Is Bamboo Good For The Bathroom?/ All You Need To Know

Bamboo wood is a natural material that can be used for home decor, and it can be used in any place you want at home such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, entryway, etc. Due to its natural look, it gives a natural decor to the home.

A Bathroom is a moist place, so when you want to place some bathroom furniture in it you need to know if it’s waterproof or not. many people are asking if they can have some bamboo furniture in their bathrooms such as shelves, shower benches, etc. Yes, you can have any kind of bamboo furniture in your bathroom because bamboo is waterproof, and it will not damage or warp. But you just need to put it far from the wet place because it might damage after many years and all materials such as steel, aluminum, etc when you put them in the water for many years it might start damage.

Is Bamboo Shelf good for bathrooms?

The bamboo shelf is waterproof, so it’s a good option for the bathroom and is a good option making it well-suited in any damp place. Not only that but if you have a small bathroom you can use them because it doesn’t take up too much space because it is often hanging on the wall above the toilet for saving more space in your bathroom.

Bamboo Bathroom Shelves

And bamboo shelves are good for the bathroom because it hangs far from the water without taking up space in the bathroom which means will stay with you for many years without getting mold or any damage. let’s see how to protect your bamboo shelf in your bathroom for many years.

  • If your bamboo shelves need to install behind the toilet, you need to see if they come with wall screws that make them stick to the wall to protect them from falling down. many of these bamboo shelves come only with screws to put pieces together, so you need to order the screws that make them stick to the wall.
  • You can use some waterproof mat to under its legs to protect it from mold.
  • Don’t fill it more than its limited weight.

Is A Bamboo Bench Good For The Bathroom?

Bamboo Shower Bench

The Bamboo bench is made to help people that are suffering from any issues in their body and seniors to seat on it while taking a shower, so it’s waterproof too, but not for a long time because the shampoo that they use will help the mold to grow on the bench. But this does not mean you will not have a bamboo bench in your bathroom because there are a few tips that will protect your bamboo bench for a long time. Let’s See Them below:

  • After you use the bench to take a shower, don’t forget to wash it with water only to make sure all soap around it is removed.
  • Put it outdoors to dry on its own. Or if you don’t have a yard in your home you can let it in your bathroom dry by opening windows or using a bathroom fan.
  • After showering and after you clean it with water don’t place any damp towels or other wet items on it.
  • Keep clean your bathtub or your shower place clean to allow for proper air circulation. because the air moisture helps to grow mold in your bathroom furniture.

Is Bamboo Good For Vanity In The Bathrooms?

Yes, bamboo is good vanity in the bathroom and it will add a natural touch because bamboo is made to be one of the best home decor. But it might not be suitable for bathrooms with high humidity or moisture levels, so it can damage by water and over time because you can’t move it from its place to let the air go around it to reduce mildew growth.

So you need to choose some part in your bathroom where there is not much moisture. or properly seal and maintain it to protect it from mold to ensure its longevity, by this method you will not need to clean it every time because will not be exposed to mold. But there also there are a few tips to protect it for many years, let’s see them.

  • We recommend not placing it near the window or sunlight because it will damage it over time, The sunlight helps the bamboo to dry and lose its natural oil, so it might become brittle.
  • If you have any heat source keep your bamboo vanity far from it because it helps the bamboo to dry too.
  • Don’t place any heavy accessories on it.
  • If you use it to store bathroom accessories such as shampoo, soap, etc. It might spills or splash on it so you need to wipe it with a damp cloth because it helps to grow the mold too.

Can You Put Bamboo Caddy In The Shower?

Bamboo Shower Caddy

Yes, you can put bamboo caddies in the shower to store your shower essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. It will help you to make all your accessories close to you when you need them. and bamboo showers are waterproof and it’s hard to mold and mildew to grow because their design is very simple making them dry when they get wet.

It gives to the bathroom natural decor And is also easy to clean if you see foam soap around it and it is lightweight and does not need a large space in your bathroom to hang it because its place is in the showerhead or attached to the wall.

  • after you take a shower remove all shower essentials you have in it until it dries because the shower essentials will hold the water on the caddy which will help the mold to dry.
  • Rines it with water and don’t use any Harsh chemicals. and avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes
  • When you don’t want to use it we recommend storing it in a dry place and a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t store any heavy items if your showerhead is not sturdy.

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