Best 4 Bamboo Bathroom Shelves To Organized Mess

Is your bathroom got mess? Are you suffering from a mess? Do you want to have something to help you with that? The place that we enter always become messy like the bathroom, if they do not have a place in the bathroom to organize accessories it will suffer greatly, some of us do not have this bamboo bathroom shelves, so some people had to put the accessories behind the toilet, in the side of hand washes, under wash machine, etc. This method will help a lot to store your accessories, but however, you will feel that you are still in a mess.

Bamboo bathroom shelves will help you a lot to organize your accessories and make your bathroom very clean, It will make your items very organized and it will be easy for you to find and accessible such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, makeup, soap, etc.

After this introduction, I will share with you some best bamboo bathroom shelves that have good value, price, and enough storage for your accessories. To know more about these bamboo shelves stay with me to the end to know more about what you are looking for.

4 Best Bamboo Bathroom Shelves:

This is our pick of the best bamboo bathroom shelves, even if you don’t have too much space in your bathroom it will fit them, It will take up small space but it will give you more than what she takes.

Here Are Our Reviews:

1-Bamboo Bathroom Shelf 3-Tier:

If you and your family use one bathroom you need to have some large bamboo bathroom shelves because the bathroom will get messy because everyone has his accessories, so you need to find big bathroom shelves to collect all accessories and organized them to not mix with others.

It has three shelves for all accessories, and each shelf has 5.91″D x 23.62″W inches, so is good for any large family, some family is saying” We are 5 people and everyone has accessories and these 3 shelves are enough for use, we have used one shelf for our towels and another one for shampoo, toothpaste, and more and another shelf we used it for toilet cleaning accessories”.

But you have to have a large bathroom, but if you want to use this bamboo shelf for the bathroom you have to consider the size, and its dimension is ‎5.91″D x 23.62″W x 21.26″H inches, so it can take up some space. Or if you don’t have enough space on the floor, you can hang it on the wall too because it supports that, and it comes with any tools you will need.

It has an elegant design, so it will add some decor to your bathroom and make it a luxury. It has some kind features that you might like, The shelves are adjustable, so if the accessories you want to store are a little bigger than the size between the shelves, so you can control the size between them to set up the size you want.


  • Good for the big family.
  • It can fit the big bathroom.
  • You can hang it on the wall too.
  • Adjustable shelves.


  • Not suitable for small bathrooms.

2-Bamboo Floating Shelves Wall Mounted:

If you are one person or two in the home and you have a small bathroom, you need to find some small bamboo floating shelves that do not take up much space in your bathroom, which will give you more space to store. And also it will make your entryway an empty path and protect you from unintentionally colliding with him.

This bamboo floating shelf wall mounted has been made in different designs from others, It is very small so it can fit one person’s accessories. It will not hold all bathroom accessories but it can hold important accessories that you need to use every day such as makeup, drugs, creams, etc.

It would be a good shelf, and a lot of people mounted it near the mirror, the side of the bathroom sink, up the bathtub, and some people use it in the living room to hold some decor accessories, and others use it on the kitchen to make spices close to the cooking place. So it’s a multi-function bamboo bathroom shelf.

Its dimensions are 16.9″D x 5.9″W x 5.9″H which is the perfect size for a small space. the size of the sides is a little large to protect your delicate accessories from falling down. The hollow design help also your accessories from slipping to the front while you are searching for some accessories in it.

Some people are loving these bamboo bathroom shelves but they don’t want to mount them on the wall because they think will damage the wall. But it doesn’t do that, it needs only four holes to install it.


  • It can be used in any place you want at home.
  • It can be mounted on any kind of wall you have.
  • easy to install.


  • Some people complain about its small size, so you have to know if it can fit your need or not.

3- Bamboo Bathroom Corner Shelf Storage Rack:

Every corner of the bathroom is free and many people forget and don’t know what to put in it, They don’t have a cabinet or shelf for their accessories but they have a corner, so some people are putting in it their accessories but is not organized. If you do that too, you need to have this bamboo bathroom corner shelf storage rack to exploit your bathroom corner.

This bamboo shelf has been designed to suit any corner that has 90 degrees. say goodbye to the mess that collects in the bathroom corners. It has 3 shelves for your accessories with large sides. At each end of this bamboo shelf edges, have been made to be smooth and anti-scratch.

You can control your bathroom decor with it, because you have 4 corners in the bathroom, so you can put it in any corner you want to change your bathroom style. It comes with 4 legs for more stability on the slipping floor too.

Its weight is only 2,5 kg and it’s very lightweight to carry which you can use it in any corner you have in at home, it is a multi-use too.


  • It has 4 legs to protect your accessories.
  • Great design for the corners.
  • Its design allows you to use it in place at home.
  • It has smooth edges.
  • It comes with a handle for easy to carry.


  • None

4-Bamboo Bathroom Shelf Over Toilet:

Even if your bathroom is too small you will get a big bamboo bathroom shelf too, You will not need to think about where you want to mount it because its design is only for over the toilet or over the washer machine. This means it will not take up to much space in your bathroom, its place is always mounted above the furniture to save space for other furniture.

To make your accessories very organized and to get a large space in a small space you can use these bamboo bathroom shelves, (For example, if you mount it above the toilet you will store your toilet accessories such as toilet paper, disinfectant, etc. If you use it above the washer machine you will store your washer machine items).

It will fit most standard toilets and the size that takes behind the toilet is 35,6 inches. Maybe it will not be your toilet size, so check if your toilet height is less than 35,6 inches.

The dimensions size of this bamboo bathroom shelf over the toilet is 24.8” W * 10.3” D * 66.7” H, It comes with 3 shelves to make all your things close to you, and it has also a hook for toilet paper. Its tall design is good because all items you put on it will be at eye level for taking at will.


  • No need to have a free wall to mount it.
  • It saves too much space.
  • It has enough storage.
  • It fet all standart toilet.


  • Doesn’t have large sides on the racks.


This is our review for today. When are seeing someplace like the toilet, or laundry room getting messy you have to know bacteria will breed, so you need to find something that makes your toilet clean, and the bamboo bathroom shelf is the best cabinet for your bathroom accessories because its design let the air goes around it.

We want to recommend Bamboo Bathroom Shelf 3-Tier because it has many features, and storage and its price is good.

If you are the one who loves bamboo products you are lucky because our job is making reviews about bamboo products, so I’m going to share with you that below you might like them.


Q: Is Bamboo Shelf Good For The Bathroom?

If you are suffering from the mess and you don’t know what to do? you have to have this bamboo shelf because you will organize all your accessories and make your bathroom very clean. And don’t worry about mold because bamboo is waterproof.

Q: Can bamboo shelves get wet?

Yes, it can get wet and nothing will happen to the bamboo shelves because are waterproof, that’s why most brands are using bamboo in bathroom furniture.


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