Best 5 water fitness belts Reviews

Training on the water it’s not something new, this sport has existed for many centuries. These Water fitness belts are among the most important straps that great athletes use to train in the water ta gain a strong body and a good physique.

The water fitness belt helps you to train in the water like in the home pool or the water sports hall. this belt will help you in your training and keep you standing on the water to train in the right way and keep your head above the water.

If you are overweight and cannot swim well, this water fitness belt will help burn fat while you are swimming and training at the same time. The belt wraps around your waist and keeps you standing in the water so you do the exercises correctly.

They are designed with material that does not cause abrasion to the body when exercising to be suitable for many human bodies and give you comfortable as they do not tighten your body well.

Even if you are older and you can’t swim because your body can’t bear the water, this water fitness belt will help you to swim well and get back to your youth.

I’m going to share with you the best water belts for women and men that you can use in many different ways on your body, such as a feet belt, between your legs, and your waist, and it will keep you above the water and have fun.

Top 5 Water Fitness Belts For Women & Men:

We have been testing these top 5 water fitness belts and we are going to give what we find on these belts and what we like and what we don’t like.

So let’s explain about one by one:

1-New Aqua 6-Piece Water Fitness Set:

Quick Summary:

Material: Fabric
Belts size: 1L ‘ 1W ‘ 1H
Belts weight:
Recommended age: Adult

The water fitness belts are made of soft foam that provides “neutral buoyancy”  that keeps you above the water to train in the right way, the belts design of the 6 pieces of soft foam provides are assembled with one belt, and the length of the belt is 60-20 inches, which means that the belts are suitable for adults and you can adjust the belts as it suits you, not only that, it comes with two light dumbbells made of soft foam too and water gloves to hold will the dumbbells underwater the water. The dumbbells are too lightweight but when you train with them underwater you will feel the weight is Littel heavy.

This water aquatic flotation will help you enhance your aquatic exercises with the help of sponge dumbbells to work closely with your body.


  • keeps your head above the water.
  • Lightweight.
  • Resizable belts for your body.
  • Give you the balance on the water.
  • Durable belts.


  • None

2-Sunlite Sports Aqua Fitness Flotation Belts:

Quick Summary:

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Belts Size L x W x H: ‎14.72 x 12.56 x 7.09 inches
Belts weight: ‎0.73 Kilograms
Recommended age: Adult

These belts will help you to do your training on the water like running because they hold your body straight while jogging on the water without tilt, these belts tighten the waist with a size 23-43 inch, the people who like to train on the water they use this blets also for the water exercises, and much more. it will fit everything you can think of and you will get the

The fitness flotation belts also come with water gloves like frog fingers because there are membranes between the fingers that can push water well, and also comes with an instruction book that teaches you how to train by this belt.


  • Hight-Quality material.
  • the Soft fabric covered the belts to not friction your skin with the belts when exercising.
  • lightweight.
  • gloves are like frog fingers.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • None

3-AquaJogger Active Belt:

Quick Summary:

Material: Foam
Belts Size L x W x H: ‎23.23 x 12.05 x 4.21 inches
Belts weight: 0.22 Kilograms
Recommended age: Adult

AquaJogger Active Belt is the best belt for adult swimmers they use it for cross-training, and training underwater, this belt is used for a waist size of 48 inches and the thickness is 1.5 inches. These belts won’t you out of the water because they bear a heavy weight, only your head will come out above the water and keep you training for a long time.

This AquaJogger Active Belt comes in a nice design to hold your body and makes you float on water, the older people can use this belt also to swim and get back their beautiful memories of swimming when they were young.


  • Very Comfortable.
  • Easy for older people to use it.
  • Lightweight.
  • The features of the belts are very expensive more than the selling price.
  • Changeable Buckle.


  • None

4-Sunlite Sports EVA 5-Layer Pull Buoy Leg Float:

Quick Summary:

Material: EVA Foam
Belts Size L x W x H: ‎6 x 9.5 x 3 inches
Belts weight: 0.07 kilograms
Recommended age: For the people who have experience on the swim.

The Sunlite sport with 5 layers will help you to swim only with your arms because you hold the lego float between your leg. This buoy will help you to move your pectoral, abdominal muscles, and buttocks and will teach you to swim very well. the material of these floats is made of Evan foam and it’s It is chlorine resistant that cannot disintegrate in water over time.

Bodybuilders use these floats to train on the water and move the trapezius muscle, deltoid, pectoralis major, triceps, and latissimus dorsi, this floats will help you to build your favorite body.

Wight Lightweight size of these floats raises your leg in proportion to your body so that you can push with your hands in the right way and it doesn’t come with belts and that’s okay because when you hold it with your legs and you feel tired from swimming you can leave it and help your swim with your legs.


  • Easy to use.
  • Soft on feel.
  • lightweight.
  • When you lose float in the water always rise above the water.
  • High-quality material.
  • It will suit the kids too.


  • None

5-Ankles Arms Belts with Quick Release Buckle:

Quick Summary:

Material: Foam
Belts Size L x W x H: ‎2.36 x 2.36x 2.36 inches
Belts weight: 0.11 kilograms
Recommended age: For everyone who needs to learn how to swim.

The Ankles Arms belts with the quick release are made to help you and your kids to swim in the deep water because they help you to stay above the water, and materials that keep you above the water are made of foam and not subject to corrosion in chlorine and it does not disintegrate over time.

It’s not only that, but also you can wear it on your hands and your legs in that the float will keep you up on the deep water without any issues. The people who like to train on the water can use it because it will help them in their daily training.


  • Easy to put it on your ankles.
  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • chlorine resistant.
  • Easy buckle lock.
  • High-quality belts.


  • Belts are not attached to floats.


The Best Important Point To Have To Know About Water fitness belts:

1-The Material That Water Fitness Belts Are Made Of:

Foam is one of the most important materials that famous brands use to make the Water Fitness Belts, and foam is made of polymer gas bubbles, they can use it also for saving furniture that is offered to break when they send it to someone.

2-Water Fitness Belts Size:

Usually, the length of the belts is 30 inches, so when you want to purchase your best Water Fitness Belts check the size first because it’s very important to not feel any problems after when you are swimming with your floats.

3-Swimming With Fitness Belts:

If you know how to swim, these Fitness belts will suit you but if you don’t know how to swim these floats with help you to swim also but the problem is there are some of these water fitness belts are too difficult to control it so please, if you want to purchase some float out of this water fitness belts that share with you, make sure to know which one it will suit your level on swimming.

PS. All the best 5 water fitness belts that I share with you are worked with beginner swimming and professionals.


Q: What does a water belt do?

A: The water belts help you to learn how to swim in the deep water and also you can use it for your training in the water pool.

Q: What gear do you need for water aerobics?

A: The best gear you should have when you want to train on the water is water fitness belts because they hold you from the waist and do your training in the right way with comfortable.

Q: How deep does the water need to be for water aerobics?

A: The best deep for training is the size big than you to make any movement comfortable. but if you are not a professional swimmer I don’t recommend you to train in the deep.


The best way to lose weight on the water is with water fitness belts because it makes you stuck in the water to do any exercise you want, the swimmers use these water fitness belts to strengthen their muscles and burn fat in order to be fast in the water like shark in the water during competition.

if you are still a beginner at swimming try to learn with these water fitness belts in the shallow water.

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