test all these 4-minute timers for the Value, quality, warranty of work, and much more.

we are here today to keep you away from these fake brands and give you the best 4-minute timer from a good brand that has value in the market.

Here are the best seven kinds of 4-minute timer that is in the top one on the amazon market.

Top 6 best 4-minute time Timer | Good Quality:

1-Ticktime Pomodoro Timer Cube:



  • Fascinating Design
  • automatic Mod
  • High-Quality
  • Professional timer
  • 3 days working without charging.


  • Expansive
  • take long a time to charge

1.1-What makes this Ticktime Pomodoro Timer Cubs More Special Than Others:

Ticktime comes in a simple white box, and with the ticktime comes some basic instructions and a USB cable, the device itself is quite small and portable, it comes in a chrome sort of silver finished plastic with numbers all around the outside, and has a couple of buttons and there’s USB charging port.

Ticktime has increments of minutes, 3/5/10/15/25/ and 30 Minutes. and you can also present this at a different time, up to 99 hours and 59s.

so whatever time you need you can pretty much set it in it, it’s very simple to operate.

1.2-How it works:

to turn Ticktime on you simply the buttons down it, then you will see the lights up and how is getting ready, and then once it’s lit up all you got to do is simply put it on the counter and it will start timing.

and whatever it is, says, for example, 25 minutes, it would automatically start counting down. so every time you flip them it automatically activates the counter that’s on top.

it is equipped with the precise gravity sensor, kind of like what you have in the dash cams, and what does this dose? is every time it senses a flip it automatically goes to that preset time that you put it on, so therefore every time you roll it within about a half second it’s already counting right away.

2-Digital Kitchen Timer:


  • Very Great Design
  • Help you set the time
  • Professional timer
  • easy to use it
  • 365 days Guarantee


  • Made of plastic

2.1-What Makes This Digital Kitchen Timer A Smarter Choice?:

this little digital timer is designed to help you with your home chores and gain more time

the digital kitchen timer is made of plastic, but this does not mean that timer is poor and it will not do its job for you, the digital kitchen Time come in size 3.15″ D x 3.15″W x 1.18″H it comes like circular, you can use it for everything like for your kitchen to hold the time when you are cooking or for example when you do gym and much more, the digital kitchen it’s for everything.

the digital kitchen timer is powered by only a battery and doesn’t have a USB cable for charging. and it has one beautiful thing, which is the magnet behind it that you can stick anywhere you want.

2.2-How The Digital Kitchen Timer Works:

when you want to set the timer you just rotate the outer ring, and when you rotate it slowly it’ll just starting adjusting seconds, but when you rotate it quickly it’ll start adjusting the minutes rapidly, and it goes up to 99 minutes and it’ll go back around to zero.

2.3-Alarm Sound:

the digital kitchen timer has a loud voice you can hear it from another room, and the alarm goes on for 6 seconds and then stops.

if you are one of the people who doesn’t like loud sounds, so I don’t recommend you this timer.

3-Jumbo Sand Timers:


  • Professional Design
  • Good Visual Aid For Timing Tasks.
  • Great For Quick Game
  • Nice Size For Children


  • Some Young People Say the size it’s too small for them

looking for timer sand for your children, or for you. the Jumbo Sand timer can make your day very happy with your friends and home.

the Jumbo Sand Timer can help you to make a challenge with your friends, also you can use it for teeth cleaning, studying, yoga, gym time, and time out.

or to give your children a challenge to draw something or to finish their home exercises very quickly to test their minds.

This Jumbo Sand Timer is made of glass and the upper and lower end is made of soft rubber, and then is covered with plastic so as not to be broken. and sand has orange juice color.

the time of this timer is 5 minutes, but also if you want more time or less the jumbo sand timer has many different times like 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 10 minutes.

3.1-How The Jumbo Sand Timer works:

The Jumbo sand timer works very easily you just rotate it and when the sand goes down to the other side that means the time starts down. and when you want to stop the timer sand you just put the jumbo sand on its side and sand it will stop moving to the other side.

4-TimeCube Timer:


  • very good to catch the time when you cook
  • made of Natural Bamboo Wood
  • it has 4 different time
  • easy to use for children


  • Doesn’t have 10 minutes or 15 minutes

the TimeCube Timer is made of natural Bamboo Wood, this timer is very special because there are 4 times on it, it has 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 4 minutes. this cube will save you from using the timer app that is not secure.

this timer has many applications whether you want to use it for time management reading, cooking, work, learning, a game a decompression cube naps yoga,d many other things.

4.1- How To Use The TimeCube Timer:

for example, in the oven for 3 minutes, all you had to do is take the timer to roll it upside down, do that every time you want to start, and on the back end of the timer, you’ll see the bottom off, low, and high switch.

also if you want to switch the time to another time all you need to do is just roll the cube and put the time you want on the top of the cube and the time will change automatically.

but if you are not comfortable with ear-piercing sounds then you probably would want to just stick to low, but you’ll hear it pretty much either way.

5-TIME TIMER PLUS 60 Minute:


  • Reasonably loud
  • Stable & to carry
  • simple to operate
  • Red disk helps Adders visualize the passage of time


  • The maximum time is only 59 min
  • Relatively short alarm duration (4 seconds)

the Time Timer Plus is unique in addition to sounding an auditory alarm, this timer displays a disappearing red disk to help you visualize the passage of time.

the unit is roughly 7 inches tall, 5 and a half inches wide, and about 2.2 inches thick. the unit is made entirely out of plastic and feels reasonably sold.

5.1-Front And Back Design:

the design incorporates a handle and two feet, and the entire unit is molded from a single piece of plastic. the plastic is colored dark gray, except for the clear plastic window that covers the dial

the back of the timer includes a single knob that can be rotated to adjust the volume level of the auditory alarm. and has a battery door, and it’s secured by a small screw, an AA battery that lasts about a year.

and in the front of the timer includes there’s only a single knob to convert to the time you want and there’s a minute.

5.2- How To Set The time in Time Timer Plus:

all you need to do is just Rotating the knob and set the timer by aligning the red disk to the desired number of minutes you want to start. then the time you set it will go back to zero automatically. and the timer counts down, the red disk disappears behind a slit in the dial face to visually express the passage of time.

when the disk completely disappears, an alarm beeps four-time once per second for a total alarm duration of four seconds.

at its loudest setting, the alarm registered at 75 decibels on an independent audio meter.

6-Egg Kitchen Timer:


  • Good Design For Kitchen
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Alarm, No Batteries Required
  • High-Quality Product


  • Egg Time Timer is only 59 minutes.

Egg Time Timer is made of steel and which makes it strong and will not be broken, it’s a mechanical alarm you will not need any USB cable or AA battery.

the egg timer comes with a kitchen design, which you can use it when you are cooking a cake, pizza, and much more. also, you can use it when you play a video game or crossword puzzle to challenge your mind with time.

so the egg timer is working with everything you want to catch the time. but there’s one thing that makes the egg time timer not good for everyone the time, the egg timer has only 1 minute.

the egg time timer comes only with 1 minute and doesn’t have any other version with more minutes, but if you want more time you need to check another time timer like Ticktime Pomodoro Timer Cube this time timer I share with now I have explained about it in the first of this Plog Post.

6.1-Egg Time Timer Weight And Size:

the time timer egg comes in a weight of 125.27g and it comes in height of 77,1 mm and width is 60,6, this time timer is bigger than a normal egg.

6.2-How To Set The Time In Timer Egg:

the time timer egg is very easy to set the time in it, all you need to do is hold the egg timer from the top and down with two hands and rotate the top of the egg until you reach the time you want to the small sign on the bottom of the egg and the time you set it will starting coming automatically down to zero.

and when the time you set ends, an alarm beeps for about 10 seconds.


Q: How does The time timer work?

A: There are two kinds of time timer that works in different way. The First kind is that timers work with an AA Battery, And the second kind is worked with sand.

Q: Is the sand time timer works right?

A: We compared the timer sand and the timer that works with the battery and we found that the sand time timer ends at the same time as the time timer that works with the battery. so the sand time actually works right.


Choosing your best Time timer can be very hard for you to select one, but when you have a clear vision of what you are looking for, it will be very easy for you to find what you want.

we have given you all that we know from our experiences in time timer, but also we recommend you to know about your product before purchasing any items.

How To Know More About Your Time Timer:

to do that you just read the experiences of the people who purchased the time timer in the comment on amazon, and you will have a big idea about what you want.

“Thank You For Your Time To Read About Our Experiences In Time Timer”

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