Best 5 Bamboo Spice Rack

When cooking is your favorite activity at home you will need to have all accessories close to your hand or to the cooking place such as spices, utensils, etc. The bamboo spice rack is one of the best racks for your jars of spice. If you have a large kitchen this rack with work for you and make your spice close to you, and for the people who have a small kitchen and all their spice is not organized in one place this bamboo rack will work for them too.

The bamboo spice rack is one of the best racks that I use in the kitchen, it can hold more than 10 kinds of spice, and It doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop and it gives enough space. Before I use this bamboo rack for my spice container, I was putting them on top of each other and it saves space but it doesn’t give any decor, it spills on the countertop and it makes its place dirty.

I will share with you the best bamboo spice rack that I have used in my kitchen, and I have searched for other kinds that it has the same things as my bamboo rack.

Best 4 Bamboo Spice Racks

Let’s Know more about these products:

Here is our pick you might like them too, they are multi-function and they can be used in any place you want at home, not only for the kitchen. We have tested them and they are good quality, they are made from bamboo. By using this bamboo spice rack you will make your kitchen organized from messy spices or other items.

1-Best Bamboo Expanding Spice Rack

If you don’t have enough space on your kitchen countertop to make your spice organized, you can have this bamboo expanding spice rack. Due to its simple size, it can be nice for any person who doesn’t have space on the countertop. And it’s also multi-function which you can use for your bathroom, bedroom, etc to store all accessories.

Its design is like a staircase and is very clear to see all your spices and it will be easy to quickly pick out your choice without removing others. Plus, its have an expandable feature that allows you to store more things, the expandable makes this rack very strong and solid.

The measure of the width of these tree stairs is only 2,50cm which is good for small things to improve counter organization. It can be used inside the cupboard if your accessories are not organized too. Also, the nice feature of this bamboo expanding spice rack is you can see all spices you put in the back.


  • Multi-function rack.
  • expandable feature.
  • Easy to access your accessories.
  • Good rack for a small space.


  • It doesn’t have sides to protect spices from falling down to the sides.

2-Best Bamboo Spice Rack Organizer:

If you want to make your spice jars safer you can use this bamboo spice rack organizer, it will protect all your glass spice jars from all sides and will make them organized. and it will take only a small space near your cooking part.

Its design is very simple, It comes with three shelves that can hold more than 18 spice jars which mean will make all your important spices close to your hand. No need to search for your spices with this rack. Some people are not having a place on their countertop, but they fill this bamboo rack and they store it in a cabinet, and when they want to cook they take this rack with its spices and put it near them.

It has a folding leg on the back to make it stand on the slipping countertop, and this leg helps to see all the back spice jars you want. If you can’t distinguish between your spices, this rack comes with free labels with the common names of the spices we use in the kitchen.

Due to Its weight, dimensions, and capacity, it deserves to be in our kitchen. It will be a great gift for your special person who is suffering from a spice mess.


  • No need for any screws or tools to put it together.
  • It protects spices from falling down from all sides.
  • It can be stored in a small cabinet.
  • Lightweight is only 2 pounds.
  • It can be washed with water when it gets dirty.


  • None.

3- Best 3-Tier Bamboo Spice Rack:

Many people don’t have anything on the kitchen corners and they don’t know how to use them. Or they put in it a microwave, mixer, etc. But if they use it for some racks to keep the accessories that they use for cooking close to him such as spices etc it will be a great idea for kitchen decor too.

You will not store the spice jars only because this bamboo spice rack has 3 tiers to store your spices, oils, glasses, utensils, and more. It has a steel frame for more stability and it bears heavy weight and protects the accessories from breaking. It will also be a replacement for the old rack.

The tall legs are giving more space under this bamboo rack to store more items if the three tiers are not enough for your accessories. Is not only for the kitchen, but some of my friends are also using it in their bathroom to store its accessories. Or you can use it in your office to make your books, pensels, and papers organized, It’s a multi-function bamboo rack so it can be used for all home accessories.


  • It has stainless steel legs.
  • The tiers have different sizes to store different accessories.
  • The foot is non-slip.
  • It has stylish decor.


  • Is not entirely made of bamboo.

4-Best Bamboo Spice Rack:

If you are looking for a spice rack that can fit your spice jars that has different sizes taller or bigger this bamboo spice rack is good for that, and it can fit all your spice jars because it has three shelves with different sizes. It will store your large items that take up too much space on the countertop and put them on this bamboo rack that didn’t take too much space on the countertop, it is like helping you to save space for other items.

The dimension of this rack is 7.48″D x 14.96″W x 16.54″H inches, It will take on the countertop only 15 L x 7.5 W inches, It doesn’t take too much space and it saves us more space. On all sides, it’s like mesh and is safe for glass accessories and small accessories that can fall down when you are searching for something in it.

Plus you can install the shelves in any place you want on this bamboo spice rack because they are adjustable, so you can put them together for your accessories size. And all edges are anti-scratch to protect you and your family.


  • You can adjust the rack according to the size of your spice jars.
  • It has three shelves with different dimensions.
  • Smooth edges.


  • It takes some time to put it together.

5-Best 16-Cube Bamboo Spice Rack:

When you are thinking to purchase a new bamboo spice rack with its cube, the one thing you will hate is filling these cubes with your spice, and some people don’t want that, that’s why they don’t purchase a new cube. But this bamboo spice rack comes with a 16-cube that is filled with spice, so you will not need to puy new spices for your old cubes or fill them with your old spice.

It comes with 16 different spices from basil, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, rosemary, oregano, and more. You will meet many different U.S.A spices that you don’t know before. And all these spices are monitored and vetted in Winchendon, Massachusetts, U.S.A for your safety.

If you don’t have a place on the countertop you can hang it on the wall too for more saving space. It will fit the kitchen drawer too if you have an empty one. And its dimensoin is 2.75″D x 10.75″W x 12.5″H inches. The spice rack has a bamboo frame with a high-quality design and has lines for easy to access your spices.


  • It can be leaning back, or hung on a wall.
  • 5 Year Free Refills when you need them.
  • You will meet new species.


  • The lids are not made of high-quality material.

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Bamboo Spice Rack

Final word:

If you are looking for a bamboo spice rack that can hold more than 10 spice jars we recommend this bamboo spice rack organizer due to its simplicity and size but it can hold all your spice jars. But if you want to have a rack that can hold your spices and other accessories at the same time we recommend this  3-tier bamboo spice rack, it will not take space in your countertop and it will give you the space you want.

Questions You Might Ask:

If Spices Are Spilled On A Bamboo Rack How To Clean It?

The spices if are spilled on your bamboo rack you just need to wipe them with a cloth, But if some liquid such as vinegar, oils, etc is spilled on it you just need to wash it with water or wipe it with a damp cloth and put it outdoors to dry.

How Do I Choose A Bamboo Spice Rack?

You need to know how many spice jars can this rack hold and what is the capacity of this rack, and then compare them with your spice jars.

What is the best spice rack organizer?

The best rack to make your spice organized is a bamboo rack because it gives an elegant rack to the spice jars and is waterproof and will make your kitchen organized and stylish.
You can also use this rack to store many different accessories that you use in the bathroom, living room, etc. The bamboo furniture suits any place you put them at home.

How Do You Store Spices So They Don’t Get Hard?

You need to store your spices in some place that is dry or in a dark place and avoid the wetness place and sunshine place because they will make your spices mold and hard over time.

How Tall Should A Bamboo Spice Rack be?

It depends on how many spice jars you have its size, So if you have more than 15 spice jars you need to have a rack with 6-1/4 to 6-1/4 minimum for easy access and to see your spice and choice the one you want without removing others.
Or just calculate the size of your spice jars and choose the one that will fit them.


Bamboo is one of our best wood due to its features that make a home elegant, if you are looking to have a few products that are made from bamboo for your home, we have made reviews about some bamboo furniture that you might like them.

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