Best 5 Acurit Light Tablet

If you are one who loves to draw, this light tablet for the drawing will make you a skilled painter only in a short time, This accurate light tablet will help you to draw difficult bodes drawing even if you are drawing with pencils or colored pencils.

It is an electric tablet with LED light to easily show any shape you want to draw, and it comes in many sizes that can fit any drawing size you want. and it has a nice feature that dimmable light, so you can choose how bright you want it to not hurt your eyes after using it for many years, and if want to draw some shapes that have too many dark colors you need to add bright to give a nice view and clear.

With its simple size and weight you can take it with you for traveling or visiting a friend’s home, kids and adults can use it to draw any caricature they love.

You can work with them for many hours without getting tired because it comes with feature legs for your convenience that gives you an angle to allow you to get comfortable, you can put them on the surface of any table you have in at home and start drawing.

TOP 4 Best Acurit light Tablets:

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Let’s make review them to know which one is the best for your job.

1-LitEnergy: Acurit light Tablets.

We recommend this LitEnergy light tablet because of its feature, it comes with the nice thing that you can’t find on other acurit light tablets is the battery.

You can use it when it is charging or when it is not in charge, you can take it anywhere you want to draw, for example, in your yard, or with your friends in the garden. The battery life can last for about 3.6 hours which means it will allow you to draw about five sheets of paper.

The surface of it is 12 by 8.5 Inches, and this is enough large to give you space for drawing big shapes and give your space to see the lines and colors. You can control the bright light from 0 to 4000Lux to be easy for you to see what you are drawing from the picture, dark lines, images with many lines, and much more.

And is designed also to be for traveling and is easy to carry in a small pocket because the weight is only 1.8 Pounds and the Thickness is 8mm, you will enjoy your favorite drawing in any place you want in the world.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The adjustable bright it gives a nice view of the image and picture that you want to draw.
  • It has a battery that you cannot find on other tablets.

What We Don’t Like:

  • None

2-Elice: Acurit Tablet A3 light:

This Elice Acurit Tablet has a perfect thing in the bright light. It comes with three different bright lights color to protect your eyes and also give you a clear image that has different colors to distinguish the color and color them on your drawing paper in the right way. You can control the bright light to any level you want because it comes with 6 levels.

Also, It is perfect for outdoor and indoor, it has a battery that stays 5 hours using even if you use a high brightness level, And the battery can charge for only two hours, you can use it for drawing when it’s on the charge to save more time in the drawing.

Say goodbye to back pain with this acurit light tablet because it comes with adjustable legs that you can adjust to any degree you feel comfortable with it between 0 and 35 degrees.

The surface area working on it is 15.2″ * 11.9″ and it’s enough to draw for small drawing and big. And the weight is only 3.34 pounds which is easy to carry anywhere you like to do your drawing.

What We Like:

  • The battery life is 5 hours.
  • It has three different bright colors.
  • Only with one click to start working with it.
  • The surfase is enogh large.
  • It comes with adjustable legs.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only for diamonds.

3-Acurit Light Tablet With Magnetic Pins:

This tablet comes with a nice feature a magnetic screen, you will not suffer from holding the paper with your hand on the screen every time when you want to start drawing, you will need only to stick it with the magnetic pins and start your drawing comfortably. And has nice things also as rulers on the horizontal and vertical of the tablet surface which will make your drawing sizes more accurate and professional.

You will enjoy drawing with this flicker-free tablet which protects you from any sore eyes from using it for a long time, and you can control the led brightness to any level that suits your work because it comes with three adjustable levels of brightness.

The magnetic screen size is only 9×13 and is enough for the small project. the weight is only 1.57 pounds and this is good for people who need to work with this tablet by holding it with one hand and drawing with another hand.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight.
  • flicker-free tablet.
  • The magnetic pins help you to stick the paper on the tablet’s surface.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It Doesn’t have the battery

4-Acurit Light Board:

if you are looking for a gift for your artist friend I would recommend this acurit light board because it comes with many features that can help them to do his job in the right way.

For people who need to do their drawing on this Light Box, they can use it for Diamond Painting, drawing 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, scrapbooking, and much more. The flicker-free on this tablet will not make your eyes sore, you can adjustable the brightness from 1 to 3 levels so that you can work on it for many hours.

This light box is ultra-slim and lightweight which can be easy for you to carry, but one thing that maybe you will not like is this light board doesn’t come with a battery but you can charge it with a power bank when the charging port is far from your working place.

It will stay with you for many years because has an aluminum layer on all sides the protect them from breaking. Also, it comes with an adjustable stand made of strong aluminum that bears the heavy weight that comes from your hand when you draw, you will get also enough comfort.

What We Like:

  • The stand has 9 levels to get you comfortable.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • It can charge from the laptop or power bank.

What We Don’t Like:

  • expensive.
  • Doesn’t Has the battery

The Best Way To Choose Your Best Acurit Light Tablet:

If you find some acurit light tablets in other places out of our article we recommend following these factors to find what is the best lightbox for your draw.

1-Surface Area Of The Lightbox:

You have to consider in mind this factor to know which size of this acurit light tablet surface suits your project. because most of these tablets are for kids and adults.

The size large surface is between 6” x 9” to 18” x 24, so make sure to find the size that suits your papers.

2- Free-Flicker Acurit Light Tablet:

To protect your eyes from the sore you need to check about this factor too. most of them don’t have the Flicker-Free feature, so to protect your eyes from the brightness and work on this lightbox for many hours you have to consider in the mind this factor.

If you get one of these acurit light tablets that don’t have the flicker-free, the first time of using your lightbox will not feel anything, but after using it for one month or two you will feel your eyes hurting you.

3-Acurit Light Tablet With Battery:

For the people who love traveling and exploring or vising friends but they can’t stop drawing and expressing their feeling about drawing, this factor is important for you, you need to have acurit light tablet with a battery to do your favorite drawing anywhere you want.

With battery can stay working with you for about 5 hours continuously without stopping, and charging it can take only 2 hours. But you can use it also when you put it on the charge.

4-Acurit Light Tablet With Stand:

if you are the one who loves to spend many hours drawing, you need to consider in the mind this factor too because it will give you to the comfortable and protect you from any back pain.

The stand helps you to distinguish between the colors and lines and give you comfort for the joint of the hands, back, and neck. When you get some acurit light tablets with stands you will have a chance to change between degrees to find which one is comfortable for you.


  • If you feel some hurt in your eyes I recommend not using this lightbox.
  • When you are looking for an acurit light tablet I recommend getting one that has a stand and handles for your comfort.
  • Don’t use the high level of brightness for more than 2 hours continuously even if you have a light tablet that has flicker-free because the high level is about 4000Lux and this will hurt your eyes.
  • When you start drawing try to not close your eyes to the tablet to not deficiency in your eyesight after using it for many years.
  • Don’t let your kids who have under 6 years to use this tablet light.


Using this acurit light tablet for your drawing is good and it’s a good idea for people who don’t know to draw, but when you want to use this lightbox I recommend knowing how to use it and knowing whether it harms health or not, so as not get into any trouble.


Q: How much do most Acurit light tablets weigh?

A: Most of these acurit light tablets weigh between 0.97 to 3.00 pounds and it is a suitable weight to carry with you wherever you want or you can work with it while you hold it in your hands.

Q: Can I Take It With Me When I Want To Go Travelling?

A: Due to its simple design and weight, it is suitable for traveling. You can carry it with you wherever you want to travel. you can put it in a small pocket or take it in your hands to protect them from breaking.

Q: How to use Acurit light Tablet to draw?

all you need to do is just turn the button on in your acurit light tablet when you see the surface of the tablet is bright, all you need to do is to stick some images on the tablet surface area, for example, cartoons, tattoos, streets and much more, then bring a paper that you want to draw on it and stick it up on the image and start drawing.

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