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Maybe you have a shower curtain that isn’t given to your bathroom a stylish decor and it looks very cheap, and many people are having it in simple colors such as white and green that get dirty quickly. But if you are looking at online marketing which curtain is the best, you will find many beautiful shower curtains with images and shapes that will suit your bathroom.

Bamboo shower curtain is one of the best curtains on the market, it has too many kinds of bamboo images that give your bathroom elegant decor. You will take your shower comfortably, and these shapes of bamboo will make you as you in the natural.

If you have a normal shower curtain in your bathroom I guess you’re suffering from its transparent design so that anyone can see you when you are taking a shower, but if you have it with shapes on it, for example, bamboo shapes or any kind of shapes you will make you bathroom stylish and anyone can’t see you.

If you are looking for the best bamboo shower curtain for your bathroom stay with us because we are going to give you a few products that many people use for their bathrooms.

Here Are Our 4 Pick Of The Best Bamboo Shower Curtains:

These are the most popular bamboo images on shower curtains, Now let’s know more about them to give you an idea for it.

1-Best Bamboo Shower Curtain With Fountain Image & Candle:

This is one of our best on the list, if you are one who loves the fountain design like me, you will love this bamboo shower curtain too. Even if you think it will not suit your bathroom decor, it will fit it. The fountain image, candle, water, and vibrant colors make it stylish.

It comes in three different sizes for suiting any shower part you have, and the large size of it is 69 w ” 84 L inches, And this is good because it can be used in more than 60% of the home bathrooms. The high-quality design and made of durable polyester and is anti-dirt and water resistant which is easy to clean.

It can be multi-use too, so if you have some random color in some part of your bathroom, you can make this bamboo shower curtain as its cover to make your bathroom decor organized. And its weight is only 11 ounces, so it will be easy to carry and easy to install.


  • Vibrant colors.
  • Anti-wrinkle and waterproof.
  • You can wash it in the washer.


  • The hooks are made of plastic.

2-Bamboo Shower Curtain With Bamboo Design:

If you are looking for curtains with bamboo designs for your shower kids, here is one of the best on the amazon market, it has more than 2,000 ratings, and due to its design and quality, I would say it’s worth it. And it will be suitable for curtain showers for kids.

The exterior and interior design is in bamboo print leaves, which your kids can love to have in their bathtubs. It can be used also in the master bathroom and basement bathroom. Made of white color polyester and is anti-dirt and makes the water glide off which is easy to clean.

The features things on this bamboo shower curtain is can be installed on any hooks you have such as S hooks or rings, It comes with 12 rust-resistant metal grommets and is anti-damage and wrinkle too. so it can stay with you for many years.


  • it comes with 0,46 kilogram in weight.
  • It has metal grommets.
  • It can be washed in the washer too.
  • The fabric makes the water glide off.


  • None.

3-Best Bamboo Shower Curtain With A Picture Of A Bamboo Forest:

This is our recommendation for the bamboo shower curtain, it has an image of the bamboo forest which will make your bathroom very stylish and it will give a touch of the spa class. it looks in your bathroom as if you are overlooking the bamboo forest which will refresh your bathroom. and the colors are saturated it feels like you are in a bog of bamboo.

Some people are using it outdoors to cover some private things too, its design and bamboo image are suitable to use outdoors and indoors. And is included in 3 different sizes to suit your bathroom size.

The green color of the bamboo does not make the dirt not clear, so you will not need to wash it every time as with other white shower curtains. And the polyester fabric makes it stand in the dirt. and it will give your bathroom a pretty nature-Esque touch.

It can be washed on the washer too, due to the quality of polyester material allows it to be waterproof.


  • It will make your bathroom like a bamboo forest.
  • Lightweight and it has in weight 13 ounces.
  • Rich color
  • The green color is suitable for the white bathroom decor.


  • Didn’t has high-quality rings.

4-Best Bamboo 3D Printed Shower Curtain:

This is other best bamboo shower curtain, it has printed with a 3d bamboo image which makes it a bamboo wall, When you sand in front of it you will think like you are in front of bamboo, so think about how it will look in your bathroom, of course, it will make it stylish. The bamboo dry design and new bamboo trunk give a great feeling like there was life after death.

The dimensions of it are 72″L x 72″W which is large enough and can suit all your family. and is good to be used outdoors too, The dry bamboo images will be the perfect curtain for anything you want to use outdoors.

Are made to be weatherproof too, some people are using them outdoors to protect themselves from the hot sun. Or if you want to use it for a privacy curtain it will be perfect too, because the vibrant color helps with that.


  • The dry bamboo image it’s very beautiful.
  • It has stainless steel ring.
  • Good for outdoor activities.
  • Made of 3D bamboo image.


  • None.


This is our review of this bamboo shower curtain, you will give your bathroom a pretty nature-Esque touch. But if you want to know which one is good for your, you need to know a few factors to find which bamboo curtain can suit it.

The Most Important Factors To Consider:

There are many factors that you need to consider in mind, but to make your way very close to which bamboo shower curtain is the best, we are going to share with you important factors.


If you have a large door to your bathtub you need to consider this factor size. The first thing you need to know is knowing the size of the door or the part you want to install your bamboo shower curtain.

We know it will be hard to find the size that fit your bathroom, but you need to ask the manufacturers if they can make the size you want. But of course, if anyone needs the size that fits their bathroom, the manufacturer can make the price higher because you are the one who needs that size only.

And if you purchase a bamboo shower curtain that isn’t fit your bathroom, you have to know you are losing your money for nothing, because it didn’t do its job for you and you don’t feel comfortable with it. So it’s better to spend more money to get what you need if you find it is made of high-quality material and you know it will do everything that you need for you.

Quality Bamboo Shower Curtain:

A good thing you need to know and use in many kinds of products is the quality. If you are looking for the best bamboo shower curtain you need to know which materials are made of. So if you find it made of polyester, you have to know is a good curtain, because is waterproof and weatherproof, which will protect your curtain for many years.

Our best bamboo shower curtains are made of polyester, so I have shared with your this factor just if you don’t like this kind of bamboo curtain that I shared with you.

Customer Reviews:

When you are finding some websites that are making reviews about the product that you are looking for, like we do now, I highly recommend not taking all information from us because maybe some factors that we use to choose the best bamboo shower curtain will not suit you.

So the best way to know if a bamboo shower curtain will suit your bathroom is by reading the customer reviews, In amazon, many people are telling others how the bamboo curtain worked for them for helping others for getting the best.


  • When you want to wash your bamboo shower curtain in the washer, don’t use hot water because you will damage it over time. Just use normal-temperature water.
  • This bamboo shower curtain comes with a hookless, so if you have a hookless in the place where you want to install it, don’t order them to make the price low for you.
  • Try to find a bamboo shower curtain with stainless steel rings. to make protect it from friction damage while you open and close it over time.


Q: Do bamboo Shower Curtains Need Liners?

No, You will not need any liners because are made of polyester which is waterproof. And if you want to add liner it will not work with it because the ring is stuck on the bamboo curtains.

Q: What To Do With Old Bamboo Shower Curtain?

If you have an old bamboo shower curtain and you don’t figure out what to do with it, okay, for example, if you have in your backyard a few flowers or plants and you want to protect them from the insect, birds, and other animals, so you can use it as its cover.
Or if you have some furniture in your home and you want to protect them from dirt, you can cover them with this curtain too.


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