Best 6 Petego Walky Guard Car Barrier

The dogs are very sweet animals and friendly they can understand anything you do for them, so you have to take care of them anytime you want to go somewhere for example to go camping or travel to any place you want. Sometimes when you go traveling to some far place with your dog by car, you put your dog in the cargo area or in the back seat, but sometimes your dog misses you and wants to be close to you, so they try to cross the seats to you and you can’t touch him because you are in driving mood. in that, you have to find some barrier to keep your dog sit on his place until ll you find a parking.

To protect yourself and your dogs while you are driving you should have this petego walky guard car barrier to keep him safe and enjoy traveling with your dog with safely. However, these petego walky guard car barriers are designed as mesh, and most of them are made of different materials from steel, metal, and fabric. these dog barriers can be used on SUVs, vehicles, and trucks due to their different sizes that can keep small and big dogs in their place.

are you looking for the best Petego Walky Guard Car Barrier for your car and you don’t know which one is the best for you? okay, we are going to give you the best 6 different petego walky guard car barriers that will suit your car and protect your dog.

TOP 6 Best Petego Walky Guard Car Barriers:

Using this petego walky guard car barrier does not mean locking up your dog from getting close to you, unlike this mesh barrier for dogs that will protect you and your dog. anything you do for your dog they can understand what you mean, so if you use this petego walky guard car barrier your dog can understand something it will happen if they are close to you when you drive.

It’s hard to find some petego walky guard car barriers that can suit your car, so let’s make a review about these 6 best dog car barriers to find which one can do its job for you.

1-Multi-Use Petego Walky Guard Car Barrier:

Barrier Specs:

Material: durable polyester
Mesh Size: 11.7in x 11.7in
Place Of Use In The Car: Between front seats
Target Dogs: for small dogs

People who have small dogs like Havanese, Basset Hound, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Sheltie, Pomeranian, Maltese dog, Bichon Frisé, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Bulldog, and others can use this multi-use petego walky guard car barrier.

The dimension of this barrier makes it the perfect cover mesh for easy install-and multi-use, and the material made makes it more durable, This durable polyester barrier comes with double mesh which can bear the sharp dog claws when it’s reclined on it.

This multi-use petego walky guard car barrier comes with Four safety hooks for easy to install and removal, you just need to hang the hooks in the headrest seat and underneath the seat to get a barrier for your dog. When you install this barrier between the two front seats you will get a small pocket on that barrier, so you can put any dog toys you have to make your dog happier with this barrier.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • The durable polyester that the barrier is made of it gives you to wash it in the washer.
  • Multi-use barrier.
  • stretchy barrier.


  • It works only for small dogs.

2-Foldable Petego Walky Guard Car Barrier:

Barrier Specs:

Material: Steel
Barrier Size: ‎48.03 x 0.39 x 16.93 inches
Place Of Use In The Car: Cargo area
Target Dogs: For big dogs

If you have a large dogs like Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and more, This barrier will suit them and protect you and your dog. This barrier will make your dog calm while traveling, and also help your dog to see you and feel close to you.

This foldable petego walky guard car barrier can be easy to install in any cargo area you have in your SUVs, and it comes with any tools you will need to install in the seatback. The steel material makes this barrier high quality and safer for your seats and dogs which you can use to cover two dogs at one time.

Petego walky guard car barrier comes in a folding design which you can use in anytime you want, and easy to store in the attached carrying case for easy to carry with you in your car.


  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • It comes with a Foldable design for easy to carry.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • It comes with a free collapsible bowl and case.


  • None.

3-Best Petego Walky Guard Car Barrier:

Barrier Space:

Material: Steel
Barrier Size: ‎48 w x 24H inches
Place Of Use In The Car: Middle seats
Target Dogs: For large and small dogs

If you want your dog to be close to you we recommend this best petego walky car barrier, you can install it behind the front seats and it can suit any car you has such as a honda, jeep, Toyota, ford, fiat, and other SUVs car. the design of this barrier gives you to install it on any headrest you have only in one secure strap.

The adjustable sides on this barrier for dogs help to cover all headrest sides so your dog can’t push his head in it trying to pass to you. with this adjustable piece, you can adjust it on any car side size you have and your pets. So with this best petego walky car barrier, you will not need to check the size because is made to suit any kind of car you have.

When you get this barrier you will have a chance to change it if you have any problem so you can get a new one or order your money back. The brand that gives this a chance to the customers means it trusts itself and knows you will not get any issues with its barrier so it works hard to give its customers a high-quality barrier.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • The two-piece on the side make the barrier fits all car.
  • East to install.
  • lightweight and very sturdy.
  • It comes with a warranty.


  • None.

4-Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier For Pet:

Barrier Space:

Material: Steel
Barrier Size: 54 x 1 x 22 inches
Place Of Use In The Car: Cargo area.
Target Dogs: For large dogs

The walky guard adjustable car barrier comes in a different design unlike the other barriers, this barrier comes in to form of steel bars connect between each other in the form of the barriers, but the difference is the large space between the bars. so this barrier is designed for large dogs and medium.

This adjustable car barrier is designed to be only for the cargo area, you can control the sizer of this barrier because it comes with an adjustable size, the maximum size is 18 H x 56 W inches, and the minimum size is 12 H by 34 W inches. there are so many cars that this barrier will not suit them, so if you are interested in this barrier, check your cargo area size first.

Easy to install this petego walky car barrier, but you need to have the headrest with poles on your seats for easy to install, if you have a fixed headrest this barrier will not work for you.

the first thing you need to do if you want to purchase this barrier you need to check your cargo area size, dog size, and what kind of headrest you have.


  • Lightweight.
  • very sturdy.
  • it does not require much effort to install.
  • Comes with a car-fit design.


  • You need to know the size of where you want to install it.

5-Petego Walky Guard Car Barrier For Dogs:

Barrier Space:

Material: Oxford cloth, Fabric
Barrier Size: 38.5 L * 57W inches
Place Of Use In The Car: Front Seats.
Target Dogs: For all kinds of dogs.

If you are looking for a barrier that can cover your dogs and protect your seats from dog paws, because the dogs are sometimes trying to stand on the seats, to protect your car, we recommend this petego walky guard car barrier for dogs it will protect your seats from scratching and tear-resistant and make it new for many years. this barrier is made from oxford cloth fabric which is anti-scratch, and weatherproof.

The way this barrier covers you from the dog while driving it’s completely different from other barriers because to install it in the seats you just need to wear it to the seats and fix the belts on the bottom of the seat them your installation is done. you will get a tight and strong mesh to prevent the pets to enter the front seat or noise you while driving. it helps to keep your dog in the back seat and increases driving safety.

This barrier is not designed to be for covering only, it comes with four pockets for storing anything you want for your dogs such as balls, food, and more.


  • Made of weatherproof fabric.
  • Anti-scratch barrier.
  • It doesn’t give the dog any space to cross to you.
  • doesn’t need any tools to install.
  • Well-ventilated


  • some people say it doesn’t cover the sides of the seat. so if you have some space between the body car and seats maybe your dogs can cross to you from it.

6-Cargo Area Dog Barrier For CUV:

Barrier Space:

Material: Metal
Barrier Size: 46″w x 21″h inches
Place Of Use In The Car: cargo area.
Target Dogs: For all kinds of dogs.

If you have a dog that jumps between the seats and plays on them, this cargo area dog barrier will stop your dog from crossing between seats that exposed your seat to scratching and dog hair. this metal barrier with fabric mesh will keep your car very stylish. also if you have kids this Cargo Area Dog Barrier for CUV it will make your car organized so that you can put the dogs in the cargo area and your kids on the seats.

With this simple design, it will be easy for you to install in the cargo back seats and it can take only 10 minutes, and it will fit the SUVs, trucks, and jeeps. But some kinds of cars don’t fit them so you have to check your cargo area size to know if this barrier can cover your dog or not. some of these barriers can cover all cargo areas and they let some space on the edges, if you have a small dog this barrier will not fit your car and your dog can through from that space.


  • It can take only 10 minutes to install.
  • Lightweight, and it works for large dogs.
  • The design of this barrier makes my car very organized.


  • It doesn’t cover all cargo area sides, it can let some small space on the edges.
  • Expensive.

Final Tips:

We hope to give you an idea of which petego walky guard car barrier is the best for your car, but before you don any purchase you have to know your area car and know if the barrier that you want to install in your car can be installed on the fixed headrest because some of them they are not working with that kind of the headrest.

Also when you choose one of the barriers we recommend reading the customer’s reviews on amazon to know more about it.

Also, if your dog dirts your seats with its hair we recommend using this Frontpet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover you will protect your seats from any dirt coming from your dog. if you still need some information check more here on another site web.

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