Best 5 Bamboo Shower Bench

When you are taking a shower you feel tired because of standing. The seniors are suffering from that too, Taking a shower while you are standing it’s very hard, So you need to have a bench in your bathroom to take rest on it when you feel tired.

So the bamboo shower bench is one of the best benches you should have in your bathroom due to its sturdy, lightweight, and anti-dirt. It will give you enough comfortable when you feel tired.

Also if you take a shower in the bathtub and you say this bench will not work for you, I would say it will work because if you don’t have a shower caddy in your bathroom to put your bathroom accessories on it and organized them and keep them close to you while taking a shower in the tub, this bamboo shower bench will be a great choice for your items. And it’s multi-function too, so you can use it as your seat and shower caddy.

If you are looking For a bamboo shower bench, keep reading to get the best.

Our Pick List Of The Best Bamboo Shower Bench:

Whatever kind of bathroom you have, whatever decor you have in your bathroom, and whatever you want to use it for, this bamboo shower bench is the best on the market. It will make your bathroom organized and give you enough comfortable.

And it’s good for the winter because is not too cold to seat on, Unlike the plastic stool that gets cold.

What is Bamboo Shower Bench?

The shower bench is a bench it is entirely made of bamboo, and it is perfect for modern bathrooms and luxury, It helps a lot to make the items that you use in the bathroom very organized. The bamboo shower bench is good for seniors and kids too, to take a break while taking shower. and is a functional and appealing pick.

Our Top Pick And Reviews:

If you find your best bench in our list, you need to read and know more about it in this article because we are going to make a review, and give you what we like and what we don’t like to consider in mind how it will work for you.

1-Bamboo Spa Bench:

If you are looking for a multiple-occasion bamboo shower bench, This bench will be a nice choice, For seniors, patients, etc. This bamboo bench will work for them, Are very sturdy and they can bear a heavy weight of up to 150 Pounds. It will protect you from scratches and your bathroom floor too. It has smooth polished edges and corners. And feet at the bottom have non-slip silicone to protect the bench from slipping while taking a break on it.

The product dimension is 11″D x 17.3″W x 16.1″H inches, It will fit kids, adults, and seniors to seat on it. the seating surface has lines to help the water goes down which means you can seat on it while you take shower. And it helps the bamboo shoer bench to dry quickly.

Every leg has three screws to make the bamboo bench stand up to trouble. It has one shelf for your accessories to collect and make them close to your hand when you want to use them.

It will be a nice bench for your all family too, all your family can use due to its size and does not rock at all.


  • It bears 150 pounds.
  • Non-slip bench and protect your bathroom floor from scratching.
  • You can use this bamboo bench for your bathroom decor.


  • None.

2-Multi-Function Bamboo Shower Bench:

If you are looking for a gift to make one of your senior’s family happy and make him proud of you, this multi-function bamboo shower bench will be a good gift for him. Even if you don’t want to use it in your bathroom that will is okay because are made to be used in all activity.

The person who will sit on this bench will be comfortable because it has a concave center, This sitting Surface will allow you to seat for many times without feeling tired. In the pictures, it looks small and cheap, but it is very strong and sturdy, and it can bear up to 300 pounds. And its size is 17.5L x 9.5W x 18.5H inches. And its edges are very smooth for your safety. The slatted design makes the water bolling down while showering to protect the stool from mold.

It has 1 more shelf, so it will be good if you want to use it as a decor bench in your living room, bedroom, etc. because it’s solid.

Its design can be a caddy for your bathroom accessories after you use it. The two shelves give you enough storage to store some Shampoo, soap, towels, etc.


  • The concave center gives comfortable.
  • It has two Shelves for storing some items.
  • Very solid.
  • A silent bench.


  • For seniors, it can be hard to transport it

3-Bamboo Folding Step Stool Bench:

This bamboo folding step stool bench is perfect for any small bathroom because it doesn’t take to much space in it. It is size only 11″D x 11″W x 13″H inches, it’s perfect to use for shaving your legs or seating on if you needed. The folding features will allow you to store it in any small storage when you don’t need to use it and will allow you to protect it for many years.

When you use this bench for seating, you will feel comfortable enough because it will make you’re sitting like squatting. You can use it anywhere you want such as a shower, bath, spa, sauna, etc. Some people are using it as a chair in the entryway to wear their shoes due to its weight and size that allows you to carry it.

The contoured seat allows you to sit on it in any mode you want, You sit on it as riding a horse or in the normal way, All edges are designed to be anti-scratch too. And it supports heavy weights up to 130 pounds without moving or slipping.

Due to its features, it can be used outdoors too.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The folding features make the bamboo stool easy to store.
  • Easy to fold.


  • Some people say it’s too small. So you need to check first if that size fits you or not.

4-Bamboo Shower Bench & Mat:

This bamboo shower bench with a mat gives you everything you need, your comfortable, decor, and organized accessories. The bright red color of bamboo will make your bathroom a luxury bathroom and clean. In addition, the bamboo mat will make you stand on it and wear your clothes.

You can also sit on this bench and use this mat as your leg support to shave your legs or wash them. The bottom of the mat is designed to be non-slip, it has waterproof tapes to help prevent slipping. And it has features fold for easy carry outdoors to dry.

Also, the bench foot has screws with silicone an ergonomic design and is non-slip. You can adjustable the screw to the size that fit your sit for enough comfortably. The lattice design on this bamboo mat allows the air to go around it to dry quickly.

The mat dimensions are 27 L” 16W inches, This size is perfect for any bathroom size, while the bench dimension is 18L x 12W x 19H inches.

Make your home very stylish by using this bamboo shower team, and you will get 12 months of warranty, this team is designed with high-quality material to stay with you for many years.


  • The maximum weight is 220 pounds which are very solid.
  • The mat allows you to wear your clothes in the bathroom if you want.
  • The mat has not been collected with screws.
  • The mat surface is smooth.
  • You can adjust the bench size.


  • You can not leave the mat in the water every day for more than 3 hours because it will get mold.

5-Bamboo Shower Bench With Handles:

You will only be dependent on the regular bamboo bench that has no place where to carry it such as handles, This bench has all features that you expect from the bench that you are looking for.

If you are a senior, this bench is good for you, because the handles allow you to carry this bench to the place you want without waiting for anyone. The handle is a high-quality design to give you a smooth grip for easy transport.

On each foot has a piece of silicone to make you seating on this bench safely and do your things, and prevent it from slipping. The arched legs help stabilize this bench on the floor, and it’s very sturdy, it can bear up to 250 Pounds.


  • Comfortable seat.
  • It has a handle for easy to carry.
  • The bottom shelf is designed in a different method and there are no edges like other benches.


  • None:


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bamboo Shower Bench:

If you are looking for a bamboo shower bench for your senior or you want to make it as a gift for someone sick and he/she can’t stand when is in the bathroom. So you have to consider a few factors to give the medical bench for his safety.

Bench Type:

There are too many kinds of this bamboo shower benches in markets. Some of them have a flat surface and others have a concave center, So if you want to make a bamboo bench gift for some senior or you want it for yourself, it’s better to choose a bamboo bench with a concave center to have more stability and safety.

But if you are healthy and you are looking for a bamboo bench to use as your bench in the bathroom I would recommend having a bench that has a flat surface, because the flat surface will give you a shelf to put your accessories.

Bench Size:

For more comfortable while you are taking a shower you need to get a bamboo shower bench with a large sit surface, The large surface will give you also a large shelf for your items. If you are a senior you need to have a bamboo bench with a large surface to protect you from falling down when you start moving or cleaning your legs.

Bench Shelf Storage:

If your bathroom is getting messy you need to have a bamboo shower bench with shelves, because you will use it to organize your accessories too while you sit on it, and it will keep all you need close to you such as soap, shampoo, etc. You will take a shower safely and comfortably when is everything close to you.

If you are using the bamboo shower bench that has no shelves you have to know you will suffer from standing and sitting to bring the accessories you want for the shower.


Q: Are Bamboo Shower Benches Waterproof?

Yes, Bamboo shower benches are waterproof, and bamboo is waterproof. That’s why the brand that made the bamboo furniture used bamboo on these shower benches.
You have to know that bamboo shower benches are made to help people who have suffering from pain, are sick, etc to use them when they want to take a shower. So it’s waterproof.

Q: How To Clean Bamboo Shower Bench?

There are two ways to clean the bamboo shower bench.
1- If your bench are start getting dirt from outside, you have to bring some damp cloth and wipe it.
2- If your bench is getting dirt in some place where your hands can’t reach it, You need to disassemble your bamboo bench until it is in the form of pieces and cleans it with water and brush, then put it outdoors to dry alone.

Q: How To Care For Bamboo Shower Bench?

If you are using a bamboo shower bench to sit on while taking a shower and you see your bench is getting wet, that is okay because the bamboo is waterproof, But to care about it you need to wash it with water and put it outdoors to dry. In this way, you will protect your bamboo bench from mold and dirt.

The Right Way To Assemble bamboo Shower Bench:

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