Best 3 Beachbody Sliders To Keep Your Daily Exercises Safe

To keep your body safe and strong, you must do some exercise but when you start training you will get sweat and your foot cannot hold well onto the floor, so in that, we have to look for something that can keep our foot to hold on the floor. that’s why I’m going to share with you the best Beachbody Sliders that can help you to do your exercises in the right way without any sliding.

The Beachbody sliders are made to be anti-slider which gives you power when you do some homework or in the game hall, These Beachbody sliders are usually made of plastic Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

With these Beachbody Sliders, you will say goodbye to sliding when you do some difficult exercises and you can use them in every place you want for example on the hardwood, tile, gym floor, and carpet/ rugs.

Let’s Look at the best Beachbody Sliders on Amazon:

Top 3 Best Beachbody Sliders:

We have been testing and comparing many kinds of Beachbody Sliders that can suit everyone, then we find this top 3 Beachbody Sliders and it’s in bestsellers on amazon, and the number of purchases of this product on amazon reaches 10,000 people, so you will not find any problems when while using it.

This How To Train with These Beachbody Sliders:

Let’s Know More About This Beachbody Sliders:

1-Elite Sportz Beachbody Sliders:

Quick Summary:

Limit weight: 330P
Product size L.W.H: 7.09 x 7.09 x 0.91 inches
Product weight: 0.4P

The Elite Sporty is one of the best famous brands that produce the product for gyms and it’s made this Beachbody slider to give people the best to train the right way.

This Elite Sporty Beachbody Slider comes in a simple design that you can use for your foot or your hand to hold on the floor, and the way these Beachbody Sliders works is to give you a slow movement when you want to work your back or neck muscles, and that side you put your hand for holding on the Beachbody Sliders is made the smooth plastic Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that gives your comfortable your you train.

thanks to this material that use to make the Elite Sporty Beachbody slider because you can use it on any floor you have in at home even on the carpet too and it will not slide, and you will not feel tired when your train with it because when you stable you will not lose the power because this Beachbody Slider regulator your power and make the place on your body that you want to move work well.

With the simple size and lightweight of the Elite Sporty Beachbody slides, you can take it with you to every place you want, for example when you want to start training at the gym, or when you want to travel you can take it with you in your bag. when you purchase these Beachbody slides you will get 2 pieces on the pocket.


2-Beachbody Strength Slides and Booties:

Quick Summary:

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Product weight: 29MG
Limit weight: 400P

These Beachbody Strength Slides and Booties will give you all you need on the PiYO because these slides are focused to bee only on that exercise.

If you only need the Beachbody strength slides that can keep your foot and legs stable so this item will help you with that because are designed to be for the foot only, and it comes in the form of the hole in the middle of the Beachbody strength slides to stick your foot on it without shaking.

The Beachbody slider comes with booties that you can use on any floor you have because are made of anti-sliding fabric, you wear them for these slides to add more power to the slides to hold on the floor. thanks to this small hole that suits your foot in the middle of the slide, your foot will grips well and be able to move a lot of muscles that you didn’t know existed.

If you like someday to play your favorite TIYO outside in the gym or in the garden you can do that because thanks to the small size and weight because you can take it to every place you want in any small bag.


3-Synergee Beachbody slider:

Quick Summary:

Slide Weight: 0.5P
Slide Size L.W.H: 7.5 x 1.3 x 7.4 inches
Limit weight: 330P

Some people are scared to play any gym because they don’t have any experience in how to play that, so if you are still a beginner on that so the Synergee Beachbody slider will help you to know how to stable your body on the floor with these sliders, it helps to do exercises in the easiest way without getting tired. and also it helps you to finish your exercise body faster by doing all exercises on the right way and moving all your muscle body.

To make every exercise work in the best way this Synergee Beachbody slider will give you balance and stability in any movement you do. the foam side is worked will on the hard floor and smooth as the tile and the like, and the plastic side is worked on the softer surfaces as on the turf or on the smooth carpet.

The materials used in this Synergee Beachbody slider are high-quality which means when you work on it by your hand and your hand is sweating the top layer on the slider is made to be an anti-slider when you sweat. and also has round sides made of a smooth plastic layer that will hinder movement on the smooth floor and your finger also it will hold on to it well.


Let’s Know More About This Beachbody slider:

1-Beachbody slider Size:

The most Beachbody Slider has 7inch in diameter size, so you have to make sure to find your best slides that are small for your feet or your hand because when your hand or feet are big than sliders you will work well on it and feel more comfortable.

2-Beachbody Slider Weight:

Also, most Beachbody Sliders are coming with a simple weight is 0.4 To 0.7 Pounds so with this easy size you can take it with you to every place you want. and if you are that one who likes to travel but you also love to do the gym or TIYO you can take it with you and you will not feel about it.

3-The Beachbody Slider With Dual Sides:

These Beachbody Sliders consist of two sides which have functions that you can use on the hardwood floor, on smooth grass, and On the carpet, all these places you can use this Beachbody Slider on it.

  • Foam side: This side you can use for the hard floor for example home floor…
  • Fabric Side: This side is made to use on a smooth floor for example on the carpet…

4-Grip And Comfort:

The Beachbody Slider has the best thing in the smooth plastic around it and it is easy for you to hold on to it with your finger so which help you also to make your body more stable.


By working every day with Beachbody Slider and by sliding your core slides it will lose its ability to withstand such hard work. so know which Beachbody Slider it will suit like this hard work make sure know how much that brand makes the core slides giver on the warranty. so that you will have a big idea of how long this core slider will stay with you.

6-Beachbody Slider Price:

The price of the Beachbody Slider it’s too low compared to the work these sliders do, the price is between 8-15$. so if you find some sliders with a high price than the price that I give you, you have to know the work that gives you this core slider it’s more than normal sliders. The price is the most important because it will give an idea of how this Beachbody slider will do its job for you.


Q: What is the Beachbody Slider?

A: The Beachbody slider it’s one of the best material that you can use in the gym or in TIYO, and make your body stable and do your exercise work in the right way, also you will move some muscle that you don’t know exist, and the design of this Beachbody slider made to be anti-slider.

Q: Do Beachbody Sliders Work On Carpet?

A: Yes it works well on the carpet because the Beachbody Sliders have two sides one for the smooth floor as carpet, or grass, and another side for the hard floor.
Thanks to the Fabric That keeps us doing our exercise in a smooth place.

Q: Q. How long should I work out with my Beachbody sliders?

A: To work with these Beachbody sliders for the first time can be very hard for you, so the best way is to start training with these sliders for 10 minutes a day until you feel the 10 minutes is not enough for then you can add more time. The idea is to try to into the slides into your exercise routine.

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