The Helpful 12 Bamboo Ideas For Decorating

Bamboo wood is one of the best woods for home decor, if you want to find some ideas to decorate your home with bamboo we are here to give you that. You will make your kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc, an elegant place.

The bamboo is lightweight and sturdy wood and easy to use anywhere you want, and it is not easily exposed to mold, or broken, and does not lose its color and decor. In this article, we are going to give you some bamboo ideas for decorating your home, office, restaurant, and more.

If you have a wall that reflects the decor of your home, a door, window, or any other place, then the solution is with this decoration of bamboo. Home decor designers are choosing materials that are environmentally friendly. including bamboo, as it is the most popular wood for Asians, due to its shape being suitable for any home. Many peoples from Europe, Soth America, and North America are starting to use bamboo as decor and that’s a good idea because its colors and shapes are suitable for that.

Let’s Know know the first bamboo ideas for decorating.

1-Bamboo Shoe Rack For Entryway:

Bamboo Shoe Rack

Many people are not having a place where to put their shoes and maybe they just put them behind the door to cover them from getting messy at home. But If you use this bamboo shore rack it will be a good idea to make your shoe organized and to access them quickly when you need them.

The nice thing is it will give your entryway elegant decor and you can put all shoes of your family in it. And it will protect your home from dirt.

2-Bamboo Nightstand:

Bamboo Nightstand

When you are looking for decor for your bed you should have this bamboo nightstand, it is not like other nightstands that are made from cheap plastic and wood, When you use bamboo for your bedroom you will enjoy aesthetics and elegance.

It gives a decor to your bed and is lightweight to move, For example, when you want to clean your bedroom you need to move all furniture you have and if you have a heavy nightstand it will be hard for you to move t and maybe you will suffer from some pain in your back, but this bamboo nightstand is lightweight and no need to do your best to move when it’s time for cleaning. If you still need to know more about this bamboo bedroom decor you can check here.

3-Bamboo Plant Stand:

Bamboo Plant Stand

If you have some plants or flowers at home, you can search for a stand to make it more elegant, and also you will make your home decor stylish. This is one of our best bamboo ideas for decorating.

It is not giving only decor your for home, but it will make your plants organized, if your plants take up too many places you can use this bamboo stand to collect them in one place and save more space for your few plant if you think to have more. In this way, you will give to your home decor and save space. Check the full review.

4-Bamboo Bathroom Shelves:

Bamboo Bathroom Shelves

You might have enough space in your bathroom to make your bathroom accessories organized, Oaky the solution is with this bamboo bathroom shelf. Even if you don’t have space for some storage, this bamboo shelf will work for you.

Many people are not having anything behind the toilet and 100% of you don’t use it for something, But now you will have bamboo storage for all bathroom accessories you have by using a small space. It will cover behind your toilet and it will make your bathroom organized and clean. To get more info see here

5-Bamboo Mirror For Empty wall:

Bamboo Mirror

If you have an empty wall you can have this bamboo mirror on it, The beauty of its design will make your empty wall bright and decorated. Or if you don’t have an empty wall the best place where to have it is in the entryway. When you enter your home you will feel like you are in a museum.

Not only that, the way this bamboo mirror is designed by the hands of traditional craftsmen and this means is a piece of art. In my opinion and you can imagine that too if you have a white color wall this bamboo mirror has light brown colors it will suit your wall and will give a stylish decor. and if you want to know how it will look on your wall you can see it here.

6-Bamboo Coffee Tables:

Another important bamboo decor for your living room is a coffee table, For your comfortable and decor you can have this table, Sometimes your body is hating from the seating of the couch or any padded place, so you just need to seat on the floor, that’s why this coffee table is made.

It will give to your living room or any place you want to use it in a stylish decor. And if you have some empty place between your couch and tv so this table will work with that.

Not only that, with its small size in its deep it can be used for your work too, I mean when you seat on the floor you can do your work on it. Check more. If you want to see how it looks in your living room you see it here.

7-Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain:

This is another bamboo decor for your doorway without a door, if you don’t have a door maybe you will suffer from the cold or sunshine. Actually, when you don’t have a door in your room it is modern decor. But when you want to do something for example changing your clothes, or you want to be alone you can’t do that.

So to create a private place for you and make it stylish you can use this bamboo beaded door curtain, It comes in many kinds of shapes on it to give elegant decor to your doorway.

8-Bamboo Wooden Roll-Up Blinds for window:

To get away from the bright sun and cold wind that enters when you open the window you can have this bamboo blind to lower it. Or if you have a cheap window and you want to cover it with some blinds, this will be a great decor for your window.

Its design is made by hand, and the small gaps between the bamboo pieces filter the light to give a unique glow and reduce harmful sunlight.

This is another idea to make your window stylish.

9-Bamboo Spice Rack:

Bamboo Spice Rack

Okay, To make your spice in an elegant rack and protect them, and organize them, this is the solution. Even if you don’t have a place where to use this product you can hang it in-wall or you can put it on a cabinet for easy to access your spices

It helps to organize your kitchen and keep it clean. You can imagine how it will be near your cooking place. It helps also to see your spices.

Or instead of taking each spice jar that you want to use, you can take these spice packets next to you and choose which spice you want without messing them up.

10-Bamboo Shower Bench:

Bamboo Shower Bench

Instead of using the cheap bench that is slipping off a wet floor, you can have this bamboo shower bench, It has one more shelf to store your bathroom accessories which will give a decore to your bathroom.

It has many functions for using it in the bathroom, you can use it as a shower bench while you take a shower and you can as a candle table to create a romantic atmosphere in your bathroom.

11- Bamboo Bathroom Accessories:

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories

Maybe your bathroom didn’t have one style of decor, or Maybe you have many different accessories with different materials, But it doesn’t give any decor to your bathroom. So to make one still in your bathroom you can use these bamboo bathroom accessories. Your bathroom will turn into a patio of bamboo accessories.

It helps to give one style and cover your old accessories and make them new. It will completely change your bathroom.

12-Bamboo Shower Caddy:

Bamboo Shower Caddy

We are still in the bathroom decor because it is the one who needs to take care more and make it clean. If you don’t have a place where to put your shower accessories or you have a place but it’s far from your bathtub, this bamboo shower caddy will keep them close to you and cover them from dirt.

This will be a great idea to decorate your shower caddy. The has more than 2 shelves, so it can bear your all accessories.

13-Bamboo Tray Tables:

Bamboo Tray Table

If you still used a tray table made from iron or any other heavy material, I would say this bamboo tray table is good and more lightweight than the cheap one you have. It gives a decor and romantic. It has many different places to take food to your special person to its bed.

It is a multi-function bamboo tray, some people when they want to take a shower they take this tray with them with some flowers, wine, cups, and candles to enjoy their shower.


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