Best 8 Bamboo Bathroom Accessories

When you are entering to the untidy bathroom, you feel like you are in a mess, and every time you need to collect all accessories you use in the bathroom. Sometimes you find the soap on the floor gets dirt or you find your toothbrushes next to the hand wash basin, or your toilet paper got wet, and many things.

But to make your accessories organized I have for your the best bamboo bathroom accessories, you will make your bathroom very stylish and clean, and you will collect your things and protect them from any germs. I was suffering from that too before, and I don’t have too much space in my bathroom to store my thing but when I use these products he makes all thing safe and give me enough space.

I bought some of these bamboo bathroom accessories for my bathroom and I’m going to make a review about them to help you too if you want to use them for your bathroom too. One my experience with bamboo furniture that I use in my home, they make my home very organized and clean, and the bamboo it will not get dirty quickly as other wood, and is very strong and lightweight.

When you are choosing bamboo accessories for your bathroom you have to know you are choosing high-quality, waterproof, and sturdy wood because bamboos are environmentally friendly and renewable.

This Is My Picks Bamboo Bathroom Accessories That I Use In My Home:

These are the best accessories that you need to have in your bathroom. To know which one you will need for your bathroom stay with us and keep reading, we are going to make reviews about them. And we are very happy to help anyone who needs to find the best home products.

1- Set Of 5 Bathroom Accessories:

This set of 5 will revitalize your bathroom and will make it very organized, You will get a trash basket, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and toiletry storage box with lid, and tray to put anything you want on it, or you can use it to organize these team set in one place.

All these teams are made of bamboo. I have used this team on my bathroom too and it makes everything organized, I just love the decor that gives when I enter the bathroom. My friends love them too. The thing that I love about this set of 5 is the trash basket, it comes with enough storage.

And it will be a nice gift for your friends, mother, father, and more, because it comes with all things they need for their bathroom.


  • It can suit any kind of bathroom you have.
  • It makes all my accessories very organized.
  • The tray for soap comes with stainless steel layer on the top.
  • They are high-quality.


  • None.

2- 4 Pack Holder Dispenser with Bamboo Lids:

Maybe you are the one who searches for the small thing that you use in the bathroom like my wife. Usually, the most thing that we use in the bathroom is cotton balls, cotton swabs, floss picks, and more, and keep them neat and clean. but with this pack holder dispenser, you will not suffer from searching anymore, You will make all your thing close to you and easy to find them.

The nice thing about this pack holder dispensed is made with transparent plastic with BPA-free, so you will see what is inside the pack without opening the pack. The bamboo lid makes this pack high-quality and lightweight and led it comes with round beads for easy grip and easy to open with one hand.

But this container with BPA-free, you can use it in your kitchen too if you want that. But if you are looking for other containers that you need to use in your kitchen, we have made reviews about them too, so check here Home Planet Glass Containers.


  • Lightweight.
  • You can use it in your kitchen too.
  • It will make your items clean and neat.


  • They are a little small and their Oz is only 10.

3-Bamboo Toilet Brush With Stainless Steel Handle:

Maybe you will have a problem finding a place where you can put the toilet brush when you finish cleaning your toilet, or some people are suffering from the smells from the brush when they finish cleaning the toilet because their old brush gives off smells. So if you have that problem too I recommend using this bamboo toilet brush. And it will make your toilet very clean, unlike other toilet brushes that make your bathroom dirty.

You will not suffer from your bamboo cover on it because it comes with a plastic cover inside, so it will protect the bamboo quality and it will not emit a smell thanks to the stainless steel lid. The nice thing also is the steel brush handle, it will not rust and it’s easy to clean, not like other cheap brush that is hard to clean and lose their color when you use some soap for cleaning.


  • It doesn’t emit the smell like other cheap brushes.
  • It has a plastic cover inside to protect the bamboo.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • It has a lid for smells.


  • None:

4-Bamboo Bath Mat Bathroom:

Maybe you will have a person that goes to take a shower and when he finished they get out with his wet foot, and they make the floor wet, so you need to clean it every time when someone enters it. or you do that too, but if you are looking for a solution, I have for you this bamboo bath mat bathroom. You will not need to clean your bathroom anymore every time when you take a shower.

It will help you a lot when you get out of the bathtub and you will wear your clothes and shoe in safely on it. And you will not scare of slipping because this bamboo mat has silicon on the bottom and is non-slip. and it supports any floor you have such as wood or tile.

The folding feature makes it easy to clean and carry for using it on any place you want in your home.


  • It can be used on any floor you have.
  • It comes with a fooling feature for easy to carry.
  • Waterproof.
  • East to clean.
  • Non-slip.


  • Some people use it on a dry floor and say it slip

5- Bamboo Toilet Paper Storage:

When your bough a lot of toilet paper 70% of you will not have a place on the toilet to store them, but some people put it in the trash basket or they put one on top of the other, which will make your toilet messy. But this bamboo toilet paper storage will make them organized and keep them clean.

You will get enough space to store your toilet paper in one place, and you can put them anywhere you want, it will make your paper rolls certain elegance. Even if you put it on the floor near your toilet you will not be scared about your toilet paper getting wet because the bamboo is waterproof and it will protect them. and it comes with a lid to protect them from the top too.

The dimension of this holder is 16.29″L x 5.35″W and is enough to store 4 rolls of paper in one place.


  • It can fit 4 rolls of toilet paper.
  • Easy to use.
  • Efficient and stylish.
  • Waterproof holder.


  • If you use a massive roll of paper, this holder will not fit them.

6-Bamboo Folding Toilet Stool:

Do you have kids or adults who can’t sit on the toilet and do their things because of its small size? So you need to find for them some stool like this bamboo folding toilet stool to make them feel comfortable when they sit on the toilet.

And it will be a nice gift for your father mother, grandmother, and grandfather. The older are the ones who suffer a lot sitting on the toilet because their legs do not touch the ground much and they feel very tired.

The height size of this bamboo folding toilet stool is 7 inches which will give you enough comfort to sit. when you are using this stool it will make you sit at an angle of 35 degrees which makes you do your things in the right way, unlike the normal way that makes you sit at an angle of 90 degrees which makes you sit on the toilet for more than 10 minutes and is hard for you to make your things.


  • It makes you sit at an angle of 35 degrees.
  • The folding feature allows you to store it in any small place.
  • Very sturdy.


  • None.

7-Bamboo Waste Basket:

There are many people who used toilet paper to wipe their bodies and after that, they throw it on the toilet, and they don’t know that it will bankrupt the channels over time. So to cross all these problems, you need to use this bamboo waste basket, you will make your trash organized, and make your toilet clean.

The dimension of this bin is 10,6″ x 5.75″ x 10″ and is a perfect fit for all bathrooms. You can put it on the floor and nothing will happen if the water touches it because bamboo is waterproof, bamboo gives a beautiful color, and is suitable for bathroom accessories. when you use it, you will feel like you are in a five-star bathroom.

Instead of using a plastic wastebasket that reflects your bathroom decor, use this bamboo bin that will suit any style of bathroom decor.


  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Its color makes the bathroom very stylish.
  • The waterproof feature makes it to be used on the floor, not like other basket wood.
  • Very sturdy.


  • doesn’t come with a lid.

8-Bamboo Double Dual Toilet Paper Holder:

If you want to change your steel paper toilet shelf to another shelf that gives more decore to your bathroom, I would recommend this bamboo double dual toilet, Because you will get two places for your roll paper and more space on the top for more accessories.

Maybe on your old shelf sometimes when you want to wash your hand you don’t have a place where you can put your accessories such as your key, phone and more. But with this new one, you will get a tray above the bamboo shelf to put your things and protect them from the water.

You can install this shelf tray near your toilet or your bathroom sink to make everything close to you, and it comes with any tools you will need for installing it on the wall. The shelf comes with a little large on the sides that protect the rolls of toilet paper from falling down when you pull it.


  • It comes with a tray to protect your thing when you enter the bathroom.
  • It gives decor more than shelf steel.
  • It comes with two places for roll toilet paper.


  • The product comes in form of pieces, so some people don’t like it to be that.

These are the best bamboo bathroom accessories that you should have in your bathroom. most people who are fans of bamboo wood use it in their bathroom and I’m one of them too. Because is very lightweight and sturdy. I have made reviews about some products that are made from bamboo and I’m going to share with you the links below if you need them.

But if you still need more about these bamboo bathroom accessories you can check here.

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