How To Wash Your Bamboo Dishes In The Dishwasher?

If you’re searching about how to wash your dishes in the right way in the dishwasher keep reading to know some ideas and protect your bamboo dishes from any damage.

Can Bamboo Go in the Dishwasher?

There are some kinds of bamboo plates and bowls that can go in the dishwasher but in a low heat or air drying setting. And others are not dishwasher safe because there are some kinds that are not supported the high temperature because they might be warping or become damaged. so it is better to check the care instructions before washing.

Why Can’t You Put Bamboo In The Dishwasher?

Bamboo is natural but is sensitive to high temperatures, The dishwasher’s high heat can cause the bamboo and become warp. the high temperatures will strip the bamboo from its natural oils, which can cause brittle and easy to break.

So if you insist to wash them in the dishwasher here are a few tips to protect them for many years.

How To Protect Bamboo Dishes In The Dishwasher From Damage?

When you want to wash your bamboo dishes in the dishwasher, you need to take these steps to protect them from any damage or brittle. These steps will help reduce the percentage of damage to your dishes.

  • 1– We recommend placing them in the top rack to keep them far from the heating element.
  • 2– We recommend using a mild detergent.
  • 3-We recommend not overloading your washing machine to avoid the bump.
  • 4-We recommend using a gentle cycle and don’t run high heat.

If you have bamboo plates, bowls, and utensils that are not supported by a dishwasher there is another way how to wash them with easy way.

How Do I Wash Bamboo Dishes That Don’t Go In The Dishwasher?

There some bamboo dishes are not going in the dishwasher, so you need to wash them by your hand by following some crucial steps to protect them for many years.

  • 1- Rinse them with warm water to remove oils and food debris.
  • 2- Bring a bowl with warm water and mix it with normal dish soap.
  • 3-Bring a soft sponge or dishcloth and dip it in warm water with soap and gently scrub them.
  • 4-Rinse your dishes with warm water to remove all soap around them.
  • 5-Wipe your dishes with a soft towel and put them to dry on the bamboo dish drying rack Or other racks.

This is the right way to wash your dishes with your hands, It’s the easy way right?

What To Avoid When I Wash Bamboo Dishes With My Hands?

It’s easy to wash your bamboo dishes with your hand but you need to avoid some mistakes that many make and cause damage to their dishes. Follow The Steps Below.

  • 1 Avoid soaking Them in warm water for more than 2 hours. Because some people when put them in the water, and by chance, someone will call them on the phone or outside and they forget their dishes in the water for extended periods of time which will be damaged or warp over time.
  • 2 Don’t use any other soap that contains harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners because you will damage them and will lose their color.
  • 3– After you wash them store them in a dry place and cold, and avoid stacking them in confined spaces to prevent warping.

The bamboo dishes are beautiful and they add a natural decor to any kitchen, but they are sensitive and we need to take care of them. And there are some people who are asking also if bamboo dishes can go in the microwave to warm their food. If you ask this question also, So let’s answer your question from our experience

Are Bamboo Dishes Microwave Safe?

If you are the one who thinks to warm your food in the microwave, you have to know bamboo is not supported by high temperatures because it will fragile or warp.

Bamboo is natural wood and is resistant to heat and moisture but will not bear microwave temperature due to the components they contain.

But if you are looking for bamboo dishes that are microwave safe you might find them because some manufacturers add some components to keep them safe in the microwave. But you just need to read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if are microwave safe or not.


Actually, we don’t recommend anyone wash their bamboo dishes in the dishwasher because bamboo is sensitive, so your dishwasher might damage them. We recommend washing them with your hands using warm water and mild dish soap because will not damage them, and they are easy to clean because the dirt will not stick to them. by that you will extend the life of your bamboo dishes.

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