Best 4 Tvidler To Clean Your Ear Safety

Do you suffer from a lack of hearing and do not know what is solution? Don’t worry about that because we have for you the best Tvidler that helps you to clean your ear from the stick wax that clogs your ears and which makes you not hear much.

Sometimes when we want to clean our ear from the wax and we don’t know how to clean it, mostly we use the material that is not safe for the ear, as we may be exposed to danger or disease, but with the tvidler you will find everything you want as comfort and massage on your ear, as it removes wax from the ear and dirt in a professional and safe way without feeling pain

What Is The Tvidler:

The Tvidler cleaning ear has the design of a pen made of soft plastic on the body and a head made of ultra-soft silicone to keep your ear safe when you remove the wax. And this Tvidler has been developed to be an alternative to regular cleaners, you can clean every side of your ear without feeling the Tivdler because of thanks to the ultra-soft silicone material.

with these soft heads, you will remove all dirt and wax on your ear because Tvidler has grooves on the head that help the Tvidler remove the earwax when you rotate it without exposing you to danger or disease.

Top 5 Best Tvidler To Clean Your Ears with Safty:

Stop using the normal way to clean your ears which will expose you to danger over time and will make your hearing weaker. But with these top 5, you will make your hearing increase and you will not need to go to the hospital to clean your ears every time when you feel your ears are full of wax, with it you will not need to go to the doctor or to anyone to clean your ears, because these cleaning tvidler ears it’s easy to use and you will clean your ears by yourself with the right way.

Let’s Know More About this EarsWax Cleaning With Tvidler:

1- Tvidler Ear Wax Removal with Camera:

To clean your ears safely we recommend this Tvidler Ear Wax Removal with Camera because it has a camera on the head of the tvidler which give you to see the inside of your ears and remove all the dirt, it has ultra-soft silicone on the head, which gives the safety to your ears when you remove the wax or anything else.

Camera 1080P FHD: The camera has 6 cold lights which give you to see the inside of your ear in a high-quality image, also it has angle 360-degree lens that helps you to see what’s inside of your ear, and thanks to the gyroscope on this cleaning tvidler because it will help you to transfer videos smoothly and steadily during cleaning.

soft & Safe your eardrum: Thanks to this lighting on the camera and silicon layer on the head of the tvidler, you can clean the eardrum and you will not feel anything pain or feeling. The light on of the camera will not affect your eardrum either, as they are specially designed to be cold for your eardrum, which will help you to see dark places deep in your ears.

Bebird Application: The way that you use it to see inside of your ears is with the application Bebird (check it on the app store or google play), this application is working on android or ios. The way that you need to connect it with bebird app is with wifi and you will need only one click to use it.

this cleaning machine it’s not only for the ears, you can use it to inspect your nose, mouth, and other places on your body. Also, the kids can use it too.


  • Easy to use it.
  • Fast cleaning.
  • It has high-quality ultra-silicon soft to keep your eardrum safe.
  • The kids can use it too.
  • You can inspect other places on your body.
  • Very clear video 1080P FHD.


  • None

2-Tvidler Cleaning Earwax With 16 Replacement Heads:

This model comes with 16 replacement heads made of the ultra-silicon that give your ears comfortable and make them clean when you use it because the head of this cleaning earwax has lines on it which mean when you rotate it inside of your ears you will clean the wax by rotating it, which will go around the lines in the head. This Tvidler does not come with any camera or battery, so it’s a manual.

When you use any of these 16 replacement silicone heads you have to clean them with water to not get infected and don’t use the same head that your husband, your wife, your mum, and anyone because it’s very dangerous for your ears. You can use that head you use before, just clean it. Experts recommend bacteria and germs not to use the silicone head more than three times to keep your ears safe.

Every adult and elderly can use this ear cleaner tivdler, but children do not allow to be used it due to the head size equivalent to 2.5cm and which can reach up to the eardrum kids.


  • Easy to use it.
  • High-quality ultra-silicone.
  • It removes the earwax will in a professional way.
  • Comfortable for the ears.


  • Not good for the kids:

3-Tvidler With 4PCS Metal Ear Picker Set:

The Tvidler comes With 4PCS Metal Ear Picker Set and 2 kind that helps you to clean your ears in many different ways and also has two different ultra-silicone soft heads. All of these tools have a role in ear wax removal, for example, the spiral head and comb head are made of soft silicon which means it’s for removing wax from inside the ear, while the four metal tools come with a different heads to remove the wax outside the ear canal.

Also, The Tvidler comes with a special thing it’s a small bottle of contains drops to soften your ear and facilitate the removal of the wax. These drops are formulated with active natural ingredients that make your ears easy to clean with ultra-silicon. And it comes with 4 ultra-silicon spiral heads and 4 Ultra-silicon comb heads. when you use all these heads for the first time you can clean them with water and soap and don’t use them more than three times.

Kids who have over 4 years also can use this tvidler because it comes with a small soft comb ultra-silicon which you can use to clean your ears kids, also can use the drops too to make the removal of earwax easy.


  • It comes with drops to make your cleaning easier.
  • The kids can use it too.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Comes with two different ultra-silicon soft heads.


  • None

4-Ear Wax Removal Syringe Kit:

Are you looking for another way to remove the wax from your ears, we have for you this Syringe with an ultra-silicon soft head, The way this syringe removes the wax from the ears is with water. These Syringe cleaning ears come with three heads in three colors for the whole family, meaning no sharing, on the ultra-silicon smooth head has three holes that distribute water inside the ear and remove all dirt far and near.

The way this Syringe works to remove the wax and dirt with water is you need to fill it with water and then inserted it into your ears. And press the back of the syringe hard and fast so that the water can enter your ear to remove any dirt and wax. The ancients used this method to remove dirt and wax with water, but not with a syringe, but only using a small plastic bottle, they fill the bottle with water and they make a hole in the bottle cap with a small nail and they push the water to into the ears to remove all dirt and wax, and actually, it gives a nice result.


  • Easy to use it.
  • It Cleans the ear in the way of the ancients.
  • It pushes the water into the ear in the right way.


  • It Removes Only Hard Wax.

Let’s Check More About Your Best Tvidler:

1-Ultra-Soft Silicon:

This spiral tip is made from this super soft silicon which keeps your ears safe and cleans well. Even if you touch your eardrum with this soft tip head nothing will happen because that tip head is made to be comfortable for the eardrum. When you enter the soft silicon head to your ear without rotation it will not inter because the head is too soft, which means when you touch the eardrum it will bend.

2- 360° Protection:

To protect your ear and clean it in an elegant and organized, this spiral head is designed with grooves that will remove a lot of dirt and wax while you rotate the Tvidler inside of your ears, and then when you rotate it more inside of your ears it will remove more wax thanks to the grooves in the head because it removes the wax and dirt with right way and catches it without leaving anything inside.

3-Ergonomic Design For The Grip:

It comes with a nice design for the grip that helps you to rotate it comfortably. and usually, the size of this tvidler is 12,5cm which gives you enough space to grip and rotate it in the right way.

4-Tvidler Has several Advantages:

  • Soft Sprial Silicon Head.
  • 360° Protection.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Premium Grade Quality.
  • Safe For All Age Types.
  • Washable.
  • Easy Replacement Heads.

The Best Important Point That You Should Know To Before You Purchase The Best Tvidler For You And Your Family:


When you want to parches your best tvidler you have to know about the manufacturer’s brand first because the brand is important and it will give you know whether this tvidler cleaning is safe for you or not, and it will also give you knowledge of whether this brand has placed in the field of medicine or not.

2-Material That UseD In Tvidler:

The important thing you have to know before you get to purchase it is you have to check the material that they use because it’s very important and by checking that factor you will keep your ears safe because some of this tvidler are not made of the high-quality material and if you don’t check that maybe you will put yourself in danger.


Another important factor is Features, you have to check that too because it will give you also to know what it will give you when you purchase it. For example, you have to check if these tvidler has good value, if they are water resistant or not, Is it easy to use, and other things that you think it will suit you when you use them.

4- Costumers Reviews:

In the amazon market there you will purchase them, there are people who leave a review about that product and they write about what they like and what they didn’t like about this ear cleaning machine, so you have to read about that too to get a big idea about your item to not waste your money for nothing. so please don’t forget to check that factor too.


  • Every moment you use the tvidler head clean it with water and soap to use it the next time.
  • If you have had ear surgery or have ear discomfort or something else and you would like to use this cleaning tvidler, please consult your doctor before use.
  • Don’t share your ultra-soft silicon head with someone.
  • When you want to clean your ears don’t rotate them faster, rotate them slowly to clean your ears well.


Q: Is Tvidler Legal?

A: Yes, it’s legal and he obtained a patent in 2015 in the USA with the number US10813792B2, (You can check that in google patents).

Q: Is The Cleaning Earwax With Tvidler Safe:

Yes, by knowing it has obtained a patent it will be safe for our ears, This was confirmed by buyers too, who rated it five stars, and it reached more than ten thousand positive reviews in a short time which means you will get all you need in this tvidler without getting your self on the risk.

Q: What Is The Appropriate Age To Use This Tvidler:

A: There are too many kinds of them that can suit every age over 3 years, for example, Tvidler Ear Wax Removal with a Camera can use t by kids and older because it has a camera that gives you to see what you are cleaning inside of your ear without hurt. But the Tvidler Cleaning Earwax With 16 Replacement Heads it’s only for the older because it has a big head that has a size of 2.5cm which means it will suit the older ones only.

Q: Can Tvidler Damage Your Ear?

A: No it will not damage your eardrum and canal because the head of the tvidler is made of ultra-soft silicone and has a design of spiral shape and has grooves that allow the head to rotate and clean the ears comfortably.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Ears?

A: The best way to clean your ears is with Tvidler Ear Wax Removal with Camera because it gives you a clear view inside of your ears and you will clean it without any hurt. also to make your ears clean fast and easy you can add some drops of hydrogen peroxide, and mineral oil to your ears and let it for about 5 minutes to soften the wax to be easy to clean it.

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