Can Bamboo Furniture Be Outside?

Can Bamboo Furniture Be Outside?

If you have any bamboo furniture such as chairs, tables, Bamboo Plant Stand, etc, and you are thinking if you can use them outside or not to enjoy your backyard. Yes, you can, bamboo is durable and weather-resistant, so if you have any bamboo furniture you can place it outside and it will withstand outdoor conditions. However, you need to take care of them because over time they might be damaged if you let them outdoors in heavy weather such as snow, and rain. But we have for you a few tips to protect your bamboo furniture for a long time and left it outside without carrying them inside when it rain or snow.

How To Protect Bamboo Furniture Outside From The Weather?

Every wood such as bamboo, akasa, maple, pine, teak, etc can damage by weather over time because the weather is hard for any dry wood and it can help to damage and grow insect infestations in your furniture. But there are a few tips to protect them, let’s see them.

  • If you have any cover area in your yard such as a porch, etc you can place it in it to protect it from any weather factors.
  • When it’s not in use you need to cover them with some furniture covers.
  • When you see some mold spots on them clean them with water and a smooth brush to avoid scratching it
  • If you don’t have some place where to put your bamboo furniture outside you can use outdoor furniture pads to protect them from moisture damage.
  • Sometimes you need to check if there are some scratches or lines on it and maintenance them, by that you will help extend their life.

There are too many ways to protect your bamboo furniture for many years and the tips above will help to protect them without spending your money.

How to Treat Outdoor Bamboo Furniture?

It is easy a bit hard to treat your bamboo furniture when you place them outdoors especially if you live in a moist place or climate place that is constantly weather changes. You will need to clean it every day because the moisture is helping the mold to grow.

But cleaning it will not require you to be a professional or pay a lot of money. You can just clean it with water and mild soap to remove the mold. also, you can refinish them with some bamboo oil or bamboo varnish to help them to restore their natural color and shine.

How To Clean Outdoor Fabric-Covered Bamboo Furniture?

If you use some fabric cover to cover your bamboo furniture outdoors also it can get dirty, so you need to clean it too.

To do that, just follow the tips below.

  • The first thing you should do is open your fabric cover on the ground until you see all its sides.
  • Bring a smooth brush or vacuum with a soft brush attachment then start removing the dirt and be careful to scratch it.
  • Bring a bucket and put on it warm water and mix it with a dishes soap and start cleaning it with this mixture then scrub gently.
  • Rinse it with normal water and let it dry in the sun.
  • If you see some stubborn stains on your fabric cover you can use pre-treatment or a mixture of water and liquid detergent.

Can Bamboo Furniture Be Left Outdoors?

Yes, you can leave your bamboo furniture outdoors, but not for a long time if you don’t care about it, you need to be properly cared for and maintained them. ( see the tips at the beginning of this article) by that, you will leave them for many years outdoors.

Bamboo is weather-resistant material, but it can be affected also if you left it in hard weather such as heavy rain or strong winds, so you need to clean it constantly.

Also if your bamboo furniture is assembled with screws also it might help the mold to grow when the screws get rusty. So you need to cover them with something like wax. The wax will help the screws to not touch the air and water and protect them from rust.

Is Bamboo Furniture Waterproof?

Bamboo is natural, but it is not inherently waterproof. If bamboo furniture waters and stay in the water for a long time, its fibers will damage because it will be damp, so it might grow mold quickly and will be difficult to handle.

So it’s better to put your bamboo furniture far from the water or use to cover them with some waterproof cover to protect them from any damage.

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