Best 6 Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover

Every time when you want to go somewhere by car with your pets, but there is no other place in your car to put your dog just only on the seat car, the dog can dirt your seat with his fluff and you can’t clean it, because the dog fluff is very stuck on the car seat. That’s why we are here to give you the best frontpet quilted dog cargo cover to cover your car seat from any dirt that comes from the dogs or any other animals you love.

You can use this frontpet quilted dog cargo cover to carry your pets or your luggage to the beach, and everything that can pose a danger to your car seats, Keep your SUVs very stylishly and it will stay with you for many years. And Every vehicle that has a space on the rear seat can install this frontpet quilted dog cargo cover because it comes in many sizes.

TOP 7 Best Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover:

These top 7 Cargo Area Covers you can use is in any SUV car you have, and some of these covers are multi-use, for example, you can use them as your bed in the car, or eating place. And some of them you can use for your dog seat.

We have tested all these frontpet quilted dog cargo covers on how this material can bear the dog’s paw when they play on it and is these materials are not non-slip for the dog or not, is easy to clean or not, and is the fluff dog is stuck on it or not. We tested this cargo area cover from all these factors and we get the result that is positive. with this cover, you will not get any issues with your dog.

Let’s know more about these frontpet quilted dog cargo covers and how to use them.

1-Dog Cargo Liner:

Make your car very stylish with this cover seat for dogs. This frontpet quilted dog cargo Cover is made from Oxford fabric. that is waterproof and anti-slip. Some people say “I was using the normal cover in my car and it’s not made of the high-quality material like this cover, and my dog damage its surface when I’m on the zig road because the dog try to hold by his fingernails, but when I got this cover it was very sturdy and dogs can’t damage it with his fingernails even when they play on it”. This product is also designed to be suitable for protecting your car when carrying sharp or heavy objects because it is made of three layers.

This is our best dog cargo liner, it can suit all cars like SUVs, vans, Truck & Jeeps because its size it can suit all this kind of car and the size is 82”x 52”. This cover’s not only for dogs, but you can also use it also for protecting your car from scratches, and this means that when it is time to sell, you will earn your money.

What We like:

  • Made of three layers from Oxford fabric.
  • The size extends to the front seats.
  • very sturdy.
  • easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like:

  • None.

2-Frontpet SUV Cargo Liner For Dogs:

This frontpet cover for the dogs is designed to be for SUVs and has two sizes ( medium, and large). and is made of 4 layers of coated oxford fabric which can absorb shocks while driving in rough terrain and protect cargo area sides from any damage.

Frontpet SUV Cargo Liner For Dogs with large sides will protect your side walls from any dog scratches or sharp things. sometimes the dogs are trying to stand up on the seats and by that, the dogs can scratch your seats, this is an idea for the brand to add something special to your car and keep it safe for many years.

These large sides will give your more safe to your car and you can carry anything you want when you want to go exploring outdoors with your family.

The way to Install this frontpet SUV cargo liner for dogs is to easy because the cover comes with a suction cup and belts to install on the window and headrest on the seat.

What We Like:

  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Has extra large sides to protect your cargo area.
  • It absorbs shocks.
  • Waterproof. Multi-slip.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It suits only SUVs car

3-4Knines SUV Cargo Liner for Fold-Down Seats:

This cover Doesn’t have enough large sides to protect your cargo area but it has an extra large to the front side to protect the seats. Some people use these for traveling because are made of Heavy-duty, colorfast 600D polyester which is comfortable for sleeping.

It comes with special things that you can install t also on the fold-down seat to make more space to sleep in your car comfortably. Also, the zipper on this 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner makes the cover suit any kind of back seat you have, for example, if you have two seats stuck together it will suit them and if your three seats are not stuck together it will suit them too, so any kinds of seats you have it will work with it.

And if you want to use it for your dogs or to carry some furniture you can use it because the 4knines make it also to be for hard work.

What We Like:

  • It’s a multi-use cover.
  • The material used makes it very comfortable.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • you can wash it with a washer.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come with an extra large side to protect the cargo area side.

4-The Quilted Cargo Cover:

The Quilted Cargo Cover is available to use for many things, for example, use it for your pets or you can use t on the beach as a carpet because is made with heavy denier, vinyl-backed polyester to give you enough comfortable when you seat on it near of the beach. and it has two different sizes (standard 54 and full size 57) that can fit any area cargo SUV and can fit 4 people to seat on it.

This cargo cover will not dirt quickly because of the material they use, they are waterproof and anti-slip, some buyer says” I have dogs that like to play in the mud and when I use this cover to sit near the lake, the dogs start to play in the mud and when they get tired they come to take rest on this cover and they make it very dirt, but I use only water to clean it and make fresh”. With this Quilted cargo cover, you will not suffer from dirt and it will be easy to clean.

What We Like:

  • Easy to install in the car.
  • anti-scratch.
  • Very comfortable for lying down.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • It protects all sides of the cargo area.

What We Don’t Like:

  • None.

5-Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover Back Seat:

if you want to keep your dog close to you use this hammock dog car seat cover back seat because has something very completely different from other cargo area covers. with this cover for the back seat, you will not suffer from fluff dogs or dirt on the car seat, and you will make a good seat for your dog and he can lie on it and play without any issues.

The way to install this Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover Back Seat between the seat it’s easy because it comes with belts to catch it on the headrest to make it like a swing for your dog. It comes also with a waterproof zipper on the sides to make your dog safe from any side, thanks to that extra large zipper it will keep all dirt and hair inside it to make your car very stylish and new.

This Cover Back Seat has 4 layers that are waterproof and anti-slip and is made of polyester, cotton, 600D PVC, and rubber mesh to give your dog a good feeling and comfortable. And t comes in different sizes, standard and XL large which can fit all SUVs.

What We Like

  • Durable cover seat.
  • The extra large zipper on this cover makes it a pelvis which keeps the dirt inside it.
  • Easy to install and very comfortable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive.

6-Pet Cargo Cover Liner:

There are some people who have some jobs out of the city like mining for gems, taking care of wild animals, and much more, whatever your job is, this Pet Cargo Cover Liner will cover your car when you take any tools even if’s heavy or sharp. The size will fit the trunk, jeep, and SUVs.

this cover for the cargo area will work with animals too, and you will not suffer from pee, vomit, and scratches because is made of high-quality material that can suit any pollution from animals in your car and is easy to clean it. It has also a nice feature is the bags, it comes with large storage bags in which you can store anything you want like some pet toys, car tools, food, and much more.

For the people who don’t have enough storage in the cargo area this cover is multi-use, you can use it to cover your middle seats.

What We Like:

  • Multi-use cover.
  • Easy to install.
  • waterproof.
  • made of high-quality material.
  • it has a pocket for storing something.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It will not be washed in the washer.

Tips On How To Pick Your Best Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover:

When you are looking for the best Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover you have to know a few factors to find the best cover that suits your car and your dog.

Here are a few factors that you should know before you don purchase your best cover for the cargo area.


You have to consider this factor when you are looking for the Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover. By this factor, you will know if this cover will bear the scratch, pee, and other pollution.

Also, you will know if this cover will bear the friction with the cargo area when you carry some heavy things or sharp. Make sure to check about this factor to get what you are looking for in this Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover.


Another important factor is material, if you want to give your dogs enough comfortable you have to check about this factor too. You have to know which material this cover is made from.

As we know the frontpet quilted dog cargo covers are must of them made of 600 denier nylon fabric, and this material is strong enough and comfortable to make the cover bear all the hard work.

so if you find another material used on some cargo area cover you have to check if it will be comfortable for your pets and is not exposed to scratching by dog nails or sharp things when you carry them.

Easy To Clean.

If you want to purchase frontpet quilted dog cargo cover to use for hard work, you have to know how this cover is easy to clean before you got it.

Some of these cargo area covers are easy to clean, and you will need only wipe them with a damp cloth, and some of them need to clean with a washer, so it depends on which things you want to use on this cover. So you have to check which one will be easy to clean for you and which one will suit your work.

 Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover With Sides:

If you want to use this cover for the cargo area to carry some things like furniture, exploring material, beach material, or anything else, so in that, you have to find a cover that has sides to protect your cargo area from scratches.

If you want to use this cover only to carry your pets I would say the sides are not important, the important is the floor, you need to find a cover with a comfortable floor instead of sides.

The Right Way To Install Your Cargo Liner:


  • When you see the dog pee on the cover wipe it with a damp cloth fast or wash it with water to not leave spots on it.
  • Don’t wash your frontpet quilted dog cargo covers with hot water.
  • When you use this cover for more can 7 days in your car you have to remove it from the car and put it outdoors for the smells to go away.
  • Make sure to know your cargo area size before you got this cover.


Q: How To Clean A Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs?

A: If your cargo liner for dogs gets very dirt you need to clean it with cold water with a washer.
And if you see only some dirt spots on the cover surface, all you need to do is to wipe it with some damp cloth.

Q: How many Layers in the Cargo Area Cover For Dogs?

A: Most of this cargo area cover comes with three layers or four, and each layer is made of different materials to make your cover comfortable. Usually, you find the first layer made of a waterproof coating, the second one of heavy-duty fabric, the third one made of cotton padding, and the fourth one made of a non-slip layer.

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