How To Make Bamboo Wind Chimes (In Easy Way)

The bamboo wind chimes are one of the best decorative objects made from bamboo tubes and they give a cute musical sound when the wind blows. It is installed in the backyard to give an elegant decor and sound from nature. To make wind chimes from bamboo in an easy way, keep reading to know how and with only simple equipment.

When you know to make it all your family and friends will love its sounds because they are inexpensive and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. To make bamboo wind chimes, you will need bamboo tubes, a Fishing line, a wooden disk, a saw, scissors, and decorative elements if you want to make them more elegant.

How To Make Wind Chimes From Bamboo?

Making bamboo wind chimes are a fun and easy project that can be done in a few simple steps, Let’s See How below. After you read these steps, I’m going to share with you a video on how to do that in the right way.

  • 1- Bring a bamboo tube and clean it by removing the leaves and any dirt you see on its sides.
  • 2- Cut the bamboo into six rods by using a saw, and cut the in the same size. We recommend cutting them to 7 cm in each rod. P.S. each size you cut will give you a different sound, So if your bamboo tubes are 7 cm and you can’t hear the sound well we recommend experimenting with different lengths to find the combination of notes you like best.
  • 3- You need to drill two holes near the top of each bamboo pole to make them like the necklace, then enter the fishing line on the holes to create a necklace to hold the bamboo pieces in place.
  • 4-After you drill the holes, At the end of each bamboo tube, you need to split the hollow with a knife to create a source of the sounds.
  • 5- After you put the fishing line on each bamboo tube, you need to bring a small wooden disk and drill the holes, For each tube, you need to drill two holes near the edge of the disk to make your bamboo tubes in a circle.
  • If you like to add some decorative elements you can drill holes in the middle of the wooden disk and hang them too, but don’t let your decorative elements touch the bamboo tubes because it will hinder their sounds.

If some steps here are not clear to you, you can check the video below to make everything clear.

What Do Bamboo Wind Chimes Sound Like?

When you put your bamboo chimes in some place where the wind is, they will give sound like soothing, mellow sound when they are struck by the wind. I want to explain what it looks like but it is hard to explain it because their sounds are very cute and it’s not like other metal chimes.

How Do I Make My Bamboo Wind Chimes Louder?

If you make bamboo wind chimes by yourself but the sound is not too louder, you have to know the size of the bamboo tubes is a little short that’s why the sound is not louder. To make the sounds louder you need to have bamboo tubes with large sizes because the specific sound produced by a bamboo wind chime it’s depends on the size.

But remember, if you make bamboo tubes in large sizes it might be heavy for the wind to move them to make a sound, so the perfect size that you can set on the bamboo tubes is between 5 and 10 cm.

Also, you need to keep it close to your home if you want to hear the sound every time when it’s wind because the wind also lows their sounds.

Where Should Bamboo Wind Chimes Be Placed?

If you live in a place where is a lot of wind, the bamboo wind chimes sounds can be louder in a windstorm, so the best place where to have it if you want to listen to the quiet sound is on your favorite tree in your backyard.

But if you live in a quiet place where there’s not much wind, the best place to hang it is above your front door or in your window.

Where To Buy Bamboo Wind Chimes?

The best market where you can buy bamboo wind chimes is on Amazon, everyone knows the amazon market is a reliable market, and for every product you buy you will get all information about it, and 90% of you will get a warranty for each product you buy, and if you don’t like the product, you will get your money back in 12 hours or less.

How Long Do Bamboo Wind Chimes Last?

It can stay for many years, and also it depends on how you care about it because if you hang it in some place where the sun didn’t reach to it throughout all year, it can grow mold, so it’s better to put it in some sunny place to keep it dry.

The moisture can help the mold to grow in your bamboo wind chimes, so it’s better to bring it inside during extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or extreme cold, to protect it from damage.

How To Clean Bamboo Wind Chimes?

If you use to hang your bamboo chimes outdoors they will get dirty from element weather, so the easy way to clean them is by the steps below.

  • Bring so toothbrush and remove all dirt you see inside it and outside.
  • Rinse it with water to make any stuck dirt easy to remove with soap.
  • Bring mild dish soap and gently scrub the bamboo tubes with a toothbrush and soap like you clean your tooth.
  • Rinse it with clean water to make sure all soap inside it and outside is removed.
  • Then hang it back in its place to dry aloe by air and sunshine.


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