Best 5 Duplo Lego Tables Reviews

We all loved to see the smile on the face of our kids and this is the most important thing in this life. Duplo Lego Table will be a lovely gift to your children on their birthday or for Christmas.

This Duplo Lego Table is coming with some small games like a farmer in the form of pieces or some small city, your kids assemble these pieces to make a town or farmer, it depends on which kind of Duplo Lego Table your kids like.

This Duplo Lego Table will help your children to not play on the floor anymore, it will make your children’s games neat and neat.

Most of these Duplo Lego Tables are made of strong plastic or wood and comes also with one chair or two so that your children do not get tired when they are playing, this Duplo Lego Table it will make your kids very happy and will enjoy it a lot.

Children over three years can play on these Duplo Lego Tables.

Top 5 Best Duplo Lego Tables:

These top 5 Duplo lego tables are in the top one on amazon marketing. Let’s analyze and discuss these Duplo Lego tables one by one to have an idea of which one is the best for you.

1-Burgkidz Kids 6-in-1 Multi-Activity Table Set:


Material: Plastic
Table Weight: 6KG
Table size: 25″L x 18.9″W x 18.9″H (63.5 x 48 x 48cm)
Chair Size: 10.3″W x 10″D x 17″H ( 26 x 25.5 x 43 cm)

The activity table comes with one chair with two sides for two kids who need to play together, and also comes with 135 different pieces with colorful to build some big structures or some funny animals, cars, homes, and much more. a large table can 4 kids play on it without crowding.

This Versatile Table can your kids use it for drawing or learning how to write so words because the top layer on this table has two sides, one side for playing and building some games and another side it’s for studying work or eating. the legs of this table have a plastic layer that holds the table from slipping or falling when your kids are playing in it.

also, this Activity table it will make your kid’s room very clean when they finish playing because it comes with 3 storage which your kids can store their toys to find for the next time.

you need to imagine how this activity table will make a nice decor for your kid’s room, your kids will be happy with it. The simple weight of this table can help you to move it somewhere you want like to the home garden or living room or to the kitchen when your kids want to eat.


  • You can store your toys kids on the table.
  • Lightweight.
  • The table is changed from a studying table to a gaming table.
  • That plastic layer on the end of the table legs holds the table to not move when the kids play in it.


  • Comes Only with one chair.
  • expansive


2-Kids Activity Table Set – 5 in 1 Water Table:


Material: Plastic
Table weight: 5KG.
Table size: 22″ x 22″ x 17.
Chair Size: 18 inch high.
Seat chair Size: 10″ of the floor.

this kid’s activity table comes with two chairs, your children can build in this table with plastic pieces to make some favorite animal, this table also can be for eating and drawing. this kid’s activity table can be disassembled and placed in a small place such as under the bed, also you can disassemble the chairs and put them on the storage table.

If your kids don’t like the plastic chair you can remove the legs from the table and put it on the floor or on the living room table, and the place of plastic gaming storage piece on the table you can use also like a bowl to put the water in it or building the brick in it.

You can use this kid’s activity table in threeway is for building some small town with a plastic piece or rotate the top layer for drawing or you can remove the top layer from the table, this top layer has storage under it where you can put the water in it or color sand and scooping rice…, and let your kids enjoy to play some water games in it.

If you live in a small house this kid’s activity table will suit your home because the size of it it’s too simple


  • Easy to assemble it.
  • The kids who have 18 months can play in it.
  • The kids can move it to any place they need because it’s too lightweight.
  • Nice storage compartment.


  • expansive


3-Kids 5-in-1 Multi Activity Table Set


product weight: 8.7 pounds
Table size: 17.7″L x 17.7″W x 17″H
Chair Size: 10.35″W x 10.12″D x 17.01″H
Material: Plastic

5-in-1 table is made of strong plastic and comes with one chair and 5 storage that your kids can put any plastic game they have, and comes also with 128psc big DIY that you can build anything your kids want. also, these Duplo Lego Tables have that layer on the top that you can put your plastic psc when your kids are finishing playing in it.

The tabletop surface is made to hold the pieces by double Sided Playboard when your kids are building something. the tabletop on the learning side is made of strong plastic and smooth, you wash it only with your hand or with some damp cloth.

When you remove the top layer you will see the big storage on the table, and that storage on the table can you kids use for the water table, sand table, toy storage, and much more.

The leg of the table and chair are very strong because the end of the legs to the floor is a little bit more than another side that holds on the table, and this makes the chair very comfortable and stable so it can for two kids to sit on it.


  • 5-storage in one table which can your kids store any game they have.
  • The table legs are chairs are too strong.
  • Strong plastic.
  • Easy to assemble and store in a small space.


  • Comes only with one chair, if you have two kids or three you need to pay for more chairs from another side.


4- 3-in-1 Kids Activity Table Compatible for Lego Duplo:


Material: Strong Plastic,  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Table Size: 9″W x 18.11″H x 15.35″L
Table Weight: 5 pounds
storage: 3 storage

The 3-in-1 kid’s activity table are coming without any chairs but the height of the table is 15.35inch, the Duplo lego table is going with this floor design that you kids use it without any chairs, are also comes with 42 building blocks and a toy storage mat.

The Duplo leg table has removable legs, when you remove the legs you cant put it on the floor, that table will be like a toy suitcase with a hand placed on the side of the table, that you can take it with you when you want to visit your family or when you want to move to some other place, this table it’s nice because the design of this table is ABS plastic foldable table.

When you want to give to your kids to eat on this table you need only to rotate that whole table because this Dupo lego table is not like other tables that have the top layer when you want to rotate the top layer you need only to remove the top layer on that table then rotate it. this Duplo lego table works exactly unlike other tables because this table doesn’t have a top layer that you can remove it, when you want to switch between the eating table and gaming table on this table you need to rotate the whole table because the table has the legs place on the bottom layer and top layer.

On the gaming table side, you kids can paste the plastic pieces on it to make some favorite games. and the other side on the table it for learning writing or drawing because that side is smooth.

We know this Duplo Lego Table is coming without legs, so when you want to give it to your kids to play in it you need to have some smooth carpet on the floor to keep your kids enjoying playing on the table without any hurting from the floor.


  • It has a nice color.
  • easy storage and carry.
  • Very Nice design, the kids who have 15 months can play in it.
  • You can remove the legs from the table and let your kids play in it more comfortably.


  • Doesn’t Comes With chairs.


5-UTEX 2-in-1 Kid Activity Table with Storage:


Material: wood
Table size: 22.2″D x 32.2″W x 20″H
Color: white
Toy Storage: Two large plastic storage.

This Duplo Lego Table it’s for kids who have more than 5 years because it’s a little large for kids who have under 5 years.

This ulti Duplo lego table activity comes in big size more than other tables and made of wood which makes use room kids very decore, his table doesn’t come with building piece so you have to buy any kind of piece you kids need for example this FUN LITTLE TOYS 1100 PCs.

This ulti Duplo lego table has two sides on the top layer, one side for building the piece and another side for drawing, that side for building the piece gives you the place to paste the piece to make some favorite cars or animal, the building side the support with any major building bricks, and for the smooth layer, your kids can use it for car sets, puzzle, and other toys. if your kids don’t understand each other and one of them needs to drow or learn how to write some word and the other one needs to build something, with this ulti table brand she thinks about that, and she’s made the table with three-piece on the top layer which each one of them can make what they want in it.


  • Professional design.
  • easy to assemble and nice quality
  • It can bear heavy weight.
  • The storage does not hinder her beautiful shape because is under it.


  • Didn’t comes with a lego.


How To Choose Duplo Lego Table For You Little Kids:

1-Duplo Lego Table size:

You must know the right size of the Duplo lego table for your kids because sometimes kids when they play on the table and the table is a little bigger than the kids, the kids try to stick the lego on the table and the table starts to move and maybe it will fall on it.

2-Chairs Size:

Try to find a chair that gives to your kids comfortable, also when you see your kids when he’s sitting on the chair and their leg doesn’t touch the floor you have to change the chair because like these chairs will tire your kid. so try to find that chairs when he sat you should see if his foot is touching the floor and Knee sprain gauge is 45 degrees.


  • If your kids are still small like in their age is 18 months to three years don’t purchase for them a small lego because sometimes they put it in their mouth, to keep your kid safe buy for them that big lego.
  • If the Duplo lego table it’s a little heavy don’t let your kids play alone with it because you don’t know maybe it will fall on it.
  • Don’t Lett your kids go over the table.


Q: do lego Duplo fit on lego table?

A: some of the lego Duplo is not fit on the lego table because some of the Lego doesn’t have the same point that you paste on the table.

Q: what age are duplo legos for?

A: A: There are many kinds of lego tables that are suitable for all ages, but can use by kids who have 15 months of age or older.

Q: Are Duplo and lego compatible?

A: Not all lego is compatible with Duplo because some of them don’t have the same point that you paste on the Duplo.

Finally Tips:

When you want to purchase the best Duplo lego table you should know first which materials are made from, also don’t forget to see the customer reviews on amazon to have an idea about your Duplo lego table.

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