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Is your home lacking decorations? and you have an empty wall that you want to use for some decor but you are confused about which decor can suit your home? Okay, bamboo wall storage is one of the best home decors. It gives an elegant decor and space where to store your accessories and decor.

Here in this article, we are going to share with you a few bamboo accessories decors to install on any kind of empty wall you have in at home such as an entryway wall, living room wall, dining room wall, bathroom wall, bedroom wall, kitchen wall, etc. And it will give you space for flowers, candles, keys, imagery, image, books, spices, towels, toilet paper, etc. If you are looking for stylish decor for your home, we recommend bamboo items because they are most of handmade that will add modern decor.

We have analyzed more than 15 kinds of bamboo floating shelves decor on the amazon market, and we have found the best storage for your empty wall, I will share them with you below, They are all of them made from bamboo and no other colors were added except for the original bamboo color that will make your home bright and stylish.

Here Is Our Pick Of the Best Bamboo Wall Storage:

What Is Bamboo Wall Storage?

It is a storage for small accessories such as flowers, kyes, bathroom accessories, etc. And it is made of bamboo wood, It has many different shapes to make your home stylish. it will help you to reduce the chaos and organize it. Bamboo has chosed by famous brands due to its decor, color, and solidity. It is one of the most preeminent materials in the world. The light brown and light orange colors of this bamboo help to make home decor elegant and modern.

Let’s Know more about these Bmaboo shelves:

1-Bamboo Hanging Wall Shelves With Swing Rope Floating Shelf:

Well, this is our top selection. if you have a large empty wall so you need to have some large bamboo wall shelves, it helps also to store many different decor accessories. It will be a good floating shelf in the living room, and It will be well-shelved for some heavy decors such as plants.

The two tiers are enough and it can hold four plants which are perfect for storing and displaying your items. The swing rope is made of high-quality fabric and is very sturdy. It helps to keep swing shelves to stable, The rope is enough thick which let the shelves do not move or vibrate when you clean them or when you fill them.

The adjustable knot makes this bamboo wall storage suit any item size. You can adjust the height of the shelf yourself through the rope to suit the size of your items. Made of premium bamboo which is every layer can bear up to 11 pounds.

the rope on it is very sturdy which is you can add more shelves if you still need them. Also, the hook is made of stainless steel which is very sturdy too. there are two methods to hang your bamboo wall storage your choice, which means you can control its decor and power, For more stability, you can hang each rope in one hook knowing that there are two ropes and hooks to bring a different experience and decor.


  • You can control its size between the shelves.
  • You can add more shelves if you have many accessories.
  • The rope is durable and makes the shelves stable in its place if someone touches it unintentionally.
  • This bamboo storage wall can bear up to 22 pounds.


  • It’s a little bit hard to get shelves on one level though.

2-3-Pack Small Floating Shelves for Walls Made From Bamboo:

Recommend for the people who don’t have enough space in the wall. But if you have many accessories it might not suit you, but it will exploitation of the empty spaces. It can hold small accessories such as a plant bowl, face creams, images, etc. And it can be installed in the kitchen, living room bathroom, etc.

It will make every plant or other item placed in one place to give a beautiful decoration and make your home organized which makes it great storage. The size of all their shelves is 5.5’’ x 5.5’’ 3.9″ inches, it is not that much bigger but it’s good for small items, and also, it will be good for people who don’t have enough space on the wall to hang them. Its design comes is in form of the an angle of 45 degrees, so that’s good because It will protect your items from falling down.

This small floating shelf is made of bamboo, and also has bamboo lines for adding to any empty wall an elegant decor. it comes with hard screws to be supported with any kind of wall you have to install on in easily. And the wall that can be this floating sheld installed is with paint, parget, plaster, wallpaper, tile, marble, brick wall, metal, and wood.


  • It can be installed on any kind of wall you have.
  • Easy to hang it.
  • No other colors have been added to this shelf.
  • Good bamboo shelves for the small empty wall space.


  • It works only for small items.

3-Bamboo Floating Shelves Set of 2:

If you need to add a vintage feel to your home you can get this bamboo floating shelf, it comes with two shelves that can be for the bathroom or bedroom. Their brown color will make your home classic style, Also it will make your accessories in nice look when you place them on it.

The length of each shelf is 23.6 inches, so they can be installed side by to create a long corridor for showing your family images, plants, and more, or also if you want to create a clean streamlined look of the decoration to make your living room, bathroom, bedroom wall an elegant decor and special. Or you can put each shelf separately to have all accessories of the same quality in one place and others in other place to create an organized decor in your home and avoid mess.

Each shelf can bear up to 20 lbs and will avoid you from shattering your expensive items, it comes with hard tools t keep it stable on the wall. When this bamboo shelf is attached to your wall it will give the style of modern, rustic, industrial, and vintage.


  • It is a little thick and can bear heavy weight.
  • It has strong and sturdy anchors.
  • Very heavy shelves and sturdy.
  • Nice choice to display expensive collections.


  • This brown color is not the original bamboo color.

4-Bamboo Hexagon Floating Shelves For Wall Decor – Set Of 3:

If you are searching only for some storage that can be placed anywhere you want even if you don’t have an empty wall, Well, you can get this bamboo hexagon floating shelves, They can be used on any surface you have such as your office desk, cabinet, etc. On each shape, you will get two shelves, one from the inside, and the other from above even if you put it on some surface or you hang it.

The hexagonal shape of the bamboo storage is a beautiful addition to the home and decor. Is a beautiful and distinctive beehive design that will suit all different places and home decor, as well as any collections you want to display. This hexagon shape will help you to change the style of their normal use and their decorations such as can put each shelf on top of the other to create a large beehive. Their amazing design can be home decor it self.

These three shelves come in different sizes which will fit small and large collections. Even if you don’t use them as a storage shelf for your accessories they will give touch decor to your home.

If you use to have this item on some surface it lets you carry and use it in many places you want at home because its weight is only 6.25 pounds. and large hexagon floating shelf dimension is 4″Deep x 14″Width x 12″Height.


  • Its shape and design let it be installed on walls and surfaces.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for using it on many places at home.
  • High-quality beehive design.


  • None.

5-Wall Mounted Dark Brown Bamboo Entryway Shelves:

Many people in its entryway are empty and lack some decor. If you have that too you can have these bamboo entryway shelves. It gives you to store your collections, clothes, bags, keys, and other items you wear and that you take to outside. Maybe you use the normal shelf that is installed behind the door, It helps to hang your clothes too but there’s no place to display your collection.

This bamboo entryway shelf has 6 hooks for hanging your outdoor clothes and has shelf storage for some small plants, candles, and flowers to make your entryway an elegant and bright decor.

Its full dimension is 5.31″Deep x 29.13″W x 6.29″H inches, Actually it’s not too much large to hold the big accessories but it helps to organize and protect your items for finding them quickly when you want to go outside.

And the shelf dimension is only 19.75 W x 5.25 D x 1.25 H inches. Its deep is not too much large also but it is good because its front side is a little large than the other sides, so it will protect your collection expensive from falling to the front.

Install this bamboo entryway shelf and keep your accessories organized and have an excellent experience.


  • Best entryway for outdoor items and indoor collections.
  • The shelf protects your accessories from falling down.
  • Easy to Install.


  • Shelf storage is a little small which will not fit the large accessories.



You might have some questions about how to choose a bamboo wall storage for your home, But we are going to answer a must papular question you might ask them too.

What Should You Know Before Buying Bamboo wall storage?

If you have too many collections that you need to display on the wall and keep them in your eyes, this bamboo wall storage will help you with that. And this bamboo storage is very sturdy which means it can hold heavy, large, and difficult accessories.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly and fast-growing, durable, and renewable, it gives an elegant decor to for home, so it alone can be a home decoration. Many famous brands use it to make home accessories and furniture.

What is the best Bamboo wall storage?

Our Top 4

How Can I Choose A Good Bamboo Wall Storage?

It depends on which kind of bamboo wall storage you want for your home decor. if you want to find traditional storage so you need to get in stationary storage. But if you are looking for elegant storage you can get it with floating shelves. It will fit your needs and make your home stylish.

How Do I Choose The Right Size?

It is very simple to choose a bamboo wall storage, you need to know its size, And you have to compare it with your empty wall if the size will fit your wall or not. After that, you need to know which kind of accessories you want to put on it. if you want to use it for some plants that grow quickly, you need to find a large size that can suit your plants. To make sure everything is going in the right way, try to calculate your accessor’s size and wall and compare it with the storage you find.

Can Wall Storage Hold A Lot Of Weight?

Yes, it can hold many different heavy accessories because bamboo is solid wood. it can hold more than 50 pounds without breaking or moving or exposing your expensive items from shattering.

It can hold your living room accessories, bathroom accessories, bedroom accessories, and kitchen accessories.

Which Kind Of Wall Can I Install This Bamboo Wall Storage?

Every bamboo wall storage comes with hard screws to install it in the wall, which means it can be installed on any kind of wall such as tile, marble, brick wall, metal, wood, parget, plaster, etc. And it will hold very well on them.

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