Is Bamboo Floor Waterproof?

If you are thinking to have a bamboo floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or other moist places, you need to know if it is waterproof or not because 100% water will fall on it if you use it in some wet place, on this article we are going to give some information you about is bamboo floor waterproof or not and how to protect it from the mold scratches, etc.

Okay, The question is, are bamboo floors waterproof? bamboo floor is not waterproof in general if you use them in wet places where the water can stand on them for more than 24 hours, the water will be allowed to penetrate the bamboo floor and will damage them and also will swell, and warp. So if you are thinking to have it in your bathroom or other moist places we would not recommend that.

But if you are thinking to have it in some dry place such as the kitchen, etc. that is okay because bamboo is water-resistant. which means the bamboo floor can withstand spills and splashes. And it will be easy to wipe them fast to not be exposed to damage.

How Water Resistant Are Bamboo Floors?

The bamboo floor is water-resistant but not for a long time. and also it depends on the finish and manufacturing process used. If you use a waterproof sealed-on to cover your bamboo floor, it will add more safety to be standing in the water and moist.

Also, there are many kinds of bamboo wood that are used as floors at home, that’s why it is hard to know how much is water resistant, but they are most of them water-resistant. but if you want to protect your bamboo floor from any damage from moisture follow the tips below.

  • Don’t use any steam cleaners because they will lose their color from heat over time.
  • If you see some water spilled or other drinks on your bamboo floor, Wipe them with a smooth cloth.
  • If you live in a moist place, you need to use a mat at your front door or in the entryway to prevent dirt and moisture.
  • Don’t forget to put some pads under the furniture legs to protect your bamboo floor from scratches.
  • If you see some dirt stuck on your floor, use to clean it with water and normal soap, and don’t forget to wipe it well.

What Happens To Bamboo Flooring When It Gets Wet?

If your bamboo floor gets wet in a short time and you wipe it nothing will happen because bamboo is resistant to moisture, But you need to care about it because if the water or moisture sits on it for a long time it will be damaged and the fiber will swell and become wobbly which mean will lose its durability and it will be easy to broken when you walk on it.

So, Don’t let the water sit on your bamboo floor if you want to protect their decor, color, smooth surface, etc for many years.

Should Bamboo Flooring Be Installed In A Kitchen And Living Room?

Install the bamboo floor in the kitchen or living room are a perfect choice because these two places are less susceptible to moisture. And also bamboo solid which is perfect for high-traffic areas. Here are a few important tips to consider before having a bamboo floor in your kitchen or living room.


In the kitchen there is high moisture and a risk of water damage from spills and splashes, so you might need to clean it every day to protect it from mold, or you need to add to it some waterproof cover such as refinish it.


In the living room, you can install this bamboo floor in it because bamboo is very solid and can withstand heavy foot traffic. and also it will be good for the bedroom they are both of them there is not high moisture. But there is one thing you need to avoid it, which is dragging your heavy furniture because it might scratch your floor.


To use bamboo as your home floor, means you need regular maintenance once time within a week if you want to stay for you as you got it for the first time. Of course, that will be hard but bamboo will make your home like a luxury home and will keep it clean over time.

These are important factors if you want to have a bamboo floor in your kitchen or living room. But you need to consider more things if you want a bamboo floor to stay with for many years by following the step above in this article.

Can Bamboo Floor Be Used In Bathrooms?

Yes, it can be used for your bathroom too, but you should know bamboo is not water-resistant and it might be damaged quickly because in the bathroom there is high moisture. Also, you have a chance to use it in your bathroom if you use a moisture barrier underlayment.

There is another idea if you want to use bamboo decor in your bathroom, which is by covering the sides with bamboo board and the floor with ceramic tile or stone to make your bathroom clean and elegant, also you will not need to wipe the water spills that are stuck on it because the bamboo has a smooth surface which will make the water to slip.

How Long Does The Bamboo Floor Last?

The bamboo floor can last for many years if you take care of it because it can be exposed to many different weather elements. If you use to care about it with proper care and maintenance it can stay with you for more than 20 years.

Also, you should get high-quality bamboo because some of them are not sturdy even if you care about it it might be damaged in the first year.

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